Conference On Role of Islamic Teachings In Reduction of Violence Held

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Saturday, October 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The scientific, research conference on the role of lofty Islamic teaching in reduction of violence against the women held in Kabul the other day.
The conference seeks the motives of violence against the women.
The conference was attended by minister of women affairs, minister of Hajj and Endowment, deputy minister of information and culture, deputy head of the supreme court, some representatives of the people at the House of People, government employees and religious ulema.
First, the message of President Hamid Karzai was read out on role of women in the society and reduction of violence against them.
The message said that the government of Afghanistan in the light of the Islam religion is committed towards ensuring the rights of women and in the past ten years has taken steps in this direction, and despite this still violence against prevails in the country and it is not tolerable.
The president message adds that “I am happy that the ministry of women affairs has initiated this seminar to find out the motives behind the violence against women so that our women are relived form violence.
Dr. Hosson Banu Ghasanfar Minister of Public Health said at the seminar that women throughout the country are facing violence including forced marriages, disallowed to receive education, exchange with animals and varying types of tortures and unaccepted traditions, low level of awareness and cultural limitations which are used as a means for suppressing them.
She added that the ministry of women affairs in the light of decrees no 45 of the president of the country in order to reduce the level of violence has created violence braches for preventing of violence in the center and provinces and has invited the ulema so that through publicity at the mosques play their role in betterment of the role of women in their areas.

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