15 October 2019

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Monday December 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The ministry of education said on Sunday that some 22 million texts books had been distributed among the students in 34 provinces of the country, after a 15 month textbooks delay beyond the Pakistan border was settled.
Around 20 million textbooks had earlier been distributed among the students across the country, with the arrival of the remaining 22 million others helped the officials of the ministry recommence distribution process in 34 provinces totally reaching to 42 million, Minister Farooq Wardak told reporters.
67 percent of the distributed textbooks were primary, 21 percent secondary and 13 percent included those of related to the high school, the source said.
$8 million of the up to $20 million the cost used in publishing the books had been sponsored by the U.S, the minister said adding some 13 million textbooks are expected to be published inside the country, with the Denmark government to provide the cost of less that 50 percent.
He asked the school students to pay serious attention on protection of their textbooks for the next three years, after which they would regularly enjoy newly published books.
The ministry had so far published about 148 textbooks over the last four years.

Sunday December 9, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Providing higher and professional education in one of the important aspects of development process in a country.
These aspects open the ways of opportunity for nation to move towards prosperity.
Achieving progress in various political, cultural, social and economic dimensions is broadly linked with higher and professional education.
We see that attaining development is not applicable without higher education and because of this, the world nations consider great preference to higher education and allocate huge part of their national budgets for its promotion.
Although there are some conditions, preconditions, issues and topics while making policies regarding higher education, but it is important to realize that only education leads nations to open the door of economic, social happiness, national pride and honor.
No doubt, while making policies we should consider that the base of a society is linked with the formation of upgraded educational institutions and it will assist the graduates to utilize their education reserves for settlement of people’s difficulties, safeguard of the country from disasters and reducing the level of unemployment.
It’s assured that after completing university the student in capable of getting a job in various departments and it makes them able to select their future directions.
It proves that education had put great significant on their life and it can be interpreted to their lives’, economic, social and cultural circumstances.
In the past Afghanistan had one of the best universities of the world providing the country with effective learning and research systems, even scholars and researchers from other parts of the globe were joining this institution to upgrade and promote their professions.
Unluckily, foreign interference caused huge destruction to our basis infrastructures and higher educational sectors.
Luckily, after collapse of Taliban regime new ways of opportunities opened for us and led us with new hope to renew everything and move the country forward towards higher education and achieve social, political and economic prosperity.
Today doors of universities and higher education institutions are opened to our youth and every year thousands of students find their way to these centers after passing the require entry test.
Despite these major achievements still there are some challenges on ore way.
Luck of sufficient capacities, absence of quality education and strong learning system have caused many issues and its major restriction on the way of the youth to be deprived of higher education or remain jobless despite having university degree.
We hope that the government would pay serious attention in this regard and the concerned organs will also take concrete and solid steps for paving the way and removing the obstacles existed before the higher education institution.

Sunday, December 09, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim First Vice president chaired the plenary meeting of the high council of higher education.  Addressing the meeting Marshal Fahim called the council as important for determining the educational fate of the students and the youth of the country.
He added that in the past one decade many higher education universities and institutions were established in the country and there is need to regulate their affairs for paving the way for the education of the youth. 
He hoped that bold steps are taken in this respect.  Prof. Dr. Obeidullah Obeid minister of higher education presented a detailed report of the higher education ministry and said that in the past eight months the ministry could considerably change the complexion of the higher education in the center and provinces and has arranged its priorities in as per the present conditions. 
The meeting adopted its agenda and discussed it. The issues taken up included the regulation for financial independence of the universities and higher education institutions and it was decided that this regulation should be referred to the justice ministry.
Another issues included the plan for attraction of the new students at the higher education institutions for 1392 and it was decided that the ministries of higher education and education announce the results of the graduates to the higher and semi-education institutions in 1392. 
The regulation for provision of government scholarships was also confirmed and the ministry of higher education was asked to accomplish its process.
Others issues were continuation of the Masters and PHD programs and payment of the salaries of the heads of the higher education and the pending payments of the contracting agencies and necessary decisions were adopted.

Thursday, December 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) education center for training of computer and internet was inaugurated in Be Be Fatoma girl’s high school in Kunar province.  BNA reported, this center equipped with 5 sets of computer and internet and other necessary facilities with cooperation of Roshan Communication Company.  In inaugural ceremony of this center which was held with participation of number of responsible of education dept and influential of Kunar province, the education head of that province during appreciation from cooperation of the mentioned company asked student  to try in keeping of these equipment .  T. Suraya-Yarzada