Islam And Peace

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Sunday, September 09, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Peace is a sacred and beautiful word. Peace is blessing. Social justice and progress maintain in a peaceful atmosphere. Peace can be realized in a time that the people of a society know its meaning, search their interest when peace is available. Taking steps towards peace in fact is going into a prosperous life. Since long, Afghan people are sustaining ware and destruction which is imposed on them from abroad by aliens.
No doubt, they are in favor of living in a calm atmosphere. This is not the desire of the president but it is supported by nation of Afghanistan. Based on the same, the Islam Republic of Afghanistan demanded time and again from opponents to led down their arms and join peace process.
This is ordeal of all Afghans and with accepting of this desire; they live in an atmosphere of fraternity and calmness beside each other and promote their normal life. In the course of history the Afghan nation has given many sacrifices for brining the lasting peace and stability in the country.
Anti-cruelty efforts, strengthening peace and implementation of justice are from the main targets of the Allah Almighty among his worshipers. Unfortunately, the enemies of Islam attribute violence to the great prophet of Islam and the Islam violent religion which is incorrect and disgusted by the holy Islamic religion.
Though, those loyal to Islam had failed to introduce the real characteristic of Islam and its great prophet (PBUH) to those willing to have familiarity with Islamic principles, while the well behavior of great prophet of Islam and his accepted and high personality were the main stimulant of rapid tendency of the public to the Islam across the world.
Islam stories affirm that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood as it had ordered its adherents to adopt measures and order peace and reconciliation to be restored among the people around the world; as peace have forever outclassed on bloodshed and violence. Considering presence of the world community, the sensitive condition of the country requires uprooting poverty and unemployment and restoring peace and security in the society. The people and the government of Afghanistan should therefore, make efforts for restoring peace in the country.   However the government had done much for the same purpose and implementation of Justice in the country indicating as stable feature and democratic government for the war battered nation.
The people of Afghanistan has suffered much during the last years of war and conflicts; if a limited number of them had get rid of the wicked turmoil; then they faced another crisis.

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