25 April 2018

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Friday October 27, 2017

Kabul (BNA) New school building was inaugurated in Lal Sarjangal district of western Ghor province.
Eng. Mafozullah Fakori head of rural rehabilitation and development department of Ghor said BNA local correspondent, the school building has been constructed with a sum of 30 million Afghanis funded by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Talkhak village, Lal Sarjangal district of the province.
The school building has 12 classroom, laboratory room, library hall, computer class and other education necessities, Fakori added.
Already, the students of the school have been studied in open atmosphere and under the tents, Fakori concluded.

Monday October 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A new girls’ school building after construction was inaugurated in Ghor province.
Akbar Rustami spokesman of ministry of rural rehabilitation and development told BNA reporter, the school building has 12 classrooms, laboratory, library and conference hall.
The building of the school has been constructed at a sum of 27 million Afghanis funded by ministry of rural rehabilitation and development, Rustami added.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Presided over by President Ashraf Ghani, a session was held to improve education quality, the presidential palace said in a statement.
Attended by a number of civil society activists, the participants shared their views on improving education’s quality, people cooperation in the respect, reforms and transparency in recruitment processes, importance of education technology and establishing professional schools in the country, according to the statement.
Thanking the participants for sharing their views, the president said to implement the mentioned issues, there were opportunity, capacity and practical will and the views should be changed into effective programs, the statement added.
Pointing at position and importance of civil organizations, the president said in cooperation with civil society, the government would find the vacuums and problems faced by education sector and seek the ways for their solutions, the statement continued.
The president said the human forces high council has been established and the civil society members can share their constructive views in regard with improving education sector in its next sessions, the statement concluded.

Thursday October 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Teacher, this builder of society, burns but illuminates society. But unfortunately in Afghan society, this strata has been facing countless problems. They ask the Afghan government that doesn’t celebrate the teacher’s day alone but tackle their problems practically.
In their interviews with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on their potential problems, a number of teachers explained them as the following:
The head of MoE Publication and Public Relations Department Muhammad Kabir Haqmal talking on teachers’ day and teachers’ living conditions said, the MoE celebrate teachers’ day every year in glorious ceremonies due to certain reasons. For example Allah has told our Great Prophet (PBUH) that I send you to learn human being good humor.
Answering a question that in 1394 the president in his speech on teacher’s day had said that a piece of land will be distributed to all teachers, Haqmal said, we have about 295000 teachers throughout Afghanistan and for 15000 teachers plots of land have been distributed.
Touching the imaginary schools, Haqmal said there are no such schools in Afghanistan and no one managed to prove it.
“One behalf of the MoE once again I congratulate this suspicious day to our teachers and thanked than that have sincerely been educations our children”, he concluded.
Marina a teacher of Noor Jehan private high school talking on teachers’ problems, said no doubt education is the backbone of each society but unfortunately teachers are slightly focused in our country. In private schools, relations play more role than regulation. In case of a slight violation, teachers are fired.
She added, another problem in private schools is late payments of teachers. We expect the MoE to exert control on these private schools to pay their teachers’ salaries on due time regularly.
The headmaster of Ayesha Durani Shukria Razayee said, 5th of Oct, the teachers day is every year celebrated in Afghanistan in crowded ceremonies and teachers are appreciated. Instead of those letters of appreciation, the government should focus the teachers’ salaries and accommodation and improve their living conditions, offer them peace of mind to make more attempts in educating of country’s offsprings.
Maria Ahmadi a teacher of Ayesha Durani high school said, I am pleased to have the opportunity to greet 5th of October teachers’ day to the world particularly the Afghan teachers through the dignified The Kabul Times daily, the first English language newspaper in Afghanistan.
Replying a question on celebration of teachers’ day by the Ministry of Education and gifting teachers, she went on to say, on this occasion, certain gifts have been prepared and distributed to prominent teachers including letters of appreciations.
Masouda Qarizada

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