Elimination of Violence Against Women Needs Continued Efforts, CE

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the closing program of 16-day Campaign for Elimination of Violence against Women held yesterday in Kabul stressed that elimination of violence against women needed continued efforts.
The 16-day Campaign for Elimination of Violence against Women has begun and launched by the ministry of women affairs with close cooperation of chief executive office. The campaign was launched to raise public awareness regarding consequences of violence against women and pavement for presence of women in the society. In the closing program of the campaign, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah by praising the campaign for its achievements added that sound society depended on sound women; therefore, violence against women should be ended for enduring development in the country. The country’s chief executive said that violence against women was against all Islamic and human norms and principles; therefore, serious actions should be taken against perpetrators of violence against women in the country. “The Almighty Allahand our Prophet M hammed (PBUH) have stressed on position of women and banned violence against women,” chief executive said, inviting govern- ment and non-government in- situations, media, civil society organizations and Ulamas for the campaign of fighting violence against women. Meanwhile, minister of women affairs Delbar Nazari by praising chief executive for his attention to addressing problems of women considered the campaign as effective.

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