17 November 2019

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Thursday, Oct 3, 019
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture, the meeting of High Art Council was held and it was stressed that scientific seminar to analyze art situation in the past 100 years should be launched.
In the meeting, deputy of the council Timor Shah Hakmiyar delivered report of the council’s one year activities and works, stressing that the council was making effort to organize its programs to address problems facing the council.
Members of the council delivered their visions and suggestions for improvement of the council’s affairs and better coordination in relevant programs.
In the meeting, a committee was created to work on holding a scientific seminar in connection with analyzing art situation in the past 100 years in Afghanistan and launching an art festival and report of the committee’s work will be delivered in the net meeting of the council.


Thursday, October 03, 2019
Ghazni (BNA) Sixteen Taliban terrorist group were killed in air strikes conducted by Afghan Security Forces in Ghazni province.
Police spokesman of Ghazni told BNA, the Taliban were targeted in Ander and Aband District.
Six other insurgents were also injured in the strikes.
According to report, three motorbikes a vehicle and numerous of military equipment were also destroyed in the strikes.
Another report says, ten Taliban militants were killed in two air raids of security forces in Logar and Ghazni provinces.
Thunder 203 army corps official told BNA, the insurgents were killed in air raids of security troops in Qarabagh District of Ghazni and Nerkh District, Logar province.
Strongholds of Taliban were also destroyed in the mentioned regions by the troops in the operations, he added.
T. Yarzada

Thursday, 03 October 2019 07:19

Work on Congregational Mosque Began in Ghazni

Thursday, October 03, 2019
Pul-e-Alam (BNA)  The work on congregational mosque begun in Ghazni province yesterday.
According to BNA correspondent, at the inauguration of the mosque, governor of Parwan Fazluddin Ayar said, the mosque is built in two floors and substantially funded by government.
He said that the mosque is among the 350 mosques that the president had pledged to build.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, 03 October 2019 07:19

School Construction Work Kick Off in Parwan

Thursday, October 03, 2019
Charikar (BNA) The construction work of a high school building kick off in Parwan province yesterday.
According to BNA, the school has been constructed in 3,200 square meters of land by UNHCR institute at the cost of over $180,000 in Demaskaen region, Bagram District, Parwan province within a year.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, 03 October 2019 07:19

Armed Oppositions Killed in Helmand Operation

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Three armed oppositions were killed in joint clearing operation conducted by security troops in Nahersaraj District, Helmand province.
Interior ministry press office told BNA, the security and defense troops conducting clearing operations in Nahersaraj District, killed three armed terrorists.
Heavy and light weapons of the terrorists were seized by security forces and 20 mines have been discovered and confiscated in the operation.
T. Yarzada

Thursday, 03 October 2019 07:18

Taliban Killed, Wounded in Farah Clashes

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Farah (BNA)  As a result of clashes between Taliban and security forces in Poshtkoh District, Farah province, four Taliban insurgents were killed and three others were injured.
Mohibullah Mohib police spokesman of Farah told BNA, the clashes started while Taliban wanted to attack on police checkpoints.
In the clashes, four insurgents were killed and three others have been injured, numerous of weapons of the insurgents were destroyed, he added.
Another report says, two tanks of insurgents were destroyed in NATO air raid in Balabalok District, Farah province.
These military tanks had already been taken over by the Taliban.
T. Yarzada

Friday September 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) With her life at stake, journalist Najwa Alimi challenges Afghanistan’s traditional view of women and men. In a country where women are seldom allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied, she can be seen on television as a reporter on the Afghan TV channel Zan TV. Nominated by the Swedish section of Reporters Without Borders, Najwa Alimi is awarded the Per Anger Prize for her fight for freedom of expression and women's rights. The Per Anger Prize is the Swedish government's international prize for human rights and democracy, awarded by the Living History Forum.
I want to demonstrate that women can work in an industry considered taboo for them. I realized that journalism was the quickest way if I wanted to reach women all around Afghanistan, and that it could serve as a platform to fight for women’s rights, says Najwa Alimi. Afghanistan is one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists, but also for women in general. Najwa Alimi is 25 years old, and she currently works as a reporter for the Afghan TV channel Zan TV, the only channel in the country that employs only female reporters and editors. She has made a name for herself as a fearless reporter, raising topics preferably avoided by other journalists, including social vulnerability, homelessness, drug addiction, and women's rights. – As a journalist, Najwa Alimi has been shot at and threatened. To keep fighting for women's rights to be seen and heard takes great courage. Najwa Alimi gives hope to a new generation of Afghan girls and boys, says Ingrid Lomfors, Director of the Living History Forum and chairman of the Per Anger Prize jury. The conditions for women in Afghanistan are slowly improving. But progress is slow, and many women are subjected to both violence and discrimination. More and more women enter the workforce, but harassment and the lack of education still present major obstacles for many of them. Last year, 14 journalists were killed, more than in any other country in the world, and so far this year four journalists have been killed. As female journalists grow in numbers, taking up more space, the threat against them increases. – Receiving the Per Anger Prize makes me even more convinced that I'm on the right track, that I should keep doing what I'm doing, and work even harder, says Najwa Alimi.
Najwa Alimi was nominated for the Per Anger Prize by RSF Sweden, the Swedish section of Reporters Without Borders. In 2017 Reporters Without Borders opened the first center for protection of women journalists in Afghanistan, Committee for the Protection of Afghan Women Journalists (CPAWJ) who gives support to women media workers in Afghanistan.
– This prize comes at the right time. In the ongoing peace negotiations the importance of the protection of journalists and women´s rights can´t be underestimated as the key for a sustainable and long lasting result that will benefit all of Afghanistan. There is a need for more journalists like Najwa Alimi putting a spotlight on the often brutal and extreme violations of press freedom and women´s rights, says Erik Halkjaer, President of RSF Sweden. Najwa Alimi will be presented with the Per Anger Prize on 17 October at a ceremony held at the grand theatre Göta Lejon in Stockholm. The prize will be presented by the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, Amanda Lind. The prize winner will be available for interviews in Stockholm on 14–16 October.
The Per Anger Prize is the Swedish government’s international prize for human rights and democracy. The prize was established in 2004 to draw attention to diplomat Per Anger's great work during the Second World War. The Living History Forum has been commissioned by the government to award the prize each year.
Nine international organizations participated in the nomination work for the Per Anger Prize: Afrikagrupperna, Amnesty International, Civil Rights Defenders, Diakonia, ICJ Sweden (Swedish Section of the International Commission of Jurists), Kvinna till kvinna, RSF Sweden (Swedish section of Reporters without Borders), the Church of Sweden, and Swedish PEN.


Friday September 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The Brisbane Heat has confirmed that Mujeeb Ur Rahman, the Afghanistan spinner, would be returning to the franchise for the 2019-20 edition of the Big Bash League (BBL). The 18-year-old tweaker was one of their star performers last season, having picked up 12 wickets at a league leading economy of 6.04. The team has also roped in chinaman Zahir Khan Pakteen.
Zahir was a part of Afghanistan’s historic victory over Bangladesh in Chattogram and is currently plying his trade for the Jamaica Tallawahs in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Prior to that, Zahir played for Lancashire in the T20 Blast and was also picked in the 2018 auction for the Indian Premier League (IPL), though he missed out on the latter due to injury.
Going back to Mujeeb, the Young Turk sounded ecstatic by the Heat’s decision to show faith in him. Last time around, the Heat couldn’t qualify for the semis after finishing fifth on the points table. Mujeeb is confident that next time around, the team will try and go further.
“I had so much fun playing at Brisbane Heat in my first year that I really wanted to return when the opportunity came. They are great guys and I hope we can push for the finals this season,” Mujeeb was quoted as saying in Brisbane Heat’s official website.
Zahir also expressed his delight for joining the Heat and getting to play alongside his ‘good friend’ Mujeeb. “This is a very exciting thing for me, especially to be joining the team where my good friend Mujeeb played last year. He told me great things about Brisbane Heat, so I am looking forward to this challenge so much,” Zahir said.
It is a real joy to see players like Mujeeb and Zahir grow, says Lehmann
Darren Lehmann, the head coach of the Brisbane Heat, was over the moon after Mujeeb and Zahir got into the team’s scheme of things. Lehmann, also a former Australian head coach, hailed Afghan cricket as the best thing to have happened to cricket in recent years.
“I think the arrival of Afghanistan in international cricket has been one of the best things to happen to the game in recent years, and it is a real joy to see players like Mujeeb and Zahir grow in stature for their country and show their skills around the world,” Lehmann stated.
Apart from Zahir and Mujeeb, other Afghan cricketers like Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Qais Ahmad have also honed their skills in the BBL. Lehman reckons that playing in the BBL has helped immensely in the development of the Afghan players.
“It’s great that the BBL has played a role in helping with that development with the likes of Mujeeb and now Zahir, joining Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Qais Ahmad in getting starts here,” Lehmann, the former Australian cricketer, added.


Friday September 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Pakistani PM Imran Khan said on Wednesday that he would urge US President Donald Trump next week to revive Afghanistan peace talks with the Taliban militant group, Reuters reports. Trump abruptly canceled secret talks with the Taliban that were planned for September 8.
“It will be a big tragedy if these talks don’t make headway,” Khan said at a ceremony at Pakistan’s Torkham border crossing with Afghanistan. Khan will meet Trump in New York on Monday, and will emphasize that there had been “destruction and chaos in Afghanistan for the last 40 years.”
“We will put our best [effort] that these talks are resumed again,” the PM said, adding that his next role would have been to convince the Taliban to open talks with the Afghan government. Khan is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly while in New York.
The PM also said there was “no chance of talks” with India about its clampdown on the disputed territory of Kashmir until it lifted a curfew for people there.

Friday September 20, 2019 Kabul (BNA) Guaranteeing press freedom is essential for a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan, two press freedom organizations – Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Federation of Associations and Media in Afghanistan ¬– said at a press conference in Kabul today. In a joint statement, the two organizations urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to resume peace talks, and called on civil society, politicians and, in particular, candidates for the 28 September presidential election to back their campaign, which is entitled: “There will be no just and lasting peace without guarantees for press freedom.” The two organizations believe that peace and peaceful coexistence will not be possible in Afghanistan without the entire society’s participation, and that this needs guarantees for a free and independent press. They therefore call on participants in the Afghan peace talks to: • Do their utmost to ensure protection for press freedom and journalists, respecting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s constitution and laws, and the international standards enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. • Strengthen all the fundamental laws, decrees and institutions that, for the past 18 years, have guaranteed press freedom, the protection of journalists and, in particular, the rights of women journalists. • Protect and reinforce the measures that the government of national union and the coordinating committee for the safety of journalists and media have taken to defend the freedom to inform. Reinforce the work of the sub-committees that have been created to monitor and respond to threats and abuses against journalists and media, and the work of the General Directorate for Analysing and Combatting Crime. • Respect the rights of women journalists to work freely. RSF and the Federation of Associations and Media in Afghanistan ¬also call on the Taliban to explicitly undertake to respect international humanitarian law’s basic treaties, starting with the Geneva Conventions. An undertaking to this effect would be a guarantee for the safety of journalists. Media personnel have paid a heavy price in Afghanistan since 2001. At least 100 media workers, including 16 foreign journalists, have been killed in connection with the provision of news and information, More than 40 media outlets have been attacked and destroyed during the same period, while hundreds of threats against journalists and media outlets have been reported. Afghanistan is ranked 121st out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Rsf Ansari

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