22 January 2020

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Seven Taliban insurgents were killed in air forces strike in Jaji Aryoob district, Paktia .
National Defense Ministry press office told BNA, Rahmatullah known Margi commander of Taliban was also among the dead.
Likewise, the security forces during clearing operation, arrested another terrorist in outskirt of Sabri district, Khost.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 06:12

Drug Smugglers Detained in KIA

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The Frontier police of Kabul International Airport arrested two drug smugglers.
Nasrat Rahimi spokesman for Interior ministry told BNA correspondent, the people had skillfully placed amount of heroin in their travel boxes and wanted to smuggle it to India, have been detained by border police of Kabul International Air.
The files of the detainees have been transferred to the relevant institution for investigation.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 06:11

NDS Arrest Taliban Militants in Samangan

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Aibak (BNA) Three Taliban militants were arrested in Samangan yesterday.
BNA local correspondent reported, the Taliban have been arrested in a clearing operation of ANA forces from Samangan-Balkh highway.
Monir Rahimi press in charge of Samangan security commandment told BNA, the detainees wanted to enter Taliban fronts in Dara-e-Soof District.
Last week ago, four Taliban militants were also arrested from Shaikhhai village, Hazrat Sultan District of that province.
T. Yarzada

Monday January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Shah Mahmood Qurishi Foreign Minister of Pakistani said, his country has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, Pakistan’s foreign minister last week in a video message said that Taliban has shown willingness to reduce violence in war-torn Afghanistan after more than 18 years.
Remarks of Shah Mahmood Qurishi released, after media reported from progressing in US-Taliban peace negotiation in Doha, while Taliban officially didn’t accepted the agreement and US representatives also said nothing about the issue so far.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi in the video message spoke as Taliban leader or spokesperson, Qurishi remarks about Taliban is what Taliban should have said.
Shah Mahmood Qurishi said, “Today, positive progress has been made, the Taliban have shown their willingness to reduce the violence, which was a demand... it's a step towards the peace agreement.”
He added, “Pakistan has considerably fulfilled its responsibility regarding the Afghan peace process, we desire that the entire region moves towards peace, which benefits both Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
People of Afghanistan know that Pakistan is cause of all miseries and war in Afghanistan and war imposed on Afghans.
So, how can we believe on Qurishi’s remarks?
Pakistan by playing numerous intelligences games against Afghanistan, not only involved in long-lasting disputes in Afghanistan and the region, but also has gained privileges.
Bringing an independent group to peace negotiation and talking on behalf of the group that reduce violence in Afghanistan, can’t be the last world about Afghanistan peace process.
Pakistan spoke about agreed of US-Taliban peace deal that region has faced with different challenges and the country by its sensitive function increase crisis.
Negative role of Pakistan not only is clear for Afghans, but people across the world know about Pakistan hostile games; experts, politics, media, MPs, senators of western and U.S. blamed Pakistan about raising and maintaining terrorism in its soil.
Explicitly, we can be said that the remarks of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister about Afghanistan peace is a claim, while leaders of Taliban group are hidden in Pakistan, Pakistan’s nationals are involving in Afghanistan war and Pakistan’s intelligence manage the war, in such condition how can we said Pakistan has done honestly its responsibility regarding Afghanistan peace process.
Peace in Afghanistan taken hostage by specified and determined countries, peace will ensure in Afghanistan and the region, when region and the world countries direct and indirectly put an end point to support terrorism and extremism and proxy war.

Monday, January 20, 2020
Kunduz (BNA) An important hideout of Taliban was destroyed in a clearing operation by commando forces in Kunduz last night.
Anamuddin Rahmani spokesman for Kunduz security commandment told BNA, clearing operation carried out by commando forces in Yatem village, Charseda district, Kunduz, in which an important Taliban hideout has been destroyed.
During the operation, Taliban weapons were destroyed.
Two nights ago in an operation of defense and security forces, two armed Taliban insurgents have been arrested in the mentioned district, and several hideouts of them were destroyed.
T. Yarzada

Monday, January 20, 2020
Lashkargah (BNA) Two Taliban senior commanders were killed with his four colleagues in Afghan security forces raid in Helmand last night.
The Taliban were suppressed on their strongholds in suburb of Garmsir district bazaar.
Taliban military in charge in Helmand Sader Ibrahim and Hayatullah known Haji leader of Taliban restraint network were among the dead.
Atal army corps in south of the country with releasing a statement told BNA in the raid, the security forces also destroyed a hideout of Taliban with all war equipment.
These militias blamed for dozens of deadly terror attacks on civilians in this province.
T. Yarzada

Monday, January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice-President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh blamed any possible compromise on the emirate system and said such an agreement will not bring peace but rather intensify war in the country, a statement from his office said Sunday.
Addressing a meeting held on ‘Unveiling Human Rights Advocates’ Protection Strategy’ by the Amnesty International (AI) at the Kabul Serena Hotel, the other day, VP Danesh said: “Plan to reduce violence and suchlike is an ambiguous plan and a kind of fleeing peace and deceiving the people and the international community.”
The vice-president added that agreeing on emirate system or any other systems like this, from which the sound of dictatorship and despotism is being heard and violates the republican principle and individual human rights will not only bring peace, but rather intensifies war and violence by another name in Afghanistan. According to him, with such justification by the Taliban and their supporters, the US side maybe ready to sign the peace accord, but for the people of Afghanistan, who are the main side the case, would never solve any problem. However, he welcomed the peace talks going on between the US special envoy and Taliban representatives and said:
“We as the government and the people of Afghanistan support restoration of peace and ensuring lasting security and ending devastating war in the country.”
He, but, emphasized on an Afghan-centric peace negotiations and said no trust and no hope would remain between the two sides, unless a direct intra-Afghan dialogue and the start of a broad ceasefire are agreed on. Danesh went on as saying that so far, in the peace process, both the government and people of Afghanistan, including civil society activists, political parties and ethnic groups are excluded and drawn aside and that under such circumstance, peace implementation was impossible. “Election, freedom of media and respecting women and minorities are parts of the primary principles of the individuals’ rights which shouldn’t be ignored,” quoting the vice-president, the statement concluded.

Monday, January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has called people representatives role effective in ensuring security in the country, said a statement from his office Sunday.
According to the statement, the country's National Security Advisor said insecurity in one province would insecure other provinces and that Wolesi Jirga can play effective role in drawing the people support to security in the country.
People representatives at the house of people pledged to continue sharing their views with the national security advisor, on improving security and the ongoing cleanup operation in the troubled areas, according to the statement.
The people representatives also thanked the national Security Advisor efforts for the development of security in the country, said the statement.

Monday, January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, cabinet meeting was held Saturday evening at Chahar Chenar Palace.
In the meeting, President Ghani first briefed related to his continued meetings with Kabul residents, saying that residents of Kabul have shared their problems with him in the separate meetings held with residents of various districts of the city, therefore, it was necessary that modifications should be brought in legislative documents to address problems of the people. President Ghani tasked relevant government institutions to prepare and process necessary modifications in relevant legislative documents.
The country’s President also tasked relevant institutions in particular the office of sate ministry for disaster management to take all necessary steps towards prevention of human losses and destructions caused by recent rain and snow falls.
Based on agenda of the meeting, minister of justice delivered draft regulation of bachelor level studies to the meeting. The cabinet approved the draft regulation in Principle, tasking ministries of justice and higher education to correct and finalize the draft regulation in accordance to visions and views of participants of the meeting.
Afterwards, report of reasons in connection with cancellation of mining contracts of Badakhshan’s gold mine and Balkhab copper mine was delivered by acting minister of mines and petroleum, which was approved by the cabinet meeting. Afterwards, minister of justice delivered draft regulation of duties management for ministry of higher education to the meeting, which was approved in Principle, tasking the ministries of justice and higher education to correct and finalize the draft in consideration to delivered visions in the cabinet meeting.
In the meeting, secretary general of Afghan Red Crescent Society also shared the society’s demand in connection with collecting one-day salary of government’s employees for strengthening the society’s financial fund with participants of the meeting.
The cabinet asked all officials and employees of government institution to pay and grant their one-day salary to Afghan Red Crescent Society in assistance to needy families and vulnerable people.

Monday, January 20, 2020
Kabul (BNA) As part of national debate with residents of Kabul city, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with residents of 21st, 12th and 22nd municipal districts and Bagrami district of Kabul at Salam Khana Palace.
In the meeting attended also by number of government officials, Safiullah, Mawlavi Sayed Zainul Abidin, Ruqia Barakzai, Haji Mohammad Gul and Amanullah Trin first thanked President Ghani for his step and initiative towards addressing problems of the people.
They shared their problems and suggestions with the country’s President in connection with insecurity, punishment of robbers, education and schools, asphalting roads and streets, construction of canals, equipped hospital, usurpation of land, lack of electricity, city transportation system, registration of mosques, drinking water, suppressing powerful figures, prevention of narcotics, construction of Darul Olum, allocation of land for graveyard, safety of Ulamas and madrasas, employment opportunities for women, lack of kindergarten, lack of police structure, ring road and collection of trashes and others.
After hearing their suggestions, demands and problems, President Ghani said that justice has not be maintained in east of Kabul, instructing Kabul mayor to end injustice in the area and implement the municipality’s plan for allocation of land for graveyard as soon as possible.
The country’s President also instructed Kabul mayor to stop transferring trashes to Kabul’s east part from now on, saying that a rational mechanism should be planned in this regard. Pointing that Kabul’s east area would be changed to a developed area, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani instructed Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) to resolve problems of Kabul residents particularly problems of their electricity bills within three weeks; otherwise, deputies of the company would be sacked.

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