Women Affairs Ministry Consider Published Figure As Incorrect

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Monday November 05 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) calls violence against women a matter of concern.
Soraya Sobhrang commissioner for support and development of women rights at the IHRC says that in the first six months of current year around 4500 instances of violence has been recorded at the IHRC compared to last year that is a matter of concern.
As per the released data the number of violence reached around 4,000 last year and the activists of the civil society and women rights attribute this in non-implementation of the law on prevention of violence.
Soraya Parlika and activist of women rights said that inattention of the government towards prevention of violence against the women and the unpunished activities of the powerful has become a habit within the society.
She added that unawareness of people of civil and Sharia rights of women are another factor for violence against the women while publicity of the religious Ulama in this respect can prove effective.
Lutfullah Jaqparat lecturer at the Islamic Culture Department of Education University attributes unawareness of the people of the Sharia Orders for increased violence against the women in the society.
He considers the role of the religious Ulama as instrumental in reduction of violence against women and added that the ministry of hajj and endowment in cooperation with the civil society as well the media can play an outstanding role in this direction.
Fauzai Ameni head of the rights department of women affairs ministry calls the published figures as incorrect, adding that the level of awareness has improved among the people.
She added that violence is taking place in the country but no precise figures are at hand in this respect and may be the figure far exceeds which are not mostly revealed but we have some measures that would hopefully reduce the level of violence against the women in the country.

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