11 August 2020

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International Postal Day

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Postal services in Afghanistan are carried out by the private and Govt. sectors, but these services have been divided into two main categories consisting of traditional and modern postal services as traditional post services remained part of the Govt. tasks over the previous half a century and the first post office established in Afghanistan during the reign of Amir Sher Ali Khan and later its branches expanded to rest of the provinces and in 1334 this sector became part of ministry of telecommunication and information technology while initially it was carried out by the private sector within the framework of the Govt.
Normally, postal services constitute private letters, envelop and parcels which are collected from all parts of the country and dispatched to the receivers and now Afghanistan has obtained membership of world post organization and can send items to each corner of the world. 
Over the recent years, Islamic republic of Afghanistan utilized every means to further expand and develop Afghan Post and postal collection phases have increased from one time a day to three times to facilitate the consumers and currently a 72 hrs period is needed to dispatch a letter from the country to any part of the world.
Based on remarks of Afghanistan’s postal directorate chairman Abdurrahman Sadri, income received from domestic post services in the country and reached to more than 150 million Afghanis while private sector received an amount of Afghani 66.6 million during the last year.
Draft of the postal services has been formulated and soon it will be sent to the ministry of justice for verification and added that an administration entitled as Afghanistan Post Regularity Authority has been established and it’s a major certification to attract foreign investment. 
Now days, some foreign postal services same as DHL, PMT and Fedex carrying out postal services in the country and these companies have gotten international recognition and are based in the United States.
Postal services hauling major importance in the world and postal sector are the cheapest way of transferring something form one place to another and despite development of modern technology postal sector is nourishing and people have great trust on it.
Sadri stated that currently insecurity is the biggest challenge on way of postal services in the country same as provinces of Ghazni, Paktia, Zabul and some other part and the insurgents should realize the fact the postal services only accomplishes its humanitarian job and convey message from place to another.

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