24 October 2017

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Wednesday May 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Cycling competition was held in northern Balkh province and Abdul Hamid Ansari got the first position of the tournament.
Mohammad Hanif Shahrestani in-charge of cycling committee in Balkh told BNA reporter, 50 cyclists had been participated in the competition, which Abdul Hamid Ansari got first position of the tournament.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) chairman Shokrullah Atif Mashal says the agreement regarding bilateral series between Afghanistan and Pakistan cricket tams has not been fully finalized yet.
Speaking to reports in Kabul, Mashal said the cricket boards of the two nations have only agreed in words regarding the series.
Mashal further added that he visited Pakistan based on persistent requests of the Pakistan Cricket Board, emphasizing that no agreement has been reached with the Pakistani side that is against the national interests of the country.
Insisting on politics-free sports, Mashal said the final agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board will become ready after the technical teams of the two country have thorough discussions and finalize the agreement.
He also added that the exact dates of the games and the finalization of the agreement will be announced later.
This comes as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan said Saturday that the series will likely be played either in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Sharjah city of the United Arab Emirates.
Khan further added that the date of the series could not yet be decided as the two cricketing sides were preoccupied in their own commitments at the moment.
The PCB Chairman further added that Pakistan would help Afghanistan in International Cricket Council (ICC) issues and in making the country a permanent member of the international cricket governing body.

Monday May 29, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan announced on Saturday that Pakistan and Afghanistan would play two Twenty20 matches with each other.
Addressing a media conference, Shaharyar said the short friendly series could be played in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Sharjah. Also present on the occasion were Afghanistan Cricket Board chairman Shukurullah Atif Mashal and PCB executive committee chairman Najam Aziz Sethi. Shaharyar said the date of the series had not been decided yet as the two cricketing sides were preoccupied with their own prior commitments at the moment. “Pakistan will come to Afghanistan with a message of peace, friendship and brotherhood. And then our team will go to Pakistan for the same purpose,” said ACB chairman Atif said while addressing the media. “We are looking for good relations between the two boards and the relation should be based on mutual respect and interest. Sport will not be affected by politics while we use sport, especially cricket to influence the political scenario positively. We want good relations with all cricketing nations,” Atif added.
The PCB chief stated that both boards had also agreed to strengthen bilateral cricket relations through a future series between the two national teams. “Moreover, bilateral series between A teams and Under-16 teams has also agreed upon.” He added that Pakistan would help Afghanistan in International Cricket Council (ICC) issues and in making the country a permanent member of the international cricket governing body. The PCB chairman said eight or nine Pakistan players would be facilitated in their endeavours to participate in an Afghan Cricket League. “In an attempt to further fortify relations between the two countries, the PCB has agreed to provide technical assistance to Afghanistan through training for curators, scorers, umpires and coaches. The PCB has also promised to provide its biomechanics facility to Afghanistan to test their bowler’s actions.” Shaharyar said another important point which was agreed upon was that the PCB would work on providing a cricket ground to Afghanistan to use for their tournaments and matches. “Whether it is Rawalpindi, whether it is Peshawar, whether it is Quetta, they will decide after taking a look at the stadiums and whichever is more convenient, they will come and use that stadium as their own,” he said.
The ACB had arranged a similar deal in 2013 which the Afghanistan cricketers were given access to the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. But, after the first few visits, complications arose. Eventually, the ACB had to find an alternative venue -Greater Noida in India -to help their players prepare and host international teams. Afghanistan were the first international team to visit Pakistan since the 2009 attacks in Lahore and had been part of the domestic T20 competition in Karachi in 2013. They were in talks to play in Pakistan in April 2016 but the Pakistan government had reportedly advised against the series after an attack in a recreational park in Lahore. The PCB also assured the ACB that it would push for an enhanced role for Afghanistan in the Asian Cricket Council and in world cricket too. “We really value this relation,” added Atif. “We really appreciate PCB’s support in the past. Pakistan coaches were with our team like Inzamamul Haq, Kabir Khan and Rashid Latif. They really contributed in the development of the Afghanistan national cricket team. Both boards will try our best to keep our relations positive.” Sethi commenting after the meeting said: “The recent positive developments in Afghan cricket are especially pleasing as the PCB continues to support its fellow cricket boards in furthering their skills in the game.”
Daily Times

Monday May 29, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Aiming to launch a series of International matches Afghanistan National Cricket team arrived to West Indies.
Farid Hotak spokesman of Afghanistan Cricket Board told BNA reporter, our cricket team to face with West Indies national cricket team in three One Day International (ODI) matches and in three T20 overs matches.
Before starting the formal matches Afghanistan National Cricket team to play with a local cricket team of West Indies, Hotak added.
It is mentionable that the competitions will be started at 2 June, 2017.
Afghanistan National Cricket team in 2010 had visited West Indies and participated in T20 overs International Cup tournament.

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