26 January 2020

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Monday, January 20, 2020
Kandahar (BNA) Eight Taliban militants were killed in an air raid in Kandahar province last night.
The militants were suppressed on their hideout in Khakriz district.
Atal army corps in south of the country with releasing a statement told BNA, the attack carried out by Afghan air forces.
Another report says, police of Kandahar discovered and defused 11 mines from busy roads of the province and prevented from a series of explosions.
Security officials blamed Taliban for mine planting.
T. Yarzada

Sunday January 19, 2020
Kabul (BNA) John Sopko the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction have accused U.S. officials for lying about Afghanistan war to the public. 
The special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction told U.S. congress that U.S. officials have routinely lied to the public during the 18-year war by exaggerating progress reports and inflating statistics to create a false appearance of success.
“There’s an odor of mendacity throughout the Afghanistan issue. . . mendacity and hubris,” John Sopko said in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “The problem is there is a disincentive, really, to tell the truth. We have created an incentive to almost require people to lie.”
As an example, Sopko said U.S. officials have lied in the past about the number of Afghan children enrolled in schools — a key marker of progress touted by the Obama administration — even though they “knew the data was bad.” He also said U.S. officials falsely claimed major gains in Afghan life expectancy that were statistically impossible to achieve.
U.S. congress created the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as SIGAR, in 2008 to investigate contractual fraud and waste in the war zone.
Since 2001, the United States has spent more than $132 billion to modernize the country—more than it spent, adjusted for inflation, to rebuild Europe after World War II.
Meanwhile, people of Afghanistan while accusing U.S. aimless war in Afghanistan said, U.S. presence in a problematic war in Afghanistan, suppressing terrorists is the aim of the war, but until now U.S. fails in this struggle.
U.S. came to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism, but didn’t pay attention on terrorists’ hideouts outside the country, particular in Pakistan.
Beside that with the presence of U.S. in Afghanistan, administrative corruptions and narcotic drug smugglings has reached at the high level in the country.
Political and civil society activists said, until now west and U.S. didn’t perform useful infrastructure projects for reconstruction of Afghanistan.
According to them, U.S. never spent $135 billion in Afghanistan, but U.S. mostly spent the amount on its military troops in the country, salary of a U.S. troop several times is higher than an Afghan soldiers, beside that Afghan National Army and other organs are equipped preliminary, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are forcing with numerous problems in the battlefields.
In fact, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces with high moral and less equipment are fighting against terrorism and extremism across the country.
Political exports said, U.S. has not moved realistically, but consider interests and benefits of its friends and admirers in Afghanistan war.  
U.S. inattention on fighting against terrorists cause that presence of U.S. could be sensitive for some other countries, therefore, now Afghanistan change into battlefield of proxy war among the countries that have problems with U.S. or U.S. have problems with them.
U.S. needs to revise on its strategy against fighting on terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan. 

Sunday, 19 January 2020 10:15

NATO Drone Raid Kills Taliban Insurgents

Monday, January 20,2020
Nimroz (BNA) Five Taliban insurgents were killed by NATO drone raids in Nimroz last night.
In charge of Zafar army corps press office told BNA correspondent, the Taliban were targeted by NATO drone raid in Khashrodd district and four others were also injured.
Three other Taliban insurgents were also killed in the mentioned district three days ago.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, 19 January 2020 10:13

Taliban Shot Dead Six Members of a Family

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Maimana (BNA) Armed Taliban shot dead six members of a family in Faryab last night.
Shaheen 209 army corps spokesman told BNA, Taliban entered in a residential house in Khaneqa village, Andkhou district, Faryab, and shot dead six members of a family including men, women and children.
In the event, a woman and a child was injured, said the source.
The cause of the killing of the family members is still unclear, said Shaheen army corps spokesman.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) The construction work of two mosques begins in Nangahrar.
These mosques are being built by the government in Kozkunar and Dara-e-Noor districts.
These mosques will have a capacity of 700 prayers.
The facilities of these mosques are devoted to the teaching of Islamic sciences.
Mawlawi Mohammad Daud Mojahid head of Haj and Endowment of Nangahrar told BNA, the government will spend 28 million Afghanis to build the mosques.
These mosques will be offered to worshippers for up to a year.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Herat (BNA) At least 20 Taliban insurgents were killed and number of others have been injured in air and artillery strikes of Afghan Security Forces in Chesht Sharif and Kohzor districts, Herat.
Jelani Farhad spokesman for Herat governor told BNA, one of the raid took place in Kohzor district, in which Fazel Ahmad known Gorg a senior commander of Taliban with 15 colleagues was killed.
Likewise, second strikes occurred in Chasht Sharef District, five colleagues of Mullah Abdul Rahman Maldar were killed.
Heavy casualties sustained to Taliban in the strikes.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Bazarak (BNA) Five development projects were implemented and put into exploitation in Panjshir.
These projects were implemented by United Nations Development Program.
These projects are said to have been implemented under the Local Governance Program of Logo Office by Panjshir municipality in Rokha, Onaba and bazarak districts of provincial capital.
Engineer Abdul Wodood Qaty expert of Mayor of Panjshir said, the implementation plans include the construction of customer service center in the city, Public Library, concreting of rural roads, and installation of potters.
The project will be postponed for a month due to cold weather.
T. Yarzada

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Kabul (BNA) A spokesman for the Taliban has told a Pakistani newspaper that the militant group is hoping to reach an Afghan peace deal with U.S negotiators by the end of January.
The comments by Suhail Shaheen on January 18 to the Dawn newspaper come after negotiators from the Taliban and the United States met for two days of talks in Qatar.
Shaheen said in a post on Twitter on January 17 that the meetings on January 16 and 17 had been "useful." He said the discussions had focused on the signing of a joint agreement and a related ceremony without elaborating.
The U.S. team, led by Zalmay Khalilzad, has not spoken publicly about the negotiations. But Reuters quoted two sources as saying the Taliban was ready to agree to a 10-day truce with U.S. forces, as well as a reduction in violence with Afghan forces and talks with Afghan officials if a deal is reached.
Shaheen on January 18 said Taliban militants were ready to scale back militant attacks ahead of the anticipated signing of the deal with U.S. negotiators. "We have agreed to scale down military operations in days leading up to the signing of the peace agreement with the United States," Shaheen told Dawn.
He added that the Taliban was "optimistic" a deal with Washington could be signed before the end of the month and that the reduction in fighting across the country would also include the targeting of Afghan forces.
Analysts say that, if an agreement is clinched, it could revive hopes for a long-term solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Foreign leaders the other day demanded compensation from Iran over the shooting down of Ukrainian international airliner which caused the death of 176 on board.
In a joint statement, Afghanistan, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, and Britain issued a five-point plan for cooperation with Iran.
It called for “full and unhindered access” for foreign officials to and within Iran and “a thorough, independent and transparent international investigation”.
Iran should “assume full responsibility for the downing of flight PS752 and (recognize) its duties towards the families of the victims and other parties – including compensation”, the statement said, as quoted by Al Jazeera.
Earlier on Thursday during a meeting in London, Canada’s Foreign Minister, Francois-Phillippe Champagne promised to push Iran for answers about the tragedy. “Families want answers, the international community wants answers, the world is waiting for answers and we will not rest until we get them.” Champagne was speaking after talks with counterparts from countries whose nationals were among the people killed when the plane was hit.
However, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Abbas Mousavi has warned that countries whose citizens were killed in the incident should avoid turning the plane crash into a political issue, according to ISNA news agency.
“Politicization of this tragedy must be rejected. Focus on victims’ families,” Zarif tweeted on Friday after meeting with Francois-Philippe Champagne, his counterpart from Canada, many of whose dual citizens perished in the incident. The meeting took place at Ottawa’s request during a stopover in the Omani capital Muscat by Zarif, who was returning from a security conference in New Delhi.
Iran had earlier admitted that its military downed the plane.

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President’s special envoy and state minister for peace affairs, Abdul Salaam Rahimi during a meeting with EU ambassador to Kabul Pierre Mayaudon, said that ceasefire was Afghan government’s pre-condition for peace talks.
Hinting to importance of EU role in support of Afghan peace process, Minister Rahimi hoped for mutual cooperation in different spheres, the statement from the state-ministry for peace affairs said yesterday.
Minister Rahimi went on saying that his led ministry was working closely with different strata of society, in particular with women to help bring peace to the country.
The EU ambassador reiterated support for Afghan-led peace talks and stressed women’s crucial role in the process.
According to another report, the State Minister for Peace Affairs also met Chinese Ambassador to Kabul here in his office yesterday.
Both sides discussed Afghan government’s stance for peace talks with Minister Rahimi calling ceasefire as the pre-condition for beginning Afghan government-Taliban talks.
Chinese ambassador reiterated his country’s support of peace process with Afghanistan, the statement added.

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