Kabul Residents Need 150m Cubic Meter Potable Water, Minister

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Monday, November 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The unplanned development, digging wells, poor standard urbanization in Kabul city and increasing populations have bodily damaged the underground waters. 
If the trend continues unchecked, Kabul would face severe underground water shortage in future possibly the next five years, the ministry for water and power has warned. 
The deputy for the ministry of water and power, Shujadin Ziae in an interview has warned that Kabul city would also face environmental challenge. 
It is estimated that Kabul’s underground water is some 32 million cubic meters which is enough for I million people, while for the 5 million residents of Kabul, we need 150 million cubic meters. 
Ziae also added that with building Shahtat water dam in Kabul the water scarcity will be solved as it can provide water to 9 million people, adding the Shahtot dam will be completed within the next five years. 
Another dam is building Gulbahar dam which is currently under consideration and will be possibly built in 10 years. 
Digging deep wells up to 50 meters or 100 meters deep will cause water shortage in the city, he added.

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