23 February 2019

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Wednesday March 14, 2018

Neeli City (BNA) A group of 6 armed oppositions by understanding true put down their hand weapons and joined peace process in Daikundi province yesterday.
Ali Akbar Natiqi spokesman of Daikundi governor told BNA correspondent, the insurgents are residents of Nawa Mesh and Kajran districts of Daikundi province, which were involved on anti-government activities in relevant areas of Kajran district of Daikundi and Gyzab district of Urozgan province. 
The armed rebels have been joined peace process with their hand weapons, Natiqi added.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In cooperation with ministry of social affairs, future plan service organization and other entities, work and higher education national exhibition was inaugurated in Kabul Sreena Hotel on Monday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
In this exhibition, 57 companies and higher education institutes would provide the ground for higher education opportunities with discount and it would be open for three days, according to the agency.
During inauguration ceremony, Laluddin Aryoubi, deputy minister of social affairs said that the campaign could pave the way for job opportunities, a move would reduce unemployment rate in the society, BNA added.
According to him, the enthusiasts can speak with companies from near, give their applications to them and talk with higher education institutes’ in-charges for continuation of their higher education.
Deputy to chambers of commerce and industries, Khan Jan Alokozai said the government has not paid serious heed on private sector, as their problems should be solved. He added private sector would not improve unless the government pays attention in this regard.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Education (MoE) on Monday formally handed over the management of Afghan-Turk schools to the Turkish government, defying calls by parents and students to keep the schools under Afghan control.
“Based on the MoU signed between the Ministry of Education and Turkey, the management of Afghan-Turk Schools has been handed over from Cag Educational Foundation to the Turkish Ministry of Education, the MoE said in a statement yesterday, adding the transition of leadership of the schools was aimed to further promote the quality and quantity of the schools which will be regulated by the education ministries of the two countries.
According to the MoE, the Turkish government has committed to outline a ten-year plan based on which Turkey will increase the number of schools and will focus on the quality of education and equip them with more facilities.
In the first phase, Turkey will spend $5 million USD to bring about systematic changes in these schools and this amount will be increased to $20 million USD in the coming years, said the MoE.
“With the transition, there will be no change in the curricula of the school and more learning programs will be undertaken for students. Entry exams will be conducted across Afghanistan and there will be a 20 percent reduction in fees. Free education will be considered to children of martyrs of the security institutions,” said minister of education Mohammad Ibrahim Shinwari.
“Based on the agreement, the number of schools will be increased to 28 and ten new technical and vocational schools will be built. The number of students at these schools will be increased to 18,000 in ten years,” added Shinwari.
Meanwhile, Turkish Education Minister Ýsmet Yýlmaz has said that his country will continue its cooperation with the Afghan education sector and that Turkey will strongly abide by the provision of the agreement signed between the countries on the transition of the Afghan-Turk schools.
On Monday, parents of the Afghan-Turk school association called on the Afghan government to keep the schools and students out of politics.
“We maintain the right to raise our voice against the illegal decision made by the government, I again call on the president and the government leadership not to oppress our children,” said Mohammad Yusuf Pashtun, head of Afghan-Turk parents’ association.
Turkey claims that these schools are run by Turkish cleric Muhammed FethullahGülen who is currently in exile in the United States. Turkey blamed Gülen for orchestrating the failed military takeover in 2016. However, former officials from the Afghan-Turk schools have said the schools had nothing to do with politics and they only provide education to Afghan children.

Wednesday February 14, 2018

Shaberghan City (BNA) With a sum of 190,000 USD construction works of four new school buildings have been completed and put into exploitation in northern Jawzjan province. 
Nasir Yusufi in-charge of education projects in ACTED office told BNA local correspondent, the new buildings has 22 classrooms and other necessary facilities, which implemented by ACTED office in Pump Khana, Turkistan, Charpikal and Qochen villages of Shaberghan city the provincial capital of the province.
By construction of the school buildings about 1600 students (girl & boy) found classrooms, Yusufi added.
We are pleasure that our school buildings inaugurated, but lack of drinking water concern us, we want from local officials to solve this problem, some students expressed.

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