23 February 2017

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Wednesday November 23, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Girls’ volleyball matches has started in Kabul University Gymnasium yesterday.
The competitions launched by Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs for Ministry of Information and Culture with cooperation of Quick Relief Institution aiming to focus on combating against human trafficking.
According to BNA reporter, in these tournaments Girls’ volleyball teams participated from Ustad Burhanuddin Education University, Aryana Cup, Al-Zahra Complex and Red Crescent.
In first two matches of the competitions Ustad Burhanuddin Education University’ Girls volleyball team has defeated Aryana Cup Girls volleyball team and Red Crescent team succeeded to beat Al-Zahra Complex Girls volleyball team.
The tournaments also continues today.

Tuesday November 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghan cycling national team will participate in a trial matches to be launched from Kabul to Nangarhar province tomorrow.
Chosen of best cyclists is the aim of the matches to select for Pakistan cycling competition.
Mohammad Sadiq Sadiqi head of cycling federation in National Olympic Committee today said BNA reporter, in this matches cycling’ athletes will be participated from Kabul, Balkh, Parwan, Zabul and Baghlan provinces.
Among the participants six top cyclists to be selected for Pakistan cycling competition, which will be held in next 20 days in Lahore city.

Sunday November 20, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan under-19 national cricket team has defeated Mumbai uunder-19 national cricket team in continuation of training competition.
Farid Hotak spokesman of cricket board told BNA, in the beginning of this competition Afghan U-19 cricket team started bowling and with losing his five players targeted 227 runs in 50 overs, which Mumbai cricket team in 42 overs with losing his all players couldn’t reach to the chosen target.
So far Afghan U-19 cricket team performed two matches with two different Indian cricket teams that succeeded in these two matches, Hotak added.
Afghan U-19 cricket will play three other matches with Indian cricket teams then to go Sari Lanka to participate in Asia Cup competitions, Hotak concluded.

Sunday November 20, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Although sport and sportsmen are facing diverse problems including lack of sport facilities, economic restrictions and lack of a peaceful atmosphere for exercise but despite of that, the Afghan athletes return home from foreign competitions with big achievements.
Teenager Abduli Shabir Momand 14 who attended national competition organized by Alokozay Group, achieved gold medal. Abdul Shabir Momand said, I am student of Fazel Big school and due to my enthusiasm to kick box, since one year I have been exercising under the guidance of Ustad Abdurrahman Abed in Jawanan-e-Bidar club.
Responding another question, he said, so far I have attended three competitions and have gained first position among youth and teenagers. These competitions were organized among fifteen underage clubs with the cooperation of Alokozay Group. He continued, I will attend future games of NOC which would be organized between Shaheen Asmayee and Alokozay teams. I request the government to offer further help to athletes. I have never travelled abroad but in five months I would travel to Iran and Pakistan for competitions. He added, unfortunately some of our youth have been victimized of imposed and meaningless wars. If the government encourage young youth and teenagers to sport and support them, joining of youth and teenagers to insurgents ranks would decrease and their victimizing would be prevented.  
Nesar Ahmad Askarzada

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