07 July 2020

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Taliqan (BNA) A high school building was inaugurated in Takhar province today.
BNA correspondent reported, the school was built on 100 square meter of land at a cost of eight and half million Afghanis with the financial support of Swedish committee.
The school has eight classrooms, three administrative rooms, and other educational facilities, and it has a capacity of 800 students at one time.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday November 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Education held a consultative meeting on competency-based curriculum framework with participation of the second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, acting minister of education Dr. Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi and 300 participants from the educational areas, a statement from the ministry said yesterday.
Addressing the gathering here at the Government Media and Information Center, second VP called the consultative meeting of competency-based curriculum framework a turning point in positive development of education systems in the country.
Praising ministry’s reformation plans and achievement in areas of education for 9 million students (38 percent girls) and providing essential services in 18 thousand of education centers, VP Danesh emphasized on improvement of education system in the country.
At the meeting, the Minister of Education, Dr. Mirwais Balkhi, considered the education curriculum a priority and one of the most important indicators of education system. He said the curriculum was belonging to the people and therefore the ministry was seeking people’s views and support through holding such consultative meetings.
Meanwhile deputy minister on development of curriculum and education of teachers, Marjan Mateen, said eight different technical meetings were held with domestic and foreign agencies, five meetings in the center and provinces with teachers, students and parents as well as 30 other consultative meetings with religious scholars, aiming to help improve the status of education curriculum in the country.
Deputy minister of higher education, Ahmad Siar Mahjoor, also assured of his ministry’s support to the curriculum.
The Ministry of Education officials saying that would share the outcomes of the consultative meeting with national and international experts and would continue such meetings for improvement of the curriculum in the country.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Taliqan (BNA) The construction work of a high school building kick off in Bangi Qala District, Takhar province.
Education head of Takhar told BNA, the school will be constructed in the area of 700 square meter of land from budget of urban and land at the cost of more than 32million Afghanis.
Residents thanked the local authorities for their efforts in implementing the project and promised they would not hesitate to maintain the school building.
T. Yarzada

Friday November 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Educational Center for Training Afghan citizens of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education hosted the first meeting of the Working Commission on development of cross-border trade between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
Chairperson of the Commission from the Uzbek side – Khokim of Surkhandarya region Tura Bobolov, Chairman of the Commission on the Afghan side – Governor of Balkh province Ishaq Rahguzar emphasized that cooperation between the two neighboring countries is growing in recent years. It was noted that the activity of the Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Termez contributes to further development of relations between the border regions of the two countries.
Members of the Commission discussed the possibilities of solving problems on border and trade issues, forwarded relevant proposals and recommendations. The parties agreed to hold a regular meeting of the Commission in Mazari Sharif of Afghanistan in the second half of the next month.

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