22 January 2017

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Tuesday April 5, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Ultimately, after long waiting, the result of entrance-examinations are released by the authorities of the Ministry of Higher Educations (MoHE) and according to results, over 58000 applicants got access to institutes of higher education.
MoHE Minister Dr. Farida Mohmand said, “Approximately, 200000 applicants had participated in 1394 entrance examinations out of which over 58000 managed to enroll in institutes of higher education at BA level.” Dr. Mohmand added, 60450 applicants enrolled by the institutes of semi-higher educations and 40000 received discounts and scholarships and enrolled by private institutes of higher education. This year, more number of girls applicants have been enrolled and the code of female participants of 1394 entrance examinations were separated according to prioritized fields that caused enrollment of more girls to institutes of higher educations. Farida Mohmand went on to say, “1394 entrance examinations were held transparently. This year, we managed to organize a transparent and standard examination adaptable with accepted criteria throughout Afghanistan and managed to insert serious and basic changes in method of examination taking. As a result, Feramorz from Herat with 340 scores as the first degree and Fawad Ahmad Farzan with 339 scores as the second degree were identified.
At the same time, CE Dr. Abdullah also expressed satisfaction over the results of 1394 entrance examinations and approved its transparency. He said, “All praise be with Allah that this time, examination was much more reliable and reputable than before. I am sure those who receive the results will be satisfied and those who are uncertain should not consider themselves failed. CE added those applicants who have failed, have another chance of education and they should not be disappointed. Expressing welcome on the release of result of entrance examination, a number of experts and lawmakers emphasized that the government is responsible to pave the education grounds for those applicants who failed. Female lawmaker Habiba Danish said, “Unfortunately this year also a number of applicants failed and the results are unpleasant for those who lack financial afford. If they join security organizations it would be better but it fears that they would not join insurgents.
Therefore, the government should seek practical solution to failed applicants to continue their education. Ekram Andishmand believes that youth are the growing force of each society and they should not be victimized but despite of commitments of responsible authorities, this issue is forgotten as a result the young generation remains unemployed or joins insurgents or addicts. At the same time a number of failed youth are concerned and said, “We expect the MoHE to reach a decision on us because lack of education and employment cause the youth to flee the country. Tareq Sherzad who has failed, said, “Unfortunately my dream didn’t come true despite of all my hard efforts. Before that my family had told me that if I failed in examination, I should leave the country due to unemployment. But once again I request the MoHE not to let the youth to flee their country.

Monday April 4, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah called upon students to study hard and play their due role in taking the nation towards development and prosperity.
Addressing a ceremony after announcing the results of entrance exam or university entry test here yesterday, Dr. Abdullah, besides congratulating the students, their families and the whole nation, also thanked the ministry for higher education for successfully managing the entrance exam process. The chief executive also called upon the concerned authorities to enhance the quality of teaching and employ the graduated students based on their professions. Speaking on the occasion, minister for higher education, Dr. Farida Mohmand, described entrance exam as a national process and said that the process was completed in a fair manner free of meddling of any powerful figures across the country.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Based on agreement inked by Dr. Kamal Sadat, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Youth Affairs, and Mohammad Daud Babur Shinwari, head of private school union, here yesterday, 1,500 deprived children would be facilitated to get education in private schools, BNA reported.
In his address after inking the agreement, Dr. Sadat said that 1,000 children would get enrollment with 50 percent discount and the remaining 500 would be free of charge to get education in private schools.
However, he noted that the children of martyrs, disabled and poor families have been taken into account to benefit from the program.
In his remarks, Babur Shinwari said that more than 900 private schools are operational in 24 provinces of the country wherein some 5,000 students getting education either free of charge or with discount.
Students introduced by the youth affairs department of the ministry for information and culture can benefit from the package, Shinwari noted.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Governor district for Shahoda of Badakhshan province laid foundation stone of Shamsulhaq Shaheed high school.
Ahmad Naweed Frootan spokesman for Badakhshan governor told BNA, the building will be constructed in concert base by India during the next 6 months at the cost of 21953,000 Afghanis.
The building of the school will have 10 classrooms, administrative offices, toilets and other necessary equipment.
With the construction of the building, the education problems of students and teachers will be solved, also the school has around 633 students and 27 teachers in two times and already the students were studying outdoor.

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