22 January 2017

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Monday, October 17, 2016
Kabul (BNA) CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday assured to soon meet what he said a prevailing internal problem in the National Olympic Committee (NOC), a statement from his office said.
While honoring the head of the National Olympic Committee and other sport federations with appreciation letters, Dr. Abdullah said the achievement of each of the country’s athletes belongs to the entire Afghans, the statement quoted adding there was not tribal, linguistic or other political parties.
Meanwhile, Gen. Zaher Aghbar who was awarded with appreciation letter by CE Abdullah said the main aim of the country’s sportspersons were to rise the flag of the country across the world and bring pride to their country. “The sport society has not belonged to any of the county’s tribal or political groups, but is the properties of the entire Afghan nations.”
He asked for a free and fair election to pick the heads of the federations and the National Olympic Committee.
CE, Dr. Abdullah once again emphasized for making effort to address the entire internal problems of the National Olympic Committee as soon as possible and would take into consideration the lack of budget and some other defections of the committee, said the statement.

Sunday October 16, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Sadaqat futsal team in four friendly matches to face with Kyrgyzstan and Dubai futsal teams.
In-charge of futsal federation told BNA correspondent, these two friendly matches to be held in Dubai and two others will be launched in Kyrgyzstan.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Sadaqat futsal players since one week aiming to doing exercises are living in a training camp in Dubai, the source added.

Saturday October 15, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan national football team to face with Tajikistan national football team in a friendly match as soon.
Shams Amini member of publication in football federation today told BNA, the match will be held during the month of Aqrab (November, 2016) in Tajikistan.
Four days ago friendly match between Afghanistan and Malaysia national football teams ended equality 1-1 in Malaysia.

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan national team is expected to face Malaysiain a friendly football match, after those of against Tajikistan and Lebanon, an official said Monday.
Kuala Lumpur will host the match which is potentially the third friendly of the country’s national football team, Yousuf Kargar, technical deputy to Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) told. He hoped Afghanistan would shine well and win the warm-up, as he reminded that the ‘empty-handed Afghanistan football team could gain championship at the 2013’s South Asian Cup, though he complained about lack of budget and other needed sport facilities for the team, while their rivals, he said fully equipped with enough modern equipment.
Afghanistan head coach Petar Segrt admitted that his side are facing a similar situation that their Tuesday friendly opponents; Malaysia are facing in terms of player selection, the AFF shared a link in its official face book page referring to a sport website—GOAL interviewing him.
“We come here, we are missing some of the players, 8, 9 players we cannot bring because we have problems with injuries, but these injuries the players got from the club, not by us. (But) it is only a small situation for us. We want to also see the new players, and the rest we will decide in the next days,” said the German coach during the pre-match press conference, the site said. He would later add that as most of his players play in Europe, they have to accept when the clubs stop their squad members from joining friendlies involving the national team. “The situation for us is like this, so we have to accept this. This is Afghanistan, there is a situation when the clubs in Germany, where most of our players play in Europe.”We have situations when they get injured in the last game for the clubs, and the clubs don’t allow them to go, we have to accept it,” he said.
“But its okay, we must find a solution. Believe me, tomorrow (today-Tuesday) we will start with 11 players, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter who start,” explained Segrt. However, he remained upbeat about his side’s chances and future, as well as those of Malaysia’s, which he would go on to praise repeatedly in the presser. “I know you also have some problems with the players, the changing of generation so to speak, but believe me, you have a strong country, you have a strong league, this is very important. “And I think you will find solutions, next year Malaysia will be a strong country in football and also in its national team,” said Segrt. He also said that he heard good things about their Tuesday’s opponents from Afghanistan captain Faysal Shayesteh, who plays for Pahang FC in the Malaysia Super League, although the midfielder is not his only source of information. “The captain of Afghanistan (Shayesteh), speaks many good things about Malaysia... Sure, he gave us some information about the league, we know every situation about the country,” he added.
“But there is another player for me who gave me all information, I have my contacts in Malaysia also, and when I see your (Malaysia’s) organization, your opportunities in the country, you must be good and difficult opponents. I cannot understand when you cannot play good,” revealed the coach. Attention then turned to Shayesteh, and his relationship with Pahang captain and Malaysia defender Matthew Davies, who he revealed to be one of his best friends at Pahang. “For me it’s nice to play against Matthew, he’s not only the captain of my team (Pahang), he’s also my neighbor. We hang out a lot, so he’s a good friend of mine. “Of course we make a lot of jokes about who will win, but it’s nice, it’s the first time I will be playing against a good friend and a teammate,” revealed the 25-year old.
Nesar Ahmad Askarzada

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