11 August 2020

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Darul Aman Palace, One Of Afghanistan’s National Prides, Historic Heritage

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Sunday, November 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  Kabul palaces are counted among country’s top cultural heritages and it represents pride and rich civilization of the people of Afghanistan, but years of war and instability damaged several parts of these ancient heritages and today these palaces require serious attention and no one bothered to focus on renovation and reconstruction of these ancient treasures.
While preparing this report, I met Miss, Hindia, daughter of his majesty King Amanullah Khan who had build this palace during his region of the country.
While walking inside palace, Miss. Hindia told me that my father was saying that I have a dream to build a unique palace in Afghanistan and was willing that it is utilized for the ministries of defense, interior or foreign affairs and she demanded from the Govt. to ensure renovation of the historic site as soon as possible so that one the ancient heritage of the country is protected for the next generations.
There was a time that 2000 gardeners were taking care of this garden and currently Kabul Municipality has recruited 105 years old gardeners who had served as gardener in the palace during the era of King Amanullah Khan.
Kabir says that majesty was using the palace as his resident and Chelsotoon and Tajbek palaces were used as guest house for the international personalities.
Darul Aman palace construction completed within two years and Kabul municipality has announced that the palace would be renovated within the next three years.
Meanwhile, Kabul mayor Muhammad Younas Nawandesh said that the president had directed to renovate these ancient monuments in its real shape and later it will be decided that for which purposes these sites would be used.
The Darul Aman palace was constructed with the assistance of 22 well known architectures during the years 1266 to 1268 and it was the unique building palace in the country and was covered by huge number of trees around with various channels flowing at the banks.

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