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Sunday, November 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in his recent radio address expressed concern over plight of children who are deprive from education and involve in onerous works.
BNA commenting on the issue writes, president Karzai in his recent radio statement mainly focused on children condition in the country.  The president expressing concern over the plight of children said most of the children instead of going school and obtaining knowledge are compel to work outside their homes and even some of them are doing such onerous works improper to their age in order to earn some money for their poor families who suffer from sustainable poverty.
The president in his address emphasized that the children should be encouraged to study their lessons in the first place and work in their free time.  The work they do should according to their age and not harm them physically or morally.  The president has urged the parents and those employ the children to consider the above points.
The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan urged Human Rights Organization, UNECIF and international groups that fight for ensuring the rights of laborers and children  closely assess the situation here in order the rights of children to be ensured and their safety be guaranteed. 
President Karzai addressing the rights of children in a time, thousands of Afghan children both in the capital and in provinces are deprive from going school and in spite of minor age they are force to do heavy works not affordable in order to bring food to meet the daily urgent needs of the families. The estimated statistics indicates that nearly half of the population of Afghanistan is young people under 15. 
Although,  Ministry of public Works and Social Affairs so far has not  presented  the exact  figures about the  children who are  performing onerous and hard works in the capital and provinces,   but  unofficial figures released by the media,  indicate  that there are about  six million children across the country     under severe threat . According to unofficial reports, more than one million and two hundred thousand of them are engaged in doing hard works.
Doing the works, impose children in to serious dangers like sexual abuse, social deprivations, not attending school, drug smuggling, addiction to narcotics and finally felling in the snare on gangs.  The continuation such a situation faces the country in to severe problems, because the children of today are the builders of the future of the country. Therefore, in existence of such problems can we ensure the future of the country? The answer is never. Resolving such grave problems requires close cooperation and coordination between state and human rights groups.  Therefore, in order to overcome the problems successfully such cooperation and coordination should be ensured by relevant organs.   The Ministry of Public Works and Social Affairs already designed the national strategy on safeguarding children, but so far it has not implemented in practice.  
To settle the problems of the children, there is a need for an incentive, without creating such an incentive we cannot expect any improvement. For achieving this goal the role of educational institutes, families and employer are of great importance. They should the ground for the children to attend school and provide them with education facilities and working opportunities considering their age and capabilities. The employs should seriously pay attention in employing children; they should not only think about their benefits, they should deal children kindly.
Meanwhile, it requires the government to establish monitoring committee from relevant organs to assess the children situation especially those who work on the streets, auricular fields and plants, and identify the people who violate the children’s   rights, investigate, and punish them according to the law.     T. Nemat

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