18 November 2018

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) “I would like to call upon my nation to discharge their religious duty for donating land to schools, as they did for construction of 160,000 Masjids in Afghanistan,” President Ghani
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke to a number of teachers and students from different provinces of the country through a video conference here yesterday, a presidential statement said.
Meanwhile representing the teachers and students of Jawzjan and Nangarhar provinces, two people briefed the president on lack of school buildings and that president assured them of addressing their problems, the statement added.
Afterward the president attended a ceremony in Amani high school and rang the bell to start the new school year of 1397. The president also visited an exhibition of students’ innovations and praised their works.
Addressing the event to mark the start of the 1397 school year, the president said 6,000 school buildings will be built within the next two years, adding $200 million USD has been allocated for this plan.
According to president, quality of education was very low and 50 percent of schools in Afghanistan were without buildings, 3.5 million children were deprived of education and at least 1,000 schools have remained closed across the country.
“The practical steps for reformation in education sector to be taken by me, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah and Ustad Danesh,” the president said, adding recruitments would not take place sans open competition and the existed corruption in the process to be removed.
“I have approved 8000 vacant posts which the recruitment took place through the Civil Services and Reforms Commission and Ministry of Education with increasing participation of women.
I will approve another 18000 vacant posts in the ongoing year,” the president noted.
The president went on saying that has approved another 3000 contract-based posts to encourage women in education sector, where according to him 2500 teachers were employed and the number of posts to increase by 6000 in the ongoing year. Instructing the Ministry of education, local organs, land authority and governors to provide land for those schools lacking buildings, the president said the ministry of education could receive 1330 acres of land through people’s support across the country in the past. “I would like to thank and praise my nation for their unique works for education in the country.”
“I would like to call upon my nation to discharge their religious duty for donating land to schools, as they did for construction of 160,000 Masjids in Afghanistan,” the president added.
The president said books were being published to 30 percent of students previously, adding the percentage has now been increased to hundred percent and a transparent distribution mechanism has also been established for it. “For the first time, books were published for Madrassas and Dar-ul-Uloom which will be handed over to our religious scholars,” the president said. Directing relevant government institutions to overcome the problems faced by education and schools across the country, the president vowed to improve women’s role in the Education Ministry’s leadership.
“I have instructed the Ministry of Education to establish initiative fund for talented youth. Government has already distributed medals to praise the works of students, teachers and education supports and the process would be going on,” the president added.
Concluding his remarks, the president asked teachers to take active part in election and peace processes and raise awareness among the people.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) To reduce illiteracy rate, 11 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were signed at the presence of second vice president Sarwar Danesh, between deputy ministry for literacy and eleven ministries as well as high government administrations, BNA reported on Saturday.
The ceremony held at Gulkhana Palace and attended by second vice president Sarwar Danesh, ministers of education, higher education, health and acting minister of commerce and industries, deputy minister of education for literacy and some other deputy ministers, according to the agency.
Expressing glad over efforts made by ministry of education particularly the deputy ministry on literacy for implementation of national mobilization proposal to reduce illiteracy rate, second VP Danesh said the deputy ministry for literacy has been witnessed visible achievements on reducing illiteracy rate in current year.
Second vice president Danesh hoped besides signing agreements with government administrations and private sector, the executive mechanisms of these agreements to be properly applied by deputy ministry for literacy, BNA added.
Dr. Ibrahim Shinwari, acting minister of education said his ministry would make further efforts to implement these agreements.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Neeli City (BNA) A group of 6 armed oppositions by understanding true put down their hand weapons and joined peace process in Daikundi province yesterday.
Ali Akbar Natiqi spokesman of Daikundi governor told BNA correspondent, the insurgents are residents of Nawa Mesh and Kajran districts of Daikundi province, which were involved on anti-government activities in relevant areas of Kajran district of Daikundi and Gyzab district of Urozgan province. 
The armed rebels have been joined peace process with their hand weapons, Natiqi added.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In cooperation with ministry of social affairs, future plan service organization and other entities, work and higher education national exhibition was inaugurated in Kabul Sreena Hotel on Monday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
In this exhibition, 57 companies and higher education institutes would provide the ground for higher education opportunities with discount and it would be open for three days, according to the agency.
During inauguration ceremony, Laluddin Aryoubi, deputy minister of social affairs said that the campaign could pave the way for job opportunities, a move would reduce unemployment rate in the society, BNA added.
According to him, the enthusiasts can speak with companies from near, give their applications to them and talk with higher education institutes’ in-charges for continuation of their higher education.
Deputy to chambers of commerce and industries, Khan Jan Alokozai said the government has not paid serious heed on private sector, as their problems should be solved. He added private sector would not improve unless the government pays attention in this regard.

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