24 March 2017

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Saturday, April 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Higher education facility has been provided for 7000 youth by signing MoUs between deputy ministry of youth affairs for information and culture and a number of higher education institutes.
After signing the agreements with higher education institutes, deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadaat said the office of deputy ministry of youth affairs was trying to provide learning and higher education facilities to Afghan youth and by signing the contracts chances have been prepared to those youth failed in entry tests or not passed in their favorite faculties.
He added that memorandums of understanding were signed with officials of private universities and higher education institutes as Gawhar Shad, Peshgam, Nayestan, Mashal, Jahan, Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Afghan Pamir, Spinghar and Sabir and Hakim Sanayee institute of medical sciences, Milat and Raufi as well as higher education institute of Shaheen.

Wednesday April 6, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The issue of destiny-making of educated and knowledgeable youths and supporting from these elites is evaluating in a time that the national unity government implemented part of its commitments based on revision on entrance examination as the entrance gate of graduated youths from high schools to higher education institutions.
For the first time, 5000 graduates who were include of entrance examinations of 1394 solar year, after passing of this examination, they got chance of access to entering into government higher education institutions and 40000 other youths to government semi-higher education institutions. 50000 other graduates are nominated to private higher and semi-higher institutions. It is unknown they would be accepted or not. Despite this, it is an accepted measure adopted by national unity government. But, those youths are happy in the connection, while thousands youths with having the documents of BA, MA and even Ph.D. have no opportunity for employment in their respective fields of education within government institutions. They are vagabond and are living in bewildering, in a time that thousands ranks are waiting for employment in ministries.
It was better as an achievement of national unity government, with proclamation of the result of entrance examination the roadmaps of employment were to be proclaimed through the tribune that Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah delivered his speech in connection with absorption and success of great number of those who attended in entrance examination. According to the related in-charges of ministry of higher education, thanks from transparency observed in the process of entrance examination so this success achieved.  Certainly, if was a glad-tiding for those educated individuals that are deprived of work, these pleasures would became double folds. It should not be forgotten that the suffering of unemployment and vagabondage of few years after graduation from higher institutions would also be tasted by newly graduated of higher education institutions including government and private ones that they are now proud for.
But, if the ground be prepared according to their will, it would be better. Otherwise, the destiny of those who would graduate within next few years would also knot with the destiny of today’s jobless graduates.
Anyway, the God Almighty is very merciful and as a result of efforts that would be made by the related in-charges of national unity government, the positive changes would occur in the process of employment and creation of job opportunity and the ground be prepared for unemployed individuals in the country till from one side, our youth not to leave their country compulsorily for overseas and sink in waters of European countries and on the other, they use their energy for re-building of their own ruined homeland beside their family members with dignity. Our people demand from leaders of national unity government to provide job opportunity for educated and graduated youths inside the country according to their professions, till with using possibilities available and cooperation of friendly countries, the ground be prepared for their employment inside the country and rescue them from pains and suffering they would face in their way to European destinations. But vice versa, if no attention be paid to them, no doubt, we should await for another tragedy such as sinking of our children, women and youths and elderly compatriots in alien countries’ waters. Thousands would live in unemployment and thousands other would join the ranks of armed opponents.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Transparency of Entering Examinations to Higher Education Considers a Good Opportunity for Confidence Building of this Process.
BNA commentator commenting on the issue writes without doubt transparency of the previous years of entering examinations in to universities and high education institutes constantly were under questions and the issue seriously harmed the confidence of people especially the students to this important issue. Therefore, for obtaining the confidence of people to the process once again, requires complete transparency in conducting the process.
Farida Mohmand the minister of higher education says they have succeeded in conducting transparent examinations and this would pave the way for building confidence but transparency is a thing that could be saw and judged by everybody.
In any way, if the ministry of higher education has succeeded in launching a transparent examination without the interference of influence of irresponsible people this indicates two important issues. First:  If there be mass intention for transparency and preventing the interference of irresponsible people one can manage great and important of issues with high transparency.
The holding of the current year examinations is clear evidence that if there were a will for reforms, can bring reforms.
Preventing the interferences of irresponsible people certainly was a factor for transparency of the examinations. This is clear evidence that if the irresponsible people prevented from interfering in any great, small, or national issues, the process would be transparent.
The transparency of holding entering examinations in higher education institutes, gives a message that with good management and using the advices of relevant experts can overcome all problems. 

Tuesday April 5, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Ultimately, after long waiting, the result of entrance-examinations are released by the authorities of the Ministry of Higher Educations (MoHE) and according to results, over 58000 applicants got access to institutes of higher education.
MoHE Minister Dr. Farida Mohmand said, “Approximately, 200000 applicants had participated in 1394 entrance examinations out of which over 58000 managed to enroll in institutes of higher education at BA level.” Dr. Mohmand added, 60450 applicants enrolled by the institutes of semi-higher educations and 40000 received discounts and scholarships and enrolled by private institutes of higher education. This year, more number of girls applicants have been enrolled and the code of female participants of 1394 entrance examinations were separated according to prioritized fields that caused enrollment of more girls to institutes of higher educations. Farida Mohmand went on to say, “1394 entrance examinations were held transparently. This year, we managed to organize a transparent and standard examination adaptable with accepted criteria throughout Afghanistan and managed to insert serious and basic changes in method of examination taking. As a result, Feramorz from Herat with 340 scores as the first degree and Fawad Ahmad Farzan with 339 scores as the second degree were identified.
At the same time, CE Dr. Abdullah also expressed satisfaction over the results of 1394 entrance examinations and approved its transparency. He said, “All praise be with Allah that this time, examination was much more reliable and reputable than before. I am sure those who receive the results will be satisfied and those who are uncertain should not consider themselves failed. CE added those applicants who have failed, have another chance of education and they should not be disappointed. Expressing welcome on the release of result of entrance examination, a number of experts and lawmakers emphasized that the government is responsible to pave the education grounds for those applicants who failed. Female lawmaker Habiba Danish said, “Unfortunately this year also a number of applicants failed and the results are unpleasant for those who lack financial afford. If they join security organizations it would be better but it fears that they would not join insurgents.
Therefore, the government should seek practical solution to failed applicants to continue their education. Ekram Andishmand believes that youth are the growing force of each society and they should not be victimized but despite of commitments of responsible authorities, this issue is forgotten as a result the young generation remains unemployed or joins insurgents or addicts. At the same time a number of failed youth are concerned and said, “We expect the MoHE to reach a decision on us because lack of education and employment cause the youth to flee the country. Tareq Sherzad who has failed, said, “Unfortunately my dream didn’t come true despite of all my hard efforts. Before that my family had told me that if I failed in examination, I should leave the country due to unemployment. But once again I request the MoHE not to let the youth to flee their country.

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