23 September 2019

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Tuesday September 17, 2019

Kabul (BNA) As many as eleven armed oppositions have arrested by Afghan security forces in eastern Laghman, Kunar and Nooristan provinces.
Senior commander of Sylab army corps in the east of the country told BNA, the arrested terrorists were busy on organizing terrorists and destructive activities in various parts of Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces. 
The insurgents in their primary investigations confessed that they carried out dozens terrorist activities in Laghman, Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.
We have ordered by a circle located in Pakistan to launch terrorist and destructive activities in eastern Afghanistan, the militants said.

Tuesday September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the Council of Ministers (CM) meeting here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday. According to BNA report, speaking in the last session of the council of ministers, the Chief Executive asked minister and representatives of independent organs to do more to provide services to the people. He also thanked Afghan forces’ braveries and heroism in war on terror and providing security across the country and asked them to be impartial in upcoming presidential elections. “I call for your attention to serve the people in the last days of the National Unity Government, which is the main responsibility of you all, with full impartiality and non-interference in the elections,” Dr. Abdullah said.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Monday blamed the Taliban for destroying the power pylons in Baghlan province which cut off Uzbekistan’s imported electricity to Kabul. “Unfortunately, the electricity pylons have been destroyed, affecting eleven provinces and the Taliban’s actions do not indicate that they have a strong intention for peace,” he added. Electric power imported from Uzbekistan was drastically cut in 11 Afghan provinces, including Kabul, after “Anti-government armed militants destroyed two powers pylons in the northern province of Baghlan,” according to a statement by the power supply company Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat. The council of ministers meeting continued with reports of security organs and other activity reports of the ministries and independent organs with Dr. Abdullah emphasizing on accomplishment of given tasks on its due time.

Tuesday September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with leading body and members of the Chamber of Industries and Mines at the Presidential Palace late on Sunday night, BNA reported. The President congratulated the successful holding of election of board of directors and provincial board members for chamber of mines and industries, saying the chamber was the main partner of government. The President went on saying that all problems before industrialists would be addressed, adding Afghans won’t reach self-sufficiency without their active participation. The President also said that would classify Afghanistan into economic zones and the chamber of industries and mines would help economic growth.
The President also thanked the Afghan forces for retaking control of the Lapis mines in Badakhshan. Concluding his remarks, the President said Afghanistan producing 50 percent of steel and there has been eye-catching decrease in its import in the country. Meanwhile, acting minister of industry and commerce, Ajmal Ahmadi, briefed the session on election of the board of directors of chamber of mines and industries, saying 21 new members of board of directors and 78 provincial board members were selected. Hinting to importance of industry sector, the acting minister said the main reason behind selection of the board of directors and provincial board members were to ease economic growth in the country. Thanking President’s attention towards industry and commerce in the country, head of the chamber of industries and mines Sherbaz Kaminzada welcomed the reformation programs of the ministry of industry and commerce. He also enumerated a number of industrialists’ problems, including lack of land for Khost industrial park and electricity shortages in Kandahar, Nangarhar and Paktia industrial parks.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:48

Group of Taliban Fighters Joined Peace Process

Tuesday September 17, 2019
FAIZABAD CITY (BNA) A group of 23 fighters of Taliban put down their hand weapons and joined peace process in northeastern Badakhshan province.
According to BNA local correspondent report, the Taliban members have joined peace process in Yamgan district of Badakhshan province.
Sultan Mohammad commander of the rebels shows his regret said after that I am trying to support Afghan security forces and joint reconstruction of the country.
Recently, presence of Taliban fighters have increased in various parts of Badakhshan province and within the last week about 100 members of the group have joined peace process.

Tuesday September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Sardar Mohammad shadow district governor of Taliban for Kalakan district, Kabul province was arrested by Afghan security forces yesterday.
National Directorate Security (NDS) press office by releasing a statement issued that, Sardar Mohammad known as Mullah Sardar so-called district governor of Taliban for Kalakan district was arrested by NDS personnel in relevant areas of 8th PD Kabul city.
Shir Padeshah, Malik and Hasebullah three colleagues of Sardar Mohammad were arrested by NDS personnel as well.
The arrested persons were involved in dozens terrorist and destructive activities, rocket attack on Bagram airport and people harassment, the source added.
Taliban group said nothing about the event so far.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Public utility projects are a   national capital and a part of public ownership, damaging these projects is hostility to people and national capital.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes, some days ago the lines of importing electricity from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have been cut off  by  damaging five pillars of electricity on high ways of Baghlan- Kunduz and Baghlan – Samangan. In this way including Kabul 9 southern and south eastern provinces are suffering from shortage of electricity or have no any electricity.
The destruction of electricity pillars has taken place in a time; US president has dispelled peace negotiation with Taliban and the Afghan government due increasing violence has suspended its elections programs and its peace endeavors.
Pursuing these measures, Taliban have increased violence and once again using old technics that are destruction of public utility projects and destruction of electric pillars on north high way is a part of those measures and efforts.
Many believe, if Taliban have cut off the electric lines for the residents of Kabul and nine other provinces in revenge of US president’s stance, Afghan people have never been engaged in negotiations between Taliban and Americans.  In those negotiations America was generally talking about the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and its interests in general. In such a situation who do Taliban revenge from the Afghans?
Violence has been imposed on Afghan people on various fields. Taliban have not only increased terrorist attacks and invasions, they some days ago took 8 journalists hostage and also, insisted on cutting off communication lines in Balkh and some other provinces, the media that preached against violence and killing of people were the targets of their military operations and finally banned Polio vaccinations in Urozgan, Kandahar, Helmand.
The assassination of Hashmatullah Bahaderi  an employment of ministry of state, cutting the throat of Abdul Samad the head of human rights regional office in Ghor province are the examples of terrorist activities of Taliban groups.
The people warn Taliban if they carry out such brutal and barbaric actions against suffering Afghan people and destruction of their homeland, one day will be punished severely.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:42

Armed Oppositions Killed in Kandahar Strikes

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Nine armed oppositions were killed in a clash by security troops in Kandahar province last night.
The conflict occurred in Maiwand District while security forces attacked on Taliban.
The Taliban were targeted while organizing a series of terrorist attacks.
Another report says, a series of blasts were prevented in Kandahar province this morning.
Police of Kandahar discovered and neutralized six mines from parts of the province and prevented from deadly events on civilians.
So far, no individuals or group has committed the responsibility of the mine planting, but local sources blamed Taliban.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:40

Blast Prevented in East of the Country

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Asadabad (BNA) A series of blasts was prevented in east of the country.
Security officials discovered and confiscated 26 bombs and mines from crowded ways of Kunar, Nooristan, Laghman and Nangarhar provinces.
ANA top commander in east of the country told BNA, the mines were discovered and defused with collaboration of people by security troops.
Security officials blamed Taliban for the failed mine plantings.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 06:39

Reconstructed Roads Inaugurated in Kandahar

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Two reconstructed roads inaugurated after asphalting in Kandahar, BNA reported.
These roads are located in the center of Kandahar with the total length of one thousand five hundred meter and width of ten meters, according to the agency.  In the inauguration ceremony, Kandahar Governor Hayatullah Hayat said, he was trying with support of aid organization to asphalt tens of unconstructed roads in the province.
More than ten million and seven hundred thousand Afghanis have been spent in asphalting the roads, funded by the Citizen’s Charter Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, BNA added.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi, met with a number of influential figures of Mes-e-Aynak historical site here in her office yesterday, BNA reported.
Representing others, some of the Mes-e-Aynak influential figures briefed the acting minister on their situations, asking the ministry to increase their salary and help improve security of the historical site.  They also reiterated their support to archeologists of M3s-e-Aynak site, the agency added.
Hinting to importance of people’s cooperation in preservation of historical sites, Minister Safi assured them of ministry’s cooperation and addressing of their problems.
The meeting also attended by director of Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan, representative of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and commander of the protection unit of Mes-e-Aynak historical site, according to the agency.
The archaeological excavations began in Mes-e-Aynak historical sites ten years ago and some around 7 thousand of historical relics have been discovered by the archeologists so far.  Employment opportunities have been provided to four hundred local workers.

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