22 February 2020

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Saturday, July 13, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Releasing a message on the occasion of announcement of Kankur (university entrance) exams, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that equal provision of educational services throughout the country was government top priority and pledged that students who failed to make it to the state-run  universities in Kankor exams would be provided with work and educational opportunities.
The president expressed the view as his message after the results of the Kankor exams were unveiled.  The president asked the students to get maximum advantage of the opportunities for their higher education, a statement from Presidential Palace said.
The president in his message also thanked ministry of higher education and exams administration for their efforts in transparent holding of the entrance exams and promised that government would work with private sector to explore employment opportunities for those failed in the exam.
The results of Kankoir exam was announced two days back.  According to the Ministry of Higher Education 180,000 students registered for the exam and 170,000, including 70,000 girls managed to appear in the exam.

Tuesday July 9, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met acting minister of higher education, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai and heard his ministry’s report of activities and future plans, BNA reported. Thanking ministry’s report, President Ghani ordered necessary instructions in line with improvement of the higher education situation as well as building the capacities of academic institutions in the country.

Sunday July 7, 2019
FAIZABAD CITY (BNA) 35 girl school students have poisoned in Amam Jafar Sadeq girl school in Darayem district of northern Badakhshan province yesterday.
Dr. Ahmad Bashir Samim head of provincial council of Badakhshan told BNA local correspondent, among the poisoned students, nine of them have been shifted to health clinic in center of Darayem district and their health conditions are not satisfactory.
Doctors in the health clinic said that until now the reason of the incident is not clear, but health and security organs started searching regarding the event.

Sunday July 7, 2019

KABUL (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during his visit of southern Zabul Province, met with a number of University lecturers, youth and representatives of the civil society and heard their demands and problems, a statement from the presidential press office said yesterday. Mohammad Rasul Baryal, Dr. Esmatullah, Rohullah Rashidi, Nazifa Jalali, Wazhma Tokhi and Zahra Tokhi representing lecturers, teachers, youth, civil society and Lower House of the Parliament spoke on the occasion and asked President Ghani to pay attention to the province, in particular to capacity building, economic self-sufficiency, establishment of agricultural faculty, construction of library, improving education sector and reopening of closed schools, construction of township for teachers, evaluation of prisoners’ cases, development of universities and paving the way for investments, the statement added.
Thanking the speakers, the president emphasized that changes to take place in Zabul local organs and a delegation of the administrative reform and civil services commission to be dispatched to the province to recruit qualified people for the vacant posts. The president went on saying that sufficient budget allocated for Zabul University and through which the building for administrative offices and library to be built as well as the university to be renamed after Mirwais Nikah, the statement quoted the president as saying.

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