22 January 2019

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Monday, January 21, 2019

KABUL (BNA) The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday announced the first final results of the Wolesi Jirga elections from nine provinces.
IEC chief Abdul Baday Sayyad told a press conference here that the final Wolesi Jirga election results were from Urozgan, Laghman, Bamyan, Parwan, Jowzjan, Daikundi, Zabul, Samangan and Nimroz provinces.
He said the results of other provinces would be announced once the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) finalized the list and shared it with the IEC.
Sayyad wished the winning candidates best of luck and asked the failing candidates not to act against the law and instead follow their demands through legal sources.
The Wolesi Jirga elections conducted on October 20 and 21 across 32 provinces of the country and in Kandahar, on October 27.  Initial results of the elections were recently announced.
Initial Wolesi Jirga election results were scheduled for to be announced on November 10, 2018 but it was announced a month later from that date and the IEC said it was delayed due to some technical problems in the process.

Monday January 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) United States senator Lindsey Graham called on Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi at his office in Islamabad on Sunday.
During the meeting, they exchanged views on matters related to mutual and regional issues, especially peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. Lindsey Graham is the chairman of the US Senate’s Judicial Committee and senior member of the committee of the House of armed services and budget. Earlier, on Jan 19, the Pakistani Foreign Minister had said that his country was trying to host the next round of talks between the US and Afghan Taliban as such kind of dialogue was in the interests of the Afghan government, Taliban and the entire region. “Solution to Afghan issue is not possible without intra-Afghan dialogue and Pakistan considers it vital for the restoration of peace in the entire region,” Shah Mahmoud Qureshi said. The Pak Foreign Minister said relations between Pakistan and the US were gradually improving.

Monday January 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Sunday officially registered to run for reelection in the July polls, with former acting minister of interior Amrullah Saleh and Second-Vice President Sarwar Danesh as his running mates. In this electoral ticket, Saleh will run as first deputy presidential and Danesh the sitting vice president as second deputy presidential candidate.
Peace, good governance, maintaining international relations based on national interests and reforms were among the priorities which President Ghani vowed that his team would strive for. The President also instructed the national security forces to step up efforts to provide security to the presidential candidates.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also registered his candidacy in the July 20 elections on Sunday. Dr. Abdullah, to run for president together with Enayat Babur Farahmand, the chief of staff of the First Vice-President’s office and Asadullah Saadati as his first and second deputies respectively. Addressing media, Dr. Abdullah said his team’s main goal would be to ensure citizen’s rights and to serve them. He said the upcoming presidential elections would be held in a crucial time, adding election campaign shouldn’t be a ground for spreading disunity and brining chaos to the country. This comes as 17 candidates have registered their names for the presidential elections, including Hakim Tosan, Latif Pedram, Faramarz Tamana, Enayatullah Hafiz, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Noorul Haq Olumi, Zalmai Rasool, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Mohammad Shahab Hakimi, Sayed Noorullah Jalili, Rahmatullah Nabil, Mohammad Ibrahim Alokozai, Noor Rahman Liwal, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Abdulla Abdullah and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
The aforesaid candidates vowed to prioritize peace and stability and to fight corruption. According to IEC, the candidate registration process ended yesterday and there is no plan to extend this process. A presidential candidate should be a Muslim, Afghan citizen, having completed the age of 40 and should present 100,000 supporters and pay a million Afghanis to the commission based on the electoral law.

Sunday January 20, 2019

PUL-E-ALAM CITY (BNA) Governor and chief of National Directorate Security (NDS) of Logar province have survived from a suicide attempt today.
Shamshad Larwai spokesman of Logar governor told BNA correspondent, conveys of Mohammad Anwar Khan Ishaqzai governor of Logar and Brid. Gen. Amir Jaan Nasir chief of NDS of the province targeted by a suicide attacker in Safid Sang area, Logar province. 
Eight soldiers and bodyguards of governor and NDS’ chief were martyred and 10 more were wounded following the attack, Larwai added.
Governor of Logar condemned the attack and wished paradise for martyrs and soon recovery for injured of the incident.

Sunday January 20, 2019

KABUL (Xinhua) Afghan former Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta has described China as a good neighbor of Afghanistan and stressed for further boosting of bilateral relations between the two nations.
Addressing a function here to mark 64th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and China, Spanta said "we are happy that China is our neighbor, a good neighbor that has developed in all fields."
"Sino-Afghan relations are based on co-existence, non-interference and mutual interests in the course of history and we want further enhancing relations between the two nations," the former Afghan foreign minister and ex-national security advisor said.
Speaking at the function organized by Afghanistan-China Friendship Association, a non-government entity, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jingsong said that Sino-Afghan relations stood the test of changes in the international landscape, and have positioned as a model for China's relations with its neighbors.
He said China treasures friendship with Afghanistan since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Sunday, 20 January 2019 11:44

Six People Killed by Irresponsible Gunmen

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Pul-e-Khomri (BNA) Six people have been killed in clashes between irresponsible gunmen in Farang district, Baghlan province.
Wali Mohammad governor of Farang district told BNA correspondent, clashes occurred between two irresponsible gunmen commanders in Matoq village, Frang district, in which six people from the both sides were killed and three others have been hurt.
He said, the situation is normalized with police intervention, and police are trying to disarm these people.
T. Yarzada

Sunday January 20, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Afghan national policemen succeeded to detain five narcotic drug’s smugglers in Kabul city.
Ministry of Interior by releasing a statement issued BNA, counter-narcotic drug police personnel succeeded to arrest five smugglers during five separate operations in third, 6th, 11th, 8th, and 17th security precincts of Kabul city.
Some narcotic drug have been discovered from them as well, the statement added.

Sunday, 20 January 2019 08:56

MoI; Four Thieves Detain by Policemen

Sunday January 20, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Four thieves were arrested by Afghan national police personnel in Kabul city.
Ministry of Interior press office by releasing a statement issued BNA, the thieves were arrested in relevant areas of 13th and 18th security precincts of Kabul city.
Some light weapons have been seized from them as well, the statement added.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Based on Union of money exchangers in Sari Shahzada, Kabul city, the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                                              75/30        Afs
One Pound Sterling                                            96/30       Afs
One Euro                                                            85/70       Afs
One Emirate’s Dirham                                       20/45       Afs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees                           536       Afs
One Thousand Indian Rupees                              1075       Afs
One Thousand Iranian Rupees                            07/90       Afs


Sunday, 20 January 2019 06:23

Armed Oppositions Killed in ASF Raid

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Kunduz (BNA) Nine armed oppositions were killed in Kunduz province yesterday.
Mohammad Hanif Rezaee spokesman of Shaheen 209 army corps told BNA, the insurgents were killed in air raid of Afghan security forces on their hideouts in Afghan-Mazar village, Qala-e-Zal district, Kunduz province.
Rezaee added, six other insurgents have been injured, weapons cache, three stronghold and two motorbikes of the insurgents were destroyed.
T. Yarzada

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