Red Crescent Society, An Important Humanitarian Neutral Charity

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Monday October 15 2012
Kabul (BNA) Making Red Crescent week is in-fact a tribute to the day in which a new chapter opened in the history of humanitarian aids while in most of the world countries this vital humanitarian organization is pursuing duty within the framework of humanism law and has always remained neutral while dealing with the situations.
Now, it would be appropriate to say that criterion of the Red Crescent society is its humanitarian services to the vulnerable segment of the society.
(Jamiat Hilal Ahmar Afghani) or Afghan red crescent society established in 14th century after Afghanistan came out of civil uncertainty and foreign invasions under the title of (Darul Aitam) (Orphanage) and since its formation, the humanitarian charity is carrying out its jobs in serving human community suffering from natural disasters and other social calamities same as war and violence and later the organization nominated as (first aid) charity during a national congress constitution people of Afghanistan from different ethnic background in 1308 led by its first chairman Ibrahim alongside his 19 colleagues within the formation of the NGO.
In 1311, the organization associated with the ministry of finance and later in 1330 during the Hague conference the NGO presented itself within the framework of a seventh article constitution as (Jamiat Hilal Ahmar Afghani) or (Afghan Red Crescent Society) and the seventh articles describe that the charity is a neutral, independent, free and is united NGO and later in 1333 the organization achieved membership of red cross.
Over the course of its history, Afghan red crescent society has conducted major humanitarian tasks for the people during natural disasters same as floods and earthquakes and volunteers of the association rescued people from dangers and provided preliminary aids to the affected people and its vital to mention that red cross has pursued major duties during the wars in treating the injured persons through its emergency humanitarian services.
Based on remarks of Afghanistan’ Red Crescent Society chairperson, Miss. Fatima Gilani, Afghan red crescent society is closely working with the rest of red cross of the world same as Italian, German, Sweden, Denmark and Iranian red crescent societies and all of these foundations cooperating to establish clinics, schools and 50% of the overall funds completed through lottery tickets of the foundation sold in the bazaar adding that the NGO is an independent charity and has no link to Govt. development and ordinary budget.
Currently, Afghanistan Red Crescent Society is undertaking major humanitarian tasks in providing relief programs, free medicines and training of the orphans.

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