Water Storm Washes Out Tens Of Families Houses In Jawzjan

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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Sheberghan (BNA) Tens of families in Jawzjan province has lost their homes due to water rise in the Amu River. 
The water rise is unprecedented in the recent years and for a month is affecting the Qarqeen district. 
According to data released by the department for disaster preparedness in the province, the water rise have destroyed 87 homes in Shur Tepa, Kuk, Denaroukhan located on the course of the Amu River banks and has displaced around 6,000 residents of those regions. 
The head of the department Eng. Azizurrehman Aemaq said that water is on the rise for the past three days and it is further threatening other residential areas on its course as well. 
Presently, the national committee for disaster in Jawzjan with the cooperation of Afghan Red Crescent Society, agriculture and irrigation department is providing tents, winter clothes and food items for the displaced people but they say that it is inadequate for them. 
Amir Mohammad who has lost his home that he along with wife and three children have no place to live in. 
It is said that the displaced families need shelter, food and winter cloths. 
Amir Mohammad asked the government to render them emergency aid. 
He added that still tens of families whose homes are being threatened by water may leave their dwellings as well.
The Qarqeen district is the remotest district of Jawzjan lying on the course of Amu River with neighboring Turkmenistan and it is 50km distant to the center of Jawzjan. 
The people living close to the Amu River have lost their crops and homes every year. 
On the Turkmenistan side they have consolidated the river banks and now all the water pressure is directed on the Afghan territory and every year it is turning Afghan territories into river bed. 
The Afghan government has carried out some assessments of this issue but so far no practical steps have been taken in this respect.

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