29 June 2017

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Jalalabad (BNA) For Hundreds school students’ donated stationary aids and tents in Kot district of Nangarhar province.
The aids distributed by Sayed Rahman Governor District of Kot of Nangarhar province for students and officials of eliminatory schools.
Recently most parts of Kot district have been cleared from existing of armed rebels.

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Teacher Day celebrates in Afghanistan while the teachers in this country suffering serious problems required being settles, but unfortunately, they have not assisted as it expected.
BNA analyst of cultural issues commenting on the issue writes October 5 marked in Afghanistan as a Teacher Day. During this day, holding meetings and conferences the spiritual status of teacher cherished. If we critically look at educational situation of the country, there are many mentionable things. The teachers are suffering from poor economic condition, insecurity, poverty and other social problems threaten their psychological safety. Today, there are about 108000 teachers has the responsibility of teaching of more than 9 million  students, but the working environment, social, economic conditions where they live are not  favorite enough. The teachers in rural and remote areas of the country are still threatening by armed oppositions, as, during the last years, we were witness of deadly and devastating attacks on teachers, students, schools, and educational facilities in different parts of the country.
The closure of schools’ doors to the teachers and students deprived thousands of students from attending schools and hundreds of teachers were not able to carry their duties. In cities, terrorist and armed attacks seriously threaten the life of both student and teachers. It is not, only the security situation that causes the harassment of educational personnel in our country, but in the meantime; the teachers in our country are suffering from economic problems, lack of housing, little income, lack of standard teaching facilities and other grave problems. The relevant authorities of the country have not put in practice their commitments made regarding to distribution of residential houses and increasing the salaries of teachers. The teachers who are suffering above problem certainly would not be capable of carrying their duties properly.
October 5th or Teacher Day would be an opportunity for the relevant authorities of the country to tell what have done for teachers base on their commitments and if they not put in practice the commitments already made what is the reason? October 5th should not marked as a stereotype day, the day should introduced to the people as it required and in same time the responsibility of people should be determined and renewed regarding to  education. In the meantime, the teachers and the students ask the armed oppositions not to politicize the education situation in the country and not target the education personnel and desist from killing of teachers, harassing of students, and damaging schools and to respect the right of education that the almighty God granted and the great prophet of Islam honored. The responsibility of teachers is very heavy; therefore, it is to the members of the community to spare no any assistance to the education personnel in carrying out their momentous tasks.

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Teachers and instructors are indeed the builders of future society who sustain plenty of hardships in bringing up of today and future saplings and sincerely offer their moral and material knowledge in an atmosphere of friendship for education of our children. They are making honest efforts for better growth of our saplings talents. Afghanistan is the cradle of bringing up of the biggest scholars and scientists who managed to introduce our national and cultural identity to the world.  They explain our history and prides to future generations. If we ask who is a teacher, a teacher is the one who plays direct role in mankind’s spiritual education, even better than parents. Parents are instructors of small and restricted family environment but teachers lead the big environment, the society. In his message on teachers day occasion, MoE Assadullah Hanif Bakhi said, progress and development of all societies particularly our developing society Afghanistan depends upon education and qualified instructors and teachers who should bear great responsibilities of foundation of a prosperous future.
Only teachers can bring up good, patriotic and honest students and as a result healthy society. Teachers train doctors, engineers, judges, writes, poets, artists and heroes and present to society. If believe that the Afghan knowledge loving, brave and Mujahid nation using all available technological achievements, can lead our society to the peaks of development and progress and build a developed society.
On the occasion of this auspicious day, I wish all the best to our dear teachers particularly Ulema, tribal elders, traders and investors and ask them to support MoE. The principle of Ayesha Durani girls high school Shabnam Mahmoodi said it is a pleasure of mine to congratulate the teacher’s day through your lovely media to all beloved teachers particularly teachers of our own school and leading body of the MoE. The teachers’ day is not only celebrated in our school but throughout the country. She added, we plan to appreciate our 30 elite and best teachers. Answering a question that what is your message on this occasion, she added, we wish a reliable, everlasting peace in our beloved homeland to celebrate peacefully all occasions.
Massoud Qarizada

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Oct 5th coincides with the World Teachers’ Day, a day that has been nominated in this name with the initiative of the UNESCO to attract global public attention to teacher’s role, position and importance in social system. The UNESCO has acknowledged certain commitments on this occasion and organizes specific programs for celebration of this day across the world. The UNESCO has called the goal behind nomination of 5th of Oct as the teacher’s day celebration of teacher’s basic role in qualitative improvement at all levels of education. In a UNESCO report under the title of “Education for all” it has been said that still in some parts of the country, Afghanistan is facing shortage of professional female teachers. Under the new political system of the country, while the doors of thousands schools have been opened throughout the country and multi-million teachers and students have entered education environment, but in reality, the education system of the country particularly the teachers are still facing serious, basic challenges and obstacles. Teachers in our country are among the most hardworking social groups with the least payments. The education system lacks professional teachers.
Large number of teachers lack sufficient professional knowledge. Shortage of professional educational capacity caused decrease of education quality as current corruption in state system is one of the biggest challenges. Existence of imaginary schools and teachers is another greater challenge. The ex-authorities of the MoE were involved in extensive corruption who had submitted unrealistic reports on the number of these schools and teachers. SIGAR has also confirmed these wrong reports and the authorities of the MoE said that investigations have been started and are going on, on this issue and the results were expected to be leaked to media and public. It was also said that in some volatile and insecure areas teachers and students cannot attend schools and share their salaries with administrative sector of education departments and receive half of their real payment. On the other hand due to low salaries most teachers have to resort to second jobs while in neighboring countries, teachers’ lead good life and don’t need to seek second occupation. Some teachers with high quality and education are employed by NGOs with reasonable salaries and they have no time to improve quality of education. The ex-president had promised to distribute pieces of land to teachers to build houses but this issue has remained confusing.
Lailuma Noori

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