22 January 2017

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The International Day of Students was marked in a ceremony attended by some government officials, house members, Afghanistan’s youth leading body and a number of some universities’ students, BNA reported Tuesday.
Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat congratulated the International Day of Student and encouraged them to work hard to help the country step up towards development.
He said the future of the country would be led by the youth and that they should work hard to get skilled in different fields of educations.
Meanwhile, head of Afghanistan Youth Union, Mohammad Khan Daneshju spoke at the ceremony saying November 17 coincided with the international youth day is marked worldwide and in Afghanistan in order to admire the students, the day is being celebrated each year.
He complained about what has been done insufficient by the government with the youth in the country, asking the government for providing appropriate field of education and employment for the youth, said the statement adding the Afghan students have not even accessed to primary facilities in the country.
Finance Minister, Eklil Hakimi also lauded the high position of the students and said the government had prioritized them to be provided with education, higher education as well as with proper work ground inside and outside the country. Some students spoke at the ceremony and asked the government for providing the university graduates with employments.
To conclude with, the minister of finance was awarded with letter of appreciation by the head of the Afghanistan Youth Union.

Monday November 14, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Numerous U.S.-funded schools in Afghanistan are poorly attended and structurally unsound, and some lack basic necessities such as clean water and electricity, according to a watchdog report. The report, written by John Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, addresses observations from 25 schools in the province of Herat. The schools were either built or rehabilitated using taxpayers' funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Through September, the United States has disbursed $868 million for education programs in Afghanistan. The schools are operated by the Ministry of Higher Education. Investigators at schools in Herat—Afghanistan's third-largest city—found absenteeism for students and teachers.
While officials reported an average enrollment of 2,639 students at each of the schools in the Herat province, only 561 students on average were found at each school, or 23 percent of the reported numbers, according to the report. Many of the inspected schools, which are operated by the Ministry of Higher Education, lacked basic necessities such as clean water and electricity, while others had structural deficiencies that interrupted the process of education, Sopko wrote. Missing or broken doors and windows were also common. USAID, in a written response to NBC News, claimed the site visits weren't enough to substantiate the claims from the SIGAR report. Sopko fears corruption and security issues could undermine the positive impacts the United States has had in Afghanistan, especially as the Taliban regains influence in the country.

Monday, November 14, 2016
Kabul (BNA) The work project of the Islamic University has been kicked off in eastern province of Nangahar, after several years of suspension, as the corner stone was laid down by the minister of higher education, Bakhter News Agency reported.
Work on the university, which is one of the world three biggest academic center had been said to be completed within 15 years, said minister of higher education, Farida Momand. She said the project would cover up to 1000 acres of land to be constructed in a joint wide area between three districts – Bathi Kot, Kot and Rudat, where the compound walls had been started to be built on Sunday, the agency quoted.
“Up to $200 million had been said to be spent in the project, with all the world academic standards from the development budget of the ministry of higher education,” said the minister.
Malaysian experts have been negotiated in this field and the teaching affairs are expected to be carried out in cooperation with the world valid academic entities, according to the minister. Construction of the largest Islamic university is a great achievements for the government, particularly the academic society and the people of Afghanistan, the agency quoted her as saying.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Kabul (BNA) The school building of Rukha District of Panjshir district inaugurated yesterday.
Atiqullah Karim education chief of Panjshir told BNA, the building included 4 classrooms, an administrative room and storage.
So far in the school around 600 students have been training daily.
The schools building of Gar-e-Zenger constructed in essential form, in one floor by National Solidarity Program NSP whiten the three months.

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