Intl. Community Cooperation In Restoration of Peace

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghan government has determinedly endeavored to accelerate the momentum of rehabilitation and renovation process to lead the war-devastated Afghanistan towards self-reliance, social-economic development and provide a peaceful and prosperous future for the Afghan nation.
Fortunately currently Afghanistan holds a well-trained and equipped strong military force to defend from the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.
The successful security transition in many provinces of the country clearly demonstrates the ANSF capabilities in maintaining security and restoration of peace. Presently the ANSF have the responsibilities of maintaining security in more than 80% of Afghanistan territory and its schedule that these forces to take security charge of the remained areas till end of the current year. Warm bilateral relations with other countries of the world retains significant role in development process of a country as without sincere cooperation of international community progress can`t be achieved. The Afghan government has always attached great importance to its relation with world society and since the formation of the interim administration in the country progress has been witnessed in Afghanistan relations with international society. Afghanistan presently maintains friendly relations with renowned governments. The Afghan government has also suggested cooperation of the friend countries in restoration of peace and prosperity in the country. Now the Afghan government endeavors to practice its promises and commitments for durable peace in Afghanistan so the war-suffered Afghans get rid of misfortunes. The peace and reconciliation process retains pivotal role for a peaceful Afghanistan so the course should move forward effectively with positive consequences. The time is running and the Afghan people wait and strive for their destiny making change. The government of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan has also speed up the momentum of activities that guarantees the restoration of durable peace and stability in the country and prevail a prosperous future to the Afghan people. Speeding up the peace efforts, the process of transition from the foreign forces and economic growth of the country are aspects encouraging Afghans to be confident on a steady future of Afghanistan. The successful implementation of the process besides strengthening the war-shattered economy, improving the security situation and development of the country would also lay productive consequences in stability of the region and the countries located in this particular area of the world would feel safe from the threats of terrorist and enemies of peace and stability in the region.     

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