23 October 2017

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 07:40

Defense Minister Meets Iranian Interior Minister

Kabul (BNA) General Abdul Rahim Wardak Minister of Defense met with the Iranian Interior Minister discussing with him regional security situation.
General Wardak explained the achievements of the national army in the struggle against terrorism and AI-Qaeda and the independent operations that is taking place by the national army and added that our national army is continuing transitions of security responsibility as per the program. Both sides reiterated that the two countries considering the religious, cultural, linguistic and religious, cultural, linguistic and social bonds and based on the principle of mutual trust and good neighborliness as two Muslim nations respect the independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty of each other.
They also emphasized on the on the joint struggle of narcotizes, smugging of arms, planned crimes, frontier disturbances by individuals and domestic and foreign groupings that are threatening securing of the two countries.
The Iranian Interior Minister said that his country is prepared to assist in different civil spheres.
The Minister of Defense of Afghanistan expressed pleasure over the visit of the Iranian cooperation for reconstruction of Afghanistan and reiterated on further consolidation of mutual ties. 

Kabul (BNA) The interior minister of Iran says that his country has made the deadline for withdrawal of the Afghan refugees in Iran conditional to the process of legalizing their stay in that country.
Of the less than three million Afghan refugees in Iran, around one million and for hundred thousand of them are having no legal documents for stay there, and the Iranian government in 1389 advanced a deadline for their withdrawal till the end of 1390 for all Afghan refugees in Iran so passport should be distributed to them by the Afghan government otherwise they will be liable for gradual withdrawal.
In the meeting that was held between the Afghan minister of refugees and repatriates Dr. Jamahir Anwari and the Iranian minister of interior Mustafa Najar in Kabul, Dr. Anwari mentioned the problem of the Afghan refugees in Iran including extension of their identity card and requested reviewing the deadline for refugees.
He added that the international community and the regional countries have agreed on holding of the regional conference.
While in relation to the procurement of the blank passports for the Afghan refugees the deadline will be conditional on the progress in the said process.
The Iranian interior minister said that all demands of the Afghan side in his previous visit of Afghanistan have been materialized.
He added that if the Afghans have reliable documents the Smugglers activities will be prevented, their legal rights will be resolved and Iran needs to close its borders to the AI-Qaeada and terrorists and others opportunists.
Iranian ambassador to Kabul and Iranian delegation members were also present at this meeting.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 06:54

Kabul Mayor Opens Shirdarwaza Bridge

Kabul (BNA) Eng. Nawandish Kabul Mayor and Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture opened the Shirdarwaza Bridge in Kabul. 
At the inaugural ceremony Kabul Mayor described the construction projects of the Kabul municipality work on which are being continued and said that today of the 96 on-going projects one of them is the Shirdarwaza bridge that we open today. 
Dr. Raheen thanked the Kabul Municipality over its strivings for revival of gardens and Kabul bridges Mohammad Yusuf Etebar head of the office of first vice-president read out the message of the first vice-president on this occasion and called Kabul Municipality’s activities as remarkable. 
Another speaker was chairman of UNOPS who talked on the bridge construction.
Present were also Habibullah Shghari senior advisor of the administration of affairs of the Council of Ministers, head of traffic department, head of the police third precinct, and some other local and foreign guests. 
The bridge having 16.40 width and 45 m length and its linkage length from one to another road is 150 m is being built with the cost of USD 9, 000,000 with Japanese financial support.

Kabul (BNA) John Allen, NATO’s general commander to Afghanistan in his letter to President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said, “I‘ve orders for all units to conduct retraining on our method of employing force against insurgents while protecting Afghan civilians and the units will confirm to me no later than 5 December that they have complied with these orders.
“John Allen has asserted in his letter, “With deep regret, ISAF has been involved in some operations that resulted in civilian’s casualty in the past one week.
“The letter said protecting civilians is important for me since I got the commanding post of NATO-led forces to Afghanistan. 
John Allen has said, “I’ve seriously ordered all ISAF personnel and relevant administrations to probe such incidents and take necessary protective measures for preventing from such incidents.” 
John Allen has also written related to his measures taken for prevention of civilian casualty, “I assure you that those operations caused civilian casualty are to be directly followed by me, adding all such incidents are to be probed completely and necessary measures are to be taken.”

Washingtion:  US secretary of state on Monday stressed on participation of Pakistan in Bonn conference held in the coming week in Bonn city of Germany. 
Mark Tuner, a US spokesperson for foreign ministry told the reporters in a news conference, “Participation of Pakistan in Bonn conference is important for future stability of Afghanistan.
Adding there no suggestion and hints related to postponement of the conference.” 
Previously, it was reported in US media that Hamid Karzai, president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan might ask Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari for the participation of Pakistan in Bonn conference.

Kabul (BNA) The seminar on democracy and constitutionalism in Afghanistan was opened with the message of President Karzai and an address of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture. 
The attended researchers, scholars of the country assessed the first movements of anti-strangulation and the pace of democracy in the country so that ground is prepared for pinpointing of different new thoughts in Afghanistan. 
The president in his message stresses that the ministry of information and culture should be praised for this initiative as saying that, “My expectations from the researchers and scholars of the contemporary history is so they should realistically study the factors and causes of inability of the intellectuals movements in the country so the future generation get precise information based on realities”.
Chairman, deputies and secretary had also been elected for the seminar. 
Addressing the seminar Dr. Raheen said that the constitutionalism movement in Afghanistan has succeeded after experiencing of ups and downs. “What we have today are the gifts of those men who were thrown out from the barrels of artillery, but they lived freely and sacrificed themselves on the path of freedom. 
“Dr. Raheen also touched on the role of ulema in the process of constitutionalism process and mentioned the name of Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari famous as Khaki, and he called the activities on the direction of democracy as inadequate and criticized the media that they are inattentive in introduction of democracy to the people.

Kabul (BNA) The history of intellectual movement in the country is linked with the start of the constitution movement in the country. 
Around hundred years back, the first movement of reforms seeking and the anti-oppression ideas and strangulation among the intellectual segment of the society emerged in Kabul. 
The establishment of the association of Sarajul-Akhbar of Afghanistan and then the debut of Sarajul-Afghania and parallel with this the emergence of first constitutional movement and its continuation till regaining of independence, adoption of the first constitution of Afghanistan during the Amania rule, the democracy of the prime minister Shah Mohamoud Khan and the decade of democracy of the last years of rule of HM Mohammad Zahir Shah Babai Millat and today’s democracy in the country which has been started ten years back, all are the event indicating the pace of ideas and thinking of the reformists in the country. 
Critical evaluation of these transformations, reforms and the opportunity that enabled emergence of new thinking in Afghanistan are the needs of the young generation in the country so they are being informed of all details of the events and learn of them. 
The seminar the ministry of information and culture has organized to certain extent is responsive of those needs. 
With holding of this seminar we are appreciative of the ministry, but my expectations from the researchers and scholars of the contemporary history is so they should realistically study the factors and causes of inability of the intellectuals movements in the country so the future generation get precise information based on realities. 
Work of the seminar continued after electing of chairman and deputies and secretary.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 06:17

Muslimyar Meets Iranian Interior Minister

Kabul (BNA) At this meeting the speaker of the senate talking on the good neighborliness between the two nations said that the people of two countries have common religious, language bonds and deep historical, fraternal friendly relations and they are resolving their problems in the light of religious values and supports each other as two Muslim nations. 
He added that the support rendered by the Iranian people to the just cause of the people of Afghanistan during the Jehad and resistance periods is an indicator of our fraternal ties.

Kabul (BNA) President Karzai has received an acknowledgment message from HM Khawan Carlos the King of Spain in the following text. “Hereby I am appreciating your congratulatory message from you and the people of Afghanistan on the national day of Spain. 
I am conveying my sincerest sentiments for your success, peace and welfare of the people of Afghanistan and availing this opportunity I am renewing my best compliment.

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan talked with Pakistani Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gailani through a telephone conversation thanking him over cooperation of his country with the sent Afghan delegation to probe the assassination of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani. 
Likewise, he expressed his condolence to the Pakistani prime minister, state and the people of Pakistan over the death of the Pakistani soldiers during a NATO air strike recently. 
He called happening of such annoying incident as the result of the ongoing condition in the region and emphasized on serious campaign by the two countries to remove the challenges. 
During the telephone conversation, President Karzai asked him for sending Pakistani minister of foreign to the Bonn Conference emphasizing that the attendance of Pakistan would be in the interest of both nations. 
Meanwhile, Pakistani prime minister thanked President Karzai on his telephone call and said that his country had tried its best to remove any taken place challenges duly calling efforts of both countries too effective in removal of the regional problems. 
But he didn’t say about possible attending of his government in the Bonn conference.