24 May 2019

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) With participation of historians, penmen, researchers and countrywide Afghan scholars, this seminar would be held in October of current year.
In preliminary meeting for holding of this seminar, Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said that in this seminar, the researchers would read their articles around different dimensions of life and works of Abdull Hai Gardezi.
In the session that was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Raheen, Prof. Zadran, head researcher Mohammad Aslam Afzali, researcher Habibullah Rafi, Mohammad Afsar Rahbeen, Dr Abdull Majid Naseri, Dr. Mohammad Akram Arefi, Din Mohammad Darwish, Ustad Ghafar, Gen. Ali Shah Khan, Arya, Helmand Ghaznawi, the members of scientific commission of scientific research seminar of
Abdul Hai Gardezi, discussion took place about the manner of holding of this seminar, invitation from guests and collections of articles.
Hinting on high personality of famous historian of the country, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said that in civilization of Ghazni, three high-ranking historians are mentionable.
One is Abdul fazl Baihaqi that wrote his 18-volumes history about the dynasty of Ghaznavids and what is available today is from among the master pieces of history writing and from the master pieces of prose of Farsi of Dari.
The second one is the history of Zainullah Akhbar Gardezi that is written by Abdul Hai son of Zohak Gardezi Ghaznawi and is from among the main histories of the Islamic world.
Attention is focused in it on culture, thought, traditions, religions, history and qualities of ancient nations of the world and is continued till the dynasty of Ghaznavides.
This history is written in a very scientific method.
Unfortunately, this should be mentioned that large part of this valuable history is not in hand.
But what is remained is printed with the efforts of Late Ustad Habibi.
The third book is the history of Tabaqat-i-Naseri from Qazi Minhajuddin son of Sarajudeen Jawzjani. Dr. Raheen evaluated holding of this seminar worthy for introducing of personality and work of this great historian.

Wednesday, 08 August 2012 06:40

Foundation Stone Of Blood Bank Laid

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Minister for Public health Dr. Saraya Dalil and French ambassador to Afghanistan laid the foundation stone of the new blood bank in Kabul yesterday.
In her speech during the ground breaking ceremony, the minister for public health said that the project will be completed within a year at a cost some 800,000 US dollars, funded by France.
The new blood bank, constructed in one story will be equipped with necessary equipments, the minister added.
French ambassador in his remarks said that French is committed to assist Afghanistan in different fields especially health.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai strongly denounced the roadside bombing that killed and injured a number of innocent civilians in Paghman district of Kabul province, the office said in a statement.
Early yesterday morning a vehicle passing by the road hit a bomb that was detonated by a remote control device in Khaldari area of Paghman district, leaving nine civilians dead and five others wounded, the office continued.
Condemning the act in the strongest possible terms, President Karzai said, “Terrorist who pant roadside bombs on public routes during the holy month of Ramadan, targeting and killing innocent Muslim civilians, are definitely neither Muslim nor Afghans.”
The President added, “They will achieve nothing but public abhorrence and server punishment in the court of Almighty Allah” the office added.
The President offers his deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims and prays for quick recovery of the wounded, the office concluded.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with some deputies and government in charges during which Governor Khairullah Anush Chairman of the Provincial Council Ziaudden and Mayor Mohammad Haidar deputies at the National Assembly, Abdullah Mohammadi, Makhdom Furqani, Sayed Hashmi, Musumi Khawari and Mohammad Asif shared their views with the president in respect to reconstruction issues and asked the government to facilitate through the ministry of public works the road leading towards the Dara Souf mine so that better ground is paved for commuting of the people on the road.
They added that due to decadent condition of this road often traffic incident happen on it that lead to the death and injuries of the people.
They also complained that the people of Dara Souf Sufia are still deprived of potable water.
They also drew the attention of the president towards problems in education, public health and agriculture and irrigation spheres, they requested President Karzai to issue instructions to the relevant ministries to undertake improvement measures in those areas.
President Karzai justified the demands of the Samangan people and assured them that the government will attach more attention towards reconstruction activities in the province.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) General Abdul Rahim Wardak left his assignment as acting minister of National Defense and while bidding farewell with the ministry’s staffs left the ministry’s headquarter.
General Wardak who was talking at the presence of the media and the ministry’s staffs said that he appreciation the attention of President Karzai towards his and the ministry’s staffs and while praising the members of the House of people for two terms he had been given the vote of confidence as Defense Minister and in respecting its recent decision, he noted that he leave the Defense Ministry however he will continue his mission as an Afghan towards the people and his home land in other spheres.
General Abdul Rahim Wardak recently for some reasons was declared as disqualified from the post of defense minister.

Wednesday, 08 August 2012 06:18

Security To Be Tightened In Herat

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai has ordered the Ministry of Interior to bring about immediate changes in the security organs of Herat province in order to do away with insecurity and criminal cases in that province.
President Karzai has appointed Sayed Abdul Ghaffar an experienced police officer of the Ministry of Interior Affairs as the police commander of Herat and ordered him to exert all possible efforts towards revival of security, recognition and pursuing of the factors of insecurity in that province.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The resident of Nuristan province gathering in provincial capital Paron yesterday and besides lashing on Taliban policies calling on the outfit to stop attacking schools.
Provincial police Chief Ghulamullah Nuristani said that some 500 people staged the protest demonstration calling on Taliban not to burn schools.
Taliban militants set on fire a meddle school in Want Waigal district cover weekend.
The Taliban insurgents during attack on the school also burn hundreds of religious books including 300 copies of Quran, head of education department in the province, Dr. Ghulam Hussain said.
The protesters also demanded punishment for those behind burning school.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Accompanied by deputy cultural minister of information and culture, Sayed Mosadaq Khalili and head of historical monument, Abdul Ahad Abbasi, Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of information and culture visited Ghazni and inaugurated the reparation work on five historical monuments in Ghazni City.
These projects include repairing of Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznawi monument, Sultan Ibrahim, Imam Sayed Hami, Sayed Jafar Agha and repairing of the palace of Sultan Masoud the third.
These activities are started at a time that work on repairing of ten historic monuments by the ministry has already been completed and work on another 14 projects are continuing.
Dr. Raheen told reporters that work on ten of 32 projects has been completed and with practically starting work on the five project work on 20 projects had kicked related to the ministry would be started soon.
He also reported preventing of 17 book and broachers related to Ghazni city and holding Abdul Hai Gardizi, Hakim Sanayee and Ghazna in the course of history seminars in the province.
At the ceremony in this respect, Dr. Raheen said that the ministry of information and culture in order to welcome the year 2013 that Ghazni will be declared as the center of culture of Islamic countries it has undertaken a series of projects there.
According to Dr. Raheen the international Ghazni in the course of history in Kabul and Ghazni will be held and another seminar on the life and works of famous historian Abdul Hai Gardizi and the seminar on the great poet to the country of Hakim Sanayee Ghaznawi will be held by the ministry.
The provincial authorities of Ghazni welcomed the efforts of the ministry of information and culture related to construction and rehabilitation of Ghazni city.
He emphasized that work on the ministry’s projects will be ended by the end of the current year and the last week of 1372 would be the initiative festivity of Ghazni.
Ghazni in expected to be declared as the cultural center of world Islamic countries 2013 by the EISISCO.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Gulkhans Palace yesterday.
As per the report of administration department and secretariat of the Council of ministers discussed the decision of the House of People in accordance with the article 92 of the Constitution pertaining to disqualifying the ministers of national defense and interior affairs and in respect to the decision, the CM appreciated the efforts of the ministers of defense and interior during the Jehad and resistance years and as ministers of the cabinet.
General Besmellah Mohammadi and General Abdul Rahim Wardak were considered as honest sons, hard working and the Mujahid of the country and thanked for their efforts in the building of new structures of national police and national army and the CM stressed that the government of Afghanistan shall use their rich experience in other spheres of the government and they will be awarded with the highest medals and till introduction of new ministers they will serve in their respective positions.
Mohammad Karim Khalili second voice president informed the CM on the decision of the CM economic committee Nos. 7,8,9 and 10 of 1390, while minister of commerce and industries informed the CM of the start of activities of Ghazanfar Group refinery company and the permit for import of raw materials and added that this company one year back has got the permit for building the refinery of petroleum products from the AISA.
Work on the construction of the refinery is completed and now the company by import of raw materials wants to start preliminary work at the refinery.
The CM confirmed the proposal of the ministry and assigned the commerce and industries ministry and the norms and standard department to control the quality of the company’s products.
Meanwhile, the draft for creation of coordination department and working committee for struggle, against purification of money and financing of terrorism was presented to the CM by deputy minister of justice and it was stressed that the views of the justice ministry has been delivered to the governor of Da Afghanistan Bank in this respect so that creation of this committee is studied in the light of enforced laws of the country.
The assigned delegation presented the issue pertaining to creation of the high committee for struggle against purification of money and financing of terrorism led by the Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank and membership of deputy ministers of justice, financing, foreign ministry, commerce and industries, economy and deputies of the attorney general and national security department and the working committee led by head of the financial intelligence of Da Afghanistan Bank with the membership of representatives of the related departments.
The CM confirmed the proposal with addition of deputy minister and representative of the Counter-Narcotics at the composition of the high committee and working committee.
The issue on waiving the tax liabilities of the taxis model prior to year 1385 o condition of taking them off the traffic routes was presented by Minister of finance.
It was said that in 1381 as per the agreement between the ministry of interior and the Afghan automobile company, that company undertook to turn the old taxis into parts and instead deliver new vehicles to the owner on installment basis and the owners owe tax payments.
The CM adopted the proposal of the Ministry of Finance in relation to tax exemption of the owners of taxis prior to 1985.
The CM also heard the views of the assigned delegation in relation to the resignation of 7 leading members of the AISA. The minister of commerce and industries and the professional minister of justice ministry in accord with the decision of the Council of Ministers led by Justice Minister Studies the problem of employment and the legal status of the AISA and the joint resignation of its leading body.
The representative of the high department for struggle against corruption has asked the legal organs to assess the collective resignation of the leadership of the AISA.
The CM while confirming the report of the assigned commission agreed with the views of the high administration for struggle corruption for assessment of the issue by the judicial and legal organs instructed the ministry of justice to refer the documents to the attorney general office and the ministry to review the payment of salaries of the employees of AISA including its chairman in the light of the decree 45 dated 5/5/1391 and present its, proposals to the president office.
The minister of agriculture and irrigation informed the CM over provision of animal feed by the government in 1391 as per the prior instruction of the CM dated 17/11/1390 so that food items and animal feed assistance of the government be transported to the province and distributed to the deserving people.
He said that first 70870 tons of wheat aid, rice, improved seeds and animal feed were distributed to the deserving families affected by drought and the process of distribution is continuing in other provinces.

As regards anticipation of agriculture status in 1391 the minister noted that the overall status of grains production, orchard, animal husbandry and forestry is relatively in better condition and it shows around 49% of self reliance in 1391 and considering the harvest and amount of 7.6 million tons of needed grains will be me while we may face close to half of million tons of grain deficit and this indicates around 75% of reduction in imports of wheat.
The Council of Minister instructed the ministry assess cultivation of medical plants in terms of agricultural farms and in those provinces where land for agricultural cultivation is less animal husbandry should be strengthened.
The CM also instructed and civil aviation shared the problems of payment of insurance money to the martyrs of the Pamir Airline plane.
The CM advised the ministry of transport and civil aviation and finance till the final decision of the courts in respect to the Pamir Airlines, the issued for payment of insurance money of the martyrs should be resolved with the insurance company and inform the CM in this respect.
At the end three international conventions were presented to the CM by the Minister of Foreign Affairs which was confirmed by the CM accordingly.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A competition test for 21 ranks in the Youth Affairs deputy minister office, ministry of information and culture was held at the ministry yesterday.
Timor Shah Isheqzai the deputy minister of Youth Affairs office in his address highlighted the role of reforms said holding test and finding capable staff is a prerequisite for reforms.
He also noted that the youths can play effective role in bringing good governance.
The director of human resources in the ministry, Rohul Amin Habibi in his speech said that staffs for 21 ranks in step four and five have been put in competition, saying 250 candidates contesting the test and those secure good marks will be selected.

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