24 March 2017

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Sunday November 20, 2016

Kabul (BNA) In our war-ravaged country the hopes of our students who despite of countless problems, succeeded to pass over high peaks and backbreaking process of university entrance examination( UEE) but at the end of their education at university, they are again confused and undertrained under heavy pressure of dreams. Because they have slight hope to achieve their main objectives i.e employment in a position as a reward of their long years of educations. While we have just celebrated International  Students Day, thousands graduates at BA, MA and even PhD levels from domestic and foreign universities who have achieved it with hard work, efforts hardships and sufferings, but despite of all, they are still vagabonding behind the doors of government departments. When such post-graduation vagabondage increase, their concerns and problems instead to increase their hopefulness and pleasure they become disappointed and regret for all their education and forget students’ day.
But in other countries, the education days of universities and colleges is accompanied with heavy pleasure and joy. The students celebrate this day with increasing hopes and wishes. Because each student can be confident upon their enrollment to university or college for their expected occupation according to their branch of education. Because in developed and progressive countries, the members of society attach high importance for time and every moment. One minute or one hour of their time is not spent uselessly or in uncertainty. Particularly graduates of universities and colleges never allow their valuable time to be wasted in vain. They are employed according to their field of education and there is no obstacle ahead of them. Alas! Such idea and thoughts would have influence into the brains of our leaders and rulers to celebrate students’ day with offering new hopes and encouragement and increase assurance and confidence of students with paving the way for employment of our graduates who are no doubt the actual future builders of this war-shattered country. But unfortunately, after graduation from universities, our poor students don’t achieve their dreams and desires. For example if we have a glance at current system of employment of university graduates and an extremely high summit ahead of their access to an occupation, passing over this high peak is absolutely difficult and even impossible. The first condition for employment of the newly graduate applicant is few years of experience while he has just graduated from a university and clearly lacks any previous work experience.  So it’s upon in-charges of administrative reforms and civil services to seriously focus on this issue. 
Daud Nejrabi

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by second vice president Sarwar Danesh, the session of national literacy committee was held yesterday.
In the session, second vice president asserted that literacy was basis of development in all sectors; therefore, the ministry of education and partner organs had heavy responsibility for expansion of literacy and rooting out illiteracy in the country, expressing hope that expanding process of the literacy program in the country was going on with necessary precision and it was responsibility which has been put on the shoulder of government of Afghanistan.
Afterwards, minister of education briefed related to responsibilities of the ministry and previous decisions made by the committee in connection with expansion of literacy in the country. He considered implementation of the national program as one of legal responsibilities of the respective ministry and responsible organs, adding that implementation of the program would pave the way for development and expansion in various sections in the country and the ministry of education was determined in implementation of the program.
Meanwhile, in the session an official of UNESCO to Afghanistan spoke related to responsibility and commitment of government in connection with continued expansion including quality learning as a goal until 2030, adding that one of Afghanistan government’s responsibilities towards this commitment was to counter illiteracy and maintain quality learning facilities in the country.
Second vice president by praising UNESCO for its cooperation in expansion of learning and counter illiteracy in Afghanistan stressed that addressing the commitment in this regard needed analysis of current situation in the country.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) marked the 10th anniversary of granting scholarships to Afghan students during a ceremony attended by Afghanistan Minister of Higher Education Farida Mohmand, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Finance and Administrative for Ministry of Information and Culture Zardasht Shams, Afghanistan Ambassador to India Dr. Shida Mohammad Abdali, Indian State Minister for External Affairs, the Indian Deputy Minister of External Affairs, ICCR chairman, foreign Ambassadors and diplomats to New Delhi and a large number of Afghan students.
Addressing the ceremony, Minister of Higher Education praised India’s support of Afghanistan in different fields, adding Salma dam, new parliament complex, reconstruction of Storay palace in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and recently declaring of one billion USD for Afghanistan are among India’s biggest assistance to Afghanistan in the last one decade. Hinting to common cultural and historic relations between the two countries, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Finance and Administrative for the Ministry of Information & Culture asked for further strengthening of the relations between the people of the two countries.
At the ceremony, the Indian State Minister for External Affairs and the ICCR chairman promised to provide further facilities to Afghan students so that to overcome the current challenges ahead of higher education in Afghanistan.
ICCR chairman added that they were working on a central database in which all information and biographies of Afghan students would be recorded until they graduated, saying that Afghanistan embassy and Ministry of Higher Education would have access to the database.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The International Day of Students was marked in a ceremony attended by some government officials, house members, Afghanistan’s youth leading body and a number of some universities’ students, BNA reported Tuesday.
Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat congratulated the International Day of Student and encouraged them to work hard to help the country step up towards development.
He said the future of the country would be led by the youth and that they should work hard to get skilled in different fields of educations.
Meanwhile, head of Afghanistan Youth Union, Mohammad Khan Daneshju spoke at the ceremony saying November 17 coincided with the international youth day is marked worldwide and in Afghanistan in order to admire the students, the day is being celebrated each year.
He complained about what has been done insufficient by the government with the youth in the country, asking the government for providing appropriate field of education and employment for the youth, said the statement adding the Afghan students have not even accessed to primary facilities in the country.
Finance Minister, Eklil Hakimi also lauded the high position of the students and said the government had prioritized them to be provided with education, higher education as well as with proper work ground inside and outside the country. Some students spoke at the ceremony and asked the government for providing the university graduates with employments.
To conclude with, the minister of finance was awarded with letter of appreciation by the head of the Afghanistan Youth Union.

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