02 April 2020

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Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:46

Overview of Afghan-US security pact

 Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) However, May 1st 2013 has been anticipated for signing of security agreement between Kabul and Washington.  But ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan has directed the concerned organs working in this respect to refer the draft containing stance and recommendations of the government to the House of Representatives for ratification.
Meanwhile, a number of political commentators and security analysts have said that if the security agreement between Washington and Kabul not singed within the next nineteen days.  From the legal point of view, the agreement loses its legitimacy.
As both allies Afghanistan and the United States gets nearer to the timeline for signing of the security pact.  But until now, it seems that government of Afghanistan hasn’t undertaken full preparations for signing of the agreement.  The security treaty between the two nations is part of the strategic cooperation partnership agreement signed before between president Karzai and his American counterpart president Obama early on January and put for implementation on July 2012.
While timing for signing of the security peace between Afghanistan and the US is remained less than a month, its seems that necessary preparations for official signing of the agreement yet to be witnessed.
In a news briefing, Janan Mosazai, a spokesman to the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan told media that negotiation and consultations over signing of the security treaty between the two countries are taking place in full pace and govt of Afghanistan will aware the nation about the agreement when timetable for signing of the pact is finalized.
It’s said that the security agreement between Afghanistan and the US makes clear obligations and responsibilities of the United States in the country after 2014 following the timeline set for withdraw of international troops.
Evaluating significance of the security agreement between Kabul and Washington, legal expert Wadir Safai told that the two countries haven’
T completed discussions and consultations over main part of the security agreement and it’s beyond imagination to claim that both countries will sign on the agreement within 19 days adding that if the security agreement isn’t signed on the set time line, then, it completely loses its legal status and not remained legitimate.
The National Security Council (NSC) in its recent session besides evaluating legality of the agreement directed the concerned institutions working in this respect to dispatch recommendations and stance of the government of Afghanistan to the parliament for approval.  The NSC has also urged that national interest should be considered in the agreement.
Talking on the Afghan-US security agreement, parliamentarian Syed Hussain Anwari sand that the security agreement favors interests of Afghanistan on condition that the US defend the country against external threats and foreign interferences and show serious reaction to the invasions that violate territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the country and added that if the US not shielded Afghanistan against foeign threats, then signing of the agreement is useless and it wouldn’t have positive impacts on security situations of the country.
The topic over signing of security pact between Washington and the US has followed major speculations and also supports and even some circles had also strived to prevent signing the agreement.  But, it’s vital to mention that the president has already said that the US should be committed on respecting territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Afghanistan by foreign security relations.
The important questions over the agreement is that will the US endorse all recommendations and conditions of Afghanistan in the security agreement and  will Afghanistan be prepared to provide judicial safety to the US troops.
But, political commentators and military analysts believe that government of Afghanistan should create the proper opportunity and represent a clear feature from the security agreement sol that responsibility of the United States with regard to Afghanistan is clarified on the bases of diplomatic ties and Afghanistan as alternative NATO member nation.
It’s quite important to mention that the security agreement conveys a clear message to the enemies and insurgent groups who have anticipated a contrary perception from the post 2014 situations and believe that the country will enter into a new chaotic era.
The security agreement clarifies to the warring groups that Afghanistan will have longstanding supports of international community mainly the US after the timeline of foreign troops pullout and here the world community retains obligations to continue backing ANSF with modern arms and technology so that these forces be able to accomplish their military tasks effectively following foreign forces callback and come over on the security threats strongly and efficiently.

Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:17

10 Taliban arrested

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kunduz (BNA) the police of Kunduz province arrested 10 armed Taliban in outskirts of Kunduz province last night.
Syeed Sarwar Hosaini police spokesman of Kunduz said BNA, the Taliban were arrested with a Kalashnikov and quantity of weapons in the Deshkapa, Pul Moder and Syeed Ahmadshah villages of Imam Sahib District.
According to him, the two of these Taliban are on charges of killing a frontier policeman in the mentioned district. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:16

3 Taliban commanders killed

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) three Taliban commanders and 12 insurgents belonged to this group were killed during an operation by Afghan and NATO forces in Afghanistan yesterday.
The commanders and Taliban insurgents targeted by Afghan and NATO forces in the outskirts of Skangeen district of Helmand, Dehyak district of Ghazni, Charcheno district of Urozgan and Gardiz city and lost their lives.
BNA quoting NATO reports said that the three commanders targeted by these forces in their hideouts during terrorist attacks and killed.
NATO said that the commanders had committed leadership of several terrorist groups.
It is being said that two weapons depot of Taliban were seized by these forces.
Meanwhile, NATO reported from arresting of 3 armed Taliban in Sar-e-Pul city.
The Taliban have been arrested in the suburb of Sar-e-Pul city while carrying out terrorist activities. 

Thursday April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Following the Afghanistan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), some 2,500 children affected with hearth orifice have been sent abroad since the last three years.
Many children have reportedly lost their lives from the deadly diseases, but the Red Crescent Society helped them taken out of the country for treatment, said an official.
On how many children had been affected of the diseases and how many of them had been taken abroad for treatment, health chief of the society, Dr. Salim Bahramand said that the program had been started since the last three years in the country and during the period, up to 2,500 children affected with the diseases had been sent abroad and 4,000 other are expected to be said adding his office had provided the expenses, and a five members committee had been assigned to take decision for the children checkup and would be sent abroad if proved to be affected with the deadly diseases.
The affected children had been divided in three parts first with leas heart problem would be sent to Pakistan, the second with critical condition would be embedded in a French health center based in Kabul, while the 3rd one highly suffered the diseases would be sent to India.
“We will be able to send as many children as we enjoy sufficient money”, he said adding the ministry of public work had not still helped the society in this respect.
He said the budget to treat the children had been gained from different areas, with up $30,000 funds and as many as 20 children treatment cost form Kam Air Company.
Bidding to rent the properties possessed by the Red Crescent Society was from one of the sources sponsored the program for the children treatment, he said lauding the national traders for providing up to 2 percent of their revenues from exports and imports.
But, moreover, he complained about lack of budget and said his office would do more for the process if enjoyed enough funds.
The children in such a big number are being sent abroad, while nothing had been said to be done by the ministry of public health.

Thursday, Aprill 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA): Ghazni city will introduce as the Islamic countries’ culture and civilization center through and international seminar expected to be held in Ghazni province, in April 13, 2013.
Summary of Ghazni city history:
The city has been well-known for its old history and had been mentioned in Avista as Kakhra one of the 13th Avista terrains.
The subject has also been mentioned in a book called Afghanistan geographical lexicon audited by Prof. Mohammad Hussain Yamin.
In addition, a Chinese tourist, Hi-van Tusing has made a trip to the city and named the city as HOSI-NA which has a close meaning with Ghazna as follows:
Hosina (Ho, Si, Na=Go, Si, Na= Option=Ghazni.
A Book of Historical Afghanistan written by Yamin and another Book Summary history of Afghanistan compiled by Prof. Abdul Hadi Quraishi quoted Batlimous as saying in 2nd century that the name of Gahzni has been taken from Ghnzke or Ghazaka and Afghan well-know, historian, Ghulam Mohammad Ghubar had called it as Gazas.
The word Ghazni had also been said to be used by Prof. Binwinst as Gahzank meaning Ganja or Ganjina, while in another memorandum, it had been said to use as a phrasal verb taken from two separate verbs—Gaz, Kaz, Ghaz or Kash to mean well, good and Ni meant city= Good or Well City, a subject confirmed by Prof. Hamayon.
Ghazni city during eras:
The Ghaznavid Empire tightened sovereignty after the city pulled out of the Abubakr power by Sabuktegin and reached its magnificence apex and found the reputation of “Arusul Falak”.
Ghazni was from the most beautiful city, where numerous find castles and high raising buildings had been constructed and splendorous townships had been established.
People were engaged in different crafts, such ceramic, blacksmithing etc, in the city, where covert markets had also been built.
But, the city then had been torched and destroyed by Alauddin Hussain, who rose to take revenge of his two brothers.
The city was finally planned to be reconstructed and helped to region its revitalization, with numerous religions scholars’ tombs had been reconstructed.
Before five years, the city was decided to be introduced as the capital central for the Islamic countries cultural center by Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Islamic Countries Conference.
The city will soon host regional and international visitors.

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) As Afghanistan gets nearer to the withdraw of international troops in 2014, general public interpret post-2014 security and economic situations of the country from two contrary dimensions and apprehensions on post-2014 security situations of the country emerged at a time after some western media channels and intelligence services of regional countries tried to present a different feature of the country after the foreign forces callback timeline and anticipated new waves of crisis and civil instability. Economists believe that public dilemma on post-2014 security and economic scenario of the country is illogical and urge upon the people not to foresee future aspect of the country from negative angle. Meanwhile, officials of ministry of finance have said that Afghanistan has attained landmark achievements during the previous ten years including economic development process, telecommunication sector, construction, banking services and rest of the socioeconomic field. The officials of ministry of finance have emphasized that the people of Afghanistan should be optimistic on post-2014 economic sustainability of the country because currently the country is moving forward confidently towards development and no fear of economic crisis and political instability exist. Based on the assertion of officials of ministry of finance, in 2014, international forces only terminate its combat mission in Afghanistan and world community is committed to continue supporting Afghanistan financially an morally for longstanding period after the timeframe set for evacuation of international forces from the country while during the Tokyo conference the world had reaffirmed its long term cooperation to Afghanistan and besides that domestic income of Afghans has received tangible growth from $120 to 670. At the meantime, a number of economic analysts and political commentators have expressed hope over achievements of the country an believe that today Afghanistan has obtained great reputation in international sphere and has forged strategic cooperation partnerships with several world countries and allies of Afghanistan are committed to help the country for long term period. Talking on the matter, economic expert Syed Masood said that people shouldn’t be misled by psychological war of western media and expressed hope that Afghanistan will move towards economic progress and political stability after troop’s pullout. He added that future prosperity of Afghanistan links to holding of free, fair and transparent elections and formulation of a national strategic development program which needs to be formulated by national and international experts affiliated with the economy. Commenting on the topic, economic analyst Saifuddin Saiheen told that people shouldn’t be worry about economy of the country after 2014, because international community has assured the Afghan people to stay alongside them for long term period and international investments will increase on mines of country in the future. Afghanistan has attained remarkable growth in various sectors over the previous decade including telecommunication, banking, mines and rest of the social services sectors and these attainments preserve economic progress of the country after 2014 and for better attraction of world support, government of Afghanistan should pursue serious anticorruption measures to seek international trust and expand global cooperation to Afghanistan after 2014, said economic analyst Saifudding Saihoon, adding that international community during the Tokyo summit had linked further commitments on serious combat against administrative corruption in the government institutions. At the same time, secretariat of council of minister also described apprehensions on post-2014 security situations and economic crisis of the country as baseless and have reiterated that assurances exist which highly protect future prosperity of the country after 2014.  Meanwhile, nationals of the country believe that Afghanistan has attained major progress over the previous then years and today the country has great reputation in international politics including an elected and legitimate govt and democratic institutions. Commenting on the topic, local resident Farhad said that currently investments have taken place over different sectors in the country and Afghanistan has forged strategic cooperation agreement with several world nations which approve that Afghanistan won`t be out into isolation in the future. This came after Afghanistan attained major development in all spheres over the previous decade and currently up to 75% of the overall territory of the country is covered by the Afghan armed forces.

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan retains good investment opportunities with huge God gifted natural resources, untapped mines and competent human resources. The country invites foreign and domestic entrepreneurs to invest in various spheres & gain profit and contribute in the rehabilitation and renovation process of the war-devastated of Afghanistan. Afghanistan seriously requires investment of industrialist countries and foreign companies in diver’s fields to get rid of economic crisis and also to accelerate the momentum of economic growth in the country so to create job opportunities to the jobless countrymen to lead the war-shattered economy of the country towards progress. The Afghan government has determinedly endeavored to pave the way for the foreign and domestic investors and has ratified laws for encouraging them to spend their fund in different sectors in the country. Afghanistan holds huge untapped natural resources of gold, copper, iron, petroleum, gas, coal mines etc. Afghanistan with its rich mines and industrial material resources is a country, proper for establishing industrial factories. Currently it`s vital that national traders invest in various fields in Afghanistan and set up plants across the country so to manufacture the required merchandise and other essential materials for the countrymen. The process would also assist the jobless people to find employment opportunities and would strengthen the national industries of the country. So the Afghan government particularly the relevant ministry should adopt necessary measures and implement several projects across the country for industrialists, businessmen and finally the domestic and foreign investors for a stable and self-reliant Afghanistan. The realization of the process besides providing job opportunities for our countrymen would also help them in receiving new skills and our investors ought to work on mechanism and adopt necessary measures for expansion of industries in the war-devastated Afghanistan and provide employment chance to prevent from the brain drain. Looking over to markets and cities we witness the import of foreign goods by the Afghan traders that obviously benefits the foreigners and the country is changed to a consumer market of foreign low quality goods. Afghanistan`s economic growth entails domestic production and industries support and for successful implementation of the process, responsible organs should precisely work on plans to put the process in practice and prepare the ground for consuming of domestic products in the country.

Thursday, April 04, 2013
Kabul (BNA) although the international  community support retains significant role in rehabilitation and development of the war-devastated Afghanistan but the country passes through critical juncture of its history. It`s while Afghan national security forces has taken the security responsibility for maintaining security in the country and also by 2014 foreign forces would pullout from Afghanistan based on the timeframe set for their evacuation. The holding of presidential and provincial council elections are also set to be held at the meantime so the Afghan nation should take benefit of this golden opportunity provided by the international community and for the successful implementation and realization of the above mentioned objectives should urgently adopt required measures and drew functional mechanism. Afghanistan after a long period of three decades of conflicts particularly in past decade has hold the support of the world society and the intl. community has accelerated the momentum of its cooperation and assistance with the war-torn Afghanistan in various spheres and has always expressed its readiness in renovation process of the country. So the Afghan nation should focus on strengthening of military and economy of the country and while these sectors get progress, practical changes would occur in other fields too and as a result; a prosperous sand stable future for Afghanistan would be guaranteed. In this crucial occasion the U.S and other industrialized states strong support and cooperation with the war-battered Afghanistan has huge importance and the Afghan government should take benefit of this golden opportunity. Fortunately, Afghanistan has signed strategic agreements with several countries of the world including the United State of America and these governments have assured their long-term assistance with Afghanistan in military, political, economic and other spheres. The U.S has said it will leave behind $6billion of military equipments to the Afghan national security forces and has pledged to train security forces and equip the Afghan air force. It`s while the NATO member countries have also promised and expressed their enthusiasm to assist Afghanistan in military and economic fields. For fostering of economic growth in the country we not only have natural resources and untapped mines worth trillion dollars but also many countries have shown willingness to invest in exploitation of these rich mineral resources. Many other industrial countries like India and China are also interested to invest in the country and would continue their financial assistance with Afghanistan so Afghans should endeavor to take the benefit of this chance and strengthen their military and economic foundations and if not they better know that the Afghan nation enemies pursue their destructive and terror schemes and further strive for disturbing of relations between Afghanistan and the international community. So Afghans nation should be aware and not let the country once again changed into the hub of insurgent activities and defend from the past one decade achievements in good manner.

Thursday, 04 April 2013 12:28

2 Taliban commanders arrested

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Kabul (BNA)           the national army forces arrested an armed commander of Taliban in Logar province.
National defense ministry said BNA, the national army forces conducted cleansing operation in the outskirts of Pul-e-Alam district of Logar province, in which an armed commander of Taliban along with four others arrested.
According to another report, a commander of insurgents was arrested by national army forces in Kandahar province yesterday.
National army forces carried out cleansing operation in the Dand district of Kandahar province, a commander of Taliban with his man were arrested and a PK machine gun and a grenade were seized.
The arrested commander had committed responsibility of transferring weapons in Kandahar province. 

Thursday, 04 April 2013 12:27

NATO Drone crashed

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Maidan-Shaher (BNA) a NATO drone was crashed in Maidan-Wardak province yesterday.
Ataullah Khoigyani spokesman governor of Maidan-Wardak said BNA, NATO drone was crashed in technical problem in the Nerkh district.
Khoghyani said no one has been killed in crashed of the plane. 
The ISAF forces said nothing in this regard yet.