23 July 2019

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My Goal of Sport-Raising The Name Of My Homeland

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Monday, February 05, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Kabir Khoshbeen who had spent his childhood time in destitution and plenty of problems but had felt himself a lucky and perfect person with his two hands and healthy body.
Since he was a courageous and sociable boy, his personality had caused him to find many friends outdoor. He has different memories from school time. But 18 years ago he lost one of his hands in a bomb explosion during devastating wars and conflicts. He would never forget it.
Currently Kabir Khoshbeen is an active member of Handicapped Sport Federation or Afghanistan Paralympic. He is 28 and since 6 years he has been wearing the shirt of national team. He is student of a private university and at the same time breadwinner of his family. In an interview with our correspondent, talking on his sport records and activities, Khoshbeen said, for 12 years now I have been involved in Football, swimming and Ping Pong with many achievements.
In 2007, he went on to say, I had a trip to Iran and there I received training on handicapped sport. In 2009 I was selected as one of the good players. In 2010, I attended Asian competitions in China with the participation of 41 countries and achieved seventh position in the name of the country’s handicapped, I didn’t become disappointed and continued my exercises.
He added, in 2012 the Asian Championship competitions was held in Malaysia with the participation of 21 premier countries in which I was permitted to participate in 400 meter and 800 meter running groups and fortunately this time I achieved two medals of Asia Championship and one medal from parliament of Afghanistan. Lack of one hand was very painful to me and my close friends left me alone. I was insulted for being handicapped.
He continued, isolation had disturbed and tired me but I managed to sweep the dust of the grievance of lacking one hand with hard work and sport. I spent six years in isolation and then restarted sport, I noticed that lacking one hand doesn’t mean losing everything. In contrary in lack of one hand, thousands hands could applaud for and encourage me. It should be mentioned that my goal is raising the name of my country and its handicapped. Handicapped could also serve their country like their healthy brothers.
Talking on his biggest wish, Khoshbeen said I wish several sport centers be established for mental and physical training of handicapped in Afghanistan because like healthy people, handicapped have also right of sport and education and this forgotten category can also be the source of service with self-reliant to their society. The mystery behind my successes was my permanent exercises and strong determination. I had never considered myself as a handicapped and disabled. I hate isolation from people. Although there were a lot of problems ahead of me like a big mountain, but I didn’t lost hope and was at close quarters with all problems. I am thankful from officials of Afghanistan Paralympic and ICRC who had supported and encouraged us.

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