22 April 2019

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Athletes With Weak Economy But Strong Motivation

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Monday, April 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Born in an educated family in 1373, Ahmad Farouqi is a member of SLFC organization in weight 70kg and has graduated from faculty of physical education. As he was really interested, he has access to three sport fields such as kickboxing, wrestling and free fight.
He said, ‘At first, I started kickboxing with Master Fahim Formuli and then started wrestling under supervision of Master Najibullah Hamdard for four years.’
He added as I was enjoyed good strong body, started free fight sport field under supervision of Master Nangialay Nikzad since 1391. ‘I have participated in fourteen competitions, five of which was in national level,’ he went on to say.
‘I have only been defeated once,’ he continued.
In amateur type free fight competitions, I have gained six gold and one silver medals so far, he stated.
He pointed out that he has participated in wrestling competitions twelve times and has gained one gold medal.
About his success, he said, ‘At first, an athlete should be patient, ‘No Pain, No Gain’
Sport field is a field where cultures are being exchanged, therefore, when an athlete enters sport community, he/she should not only focus to win, but should consider culture, sport, relevant laws and regulations, etc. because, an athlete represents a nation, he pointed out.
About challenges before athletes, he said athletes enjoyed worse economic situation, as I personally have to work since 6:00am to 4:00pm, adding I have always tried to exercise with high and strong motivation.
‘If the youth understand their identity and trust their inside capabilities, they would have a good future, therefore, if you want to be always healthy, do your best not to stop exercising,’ he said as his message to youth.

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