25 September 2020

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Hundreds of people have been arrested in Nangarhar over the past three months on suspicion of involvement in criminal offenses.
The people have been arrested during a clearing operation by police forces in districts of Nangarhar.
Shah Mahmood Maikhail governor of Nangarhar told BNA, that in the last three months, the military has been able to detain three hundred and ninety-two people in two hundred and eighty-two different criminal incidents.
He said the detainees were accused of theft, murder, robbery, usurpation of state property, drug trafficking and forgery.
T. Yarzada


Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Foodstuffs was provided to one hundred and ten needy families in Nangarhar.
These ingredients include flour, rice, oil, beans, soap and sugar.
Habiba Kaker deputy governor of Nangarhar while distributing the food to needy families, praised the efforts of Ehsas Charity foundation.
This food was prepared with the help of Afghan immigrants in European countries
Faqir Syeed Hashimi., head of the Ehsas Charitable Foundation, told Bakhtar News Agency that the process of helping the needy families in Nangarhar continues.
T. Yarzada


Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Taliban attack on several checkpoints in Shirzad District, Nangarhar failed.
Assailants stormed on several police checkpoints and after two of their deaths, they were forced to flee.
Another report says, two Taliban rebels were killed in a clash by security troops in Laghman and three other assailants were injured.
The conflict occurred in suburb of Mehtalam city, while a group of Taliban stormed on security troops.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Kunduz (BNA) Six militaries were lost their lives in Taliban attack in Kunduz.
In the attack eight Taliban insurgents were killed and dozens others have been injured.
Security official in north of country told BNA, the soldiers were martyred following Taliban attack on their hideouts in Imam Sahib District.
The security official confirmed killing of eight Taliban insurgents and wounding of dozens others in the conflict.
T. Yarzada


Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Public Health on Monday reported 271 new positive cases of the coronavirus from 761 samples tested over the last 24 hours.
So far, 71,549 samples have been tested in the government’s testing centers and there are 16,571 known active COVID-19 cases in the country, according to data by the Ministry of Public Health.
In the last 24 hours, the ministry also reported 12 new deaths from COVID-19 and 1,330 recoveries.
The number of total cases is now 31,238, the total reported deaths are 733, and total recoveries are 13,934.
The highest count was reported in Kabul with 130, followed by Herat (30 cases), Kandahar (12), Balkh (28), Nangarhar (3), Takhar (14), Bamiyan (13), Baghlan (7), Badghis (4), Nimruz (12), Wardak (1), Laghman (1), Kunar (5), Helmand (4), Panjshir (5) and Zabul (2). Also, the ministry reported 4 COVID-19 deaths in Kabul, 4 in Parwan, 3 in Nangarhar and 1 in Herat. The number of deaths from COVID-19 globally is more than 501,955 and the number of global coronavirus cases is 10,147,906, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 03:19

President Ghani Chairs Cabinet Meeting

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired cabinet meeting, discussing various agendas, the Presidential Palace said in a statement Monday.
In the meeting, the country’s president condemned the recent deadly incident, in which two of the Human Rights Commission staff members were killed, when their carrying vehicle was blown up by a sticky mine in Kabul, the statement said.
President Ghani instructed the related organs for taking security of the country’s religious scholars, civil society, rights group members and members of justice and judicial institutions, the statement quoted. He also emphasized for firmly fighting corruption in the county, particularly in the customhouses.
He said the country’s inspector office has the authority to investigate into the issue of counter-COVID-19 and to assess misusing the fund allocated in fighting the pandemic and the related complaints and accusations.
The president also said that Ghulam Khan and Spinboldak ports have been re-opened for the country’s exports and exporting the country’s products to the regional markets were a must. President Ghani instructed the related organs for holding meetings with the country’s traders and to collect their viewpoints to be discussed with the next cabinet meeting to help tackle challenges facing by the customhouses.
The president reiterated for further activation of customhouses in the country and measures should be adopted to seriously fight corruption.
He noted that the Afghan Post has good capacity and can now send passports to the Afghans inside and outside the country.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 03:18

Rocket Hits Civilians in Helmand Market

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) At least 23 civilians were killed after four rockets hit a festival being held at a market in Sangin district in Helmand province on Monday morning, the provincial governor’s office said in a statement. The statement added that 15 other civilians were wounded in the explosions.
The incident happened in the Zol Bazar area and the rockets were fired by militants, followed by a car bomb explosion, the statement read. According to the statement, the car bomb explosion happened in a nearby place among people’s houses where explosives and rockets were made in collaboration with “foreign terrorists.” Two Taliban fighters were killed in the car bomb blast, said the statement, adding that the car bomb has also injured civilians – which is not confirmed yet – and has damaged people’s houses.
The statement denied reports that the rockets were fired by Afghan forces, instead blaming the Taliban for the attack. Helmand governor Mohammad Yasin has assigned a security team to probe the incident, the statement concluded.
This comes a day after at least six civilians were killed as their car hit a roadside bomb in another district of Helmand, Washir, on Sunday.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) At least 399 cases of smuggling of narcotics were registered over the past six months in Afghanistan, the Attorney General's Office said on Monday.
A total of 490 individuals including five women and a foreigner were arrested in connection with the cases.
Trials were finalized in 220 cases, as a result of which 525 individuals were sentenced to punishment ranging from 20,000 Afghanis fine to 30 years of prison.
Those sentenced include 32 civil service employees, four women and a foreigner. 815 kgs of heroin, 86 kgs of morphine, 365 kgs of shisha, 54,298 kgs of marijuana, 10,145 kgs of opium, 1,884 kgs of hashish, 3,275 liters of alcoholic drinks were seized during the period. 12.5 million afghanis and $23,000 landed in the government's treasury after the cases were addressed.
Kabul (91) and Nangarhar (86) recorded most cases respectively.

Sunday June 28, 2020
Kabul (BNA) As many as 33 armed oppositions were killed and wounded during clashes with Afghan security forces in Baghlan, Zabul and Paktia provinces.
Ministry of interior in a statement reported, the clashes took place while Taliban fighters carried out attacks on Afghan security forces’ checkpoints in Khanjan district, Baghlan, Shah Joy district, Zabul and Ahmadabad district, Paktia province.
The statement added, 15 terrorists including Mullah Faiz, Kamel and Elham three key members of Taliban groups were killed and 18 others were wounded.
Some heavy and light weapons belonged to the terrorists have been discovered during the conflicts, the statement concluded.


Sunday June 28, 2020
JALALABAD CITY (BNA) Counter-narcotic drug police personnel by conducting military operation succeeded to detain three narcotic drug smugglers in eastern Nangarhar province.
Ministry of interior by releasing a statement reported that 20 kg narcotic drug type of hashish have been seized from the smugglers.
Meanwhile, counter-narcotic drug police personnel have been discovered 5600 kg henbane in Shahr Safa district, Zabul province.


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