Tribute Paid To Late Education Minister Abdul Qayam

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) People including friends and relatives had paid tribute to late Abdul Qayam the former education minister in Fatiha Khawani ceremony held in Eidgah mosque yesterday.
In the ceremony held by the ministry of education and senior minister Hadayat Amin Arsala a number of ranking officials and cabinet members including justice minister Habibullah Ghalib attended.
Born in 1298 in Laghman province and receive PhD form US, the late Abdul Qayum had served in different capacity including minister for education, minster for interior and governor for Helmand.
He also served as professor in Saudi Arabia and till last year the late Abdul Qayum had contributed 10,000 US dollars annually to the ministry for education.

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