10 July 2020

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Qala-e-Naw (BNA) The construction work of a building for teacher training institute began in Badghis.
Sharafuddin Majidi spokesman of Badghis governor said BNA; the building will build in the area of half jirib of land and will be completed within one year.
According to the source, the building costs 50 million Afghanis and will be paid by anti-narcotic campaign ministry.
Laying the foundation stone, Badghis governor said, establishing teacher training institute is effective and important step toward education. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, May 4, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai strongly condemned poisoning of girl schools and called it an inhuman, anti-Islamic act and enmity with progress in Afghanistan.
Some students of Sultan Razia High located in Chehelsetoon on Kabul were poisoned while they were busy pursuing their studies.
In addition that the president called poisoning an anti-human contrary to Islam religion in his 15 days radio address emphasized on the importance of attaining knowledge and touched on the reopening of closed schools.
He urged the countrymen to reopen the closed schools in their localities with the unity and full understanding and support of religious ulama and tribal elders.
He ordered the ministry of education and local authorities to prepare teaching facilities for the schools to be reopened and send teachers for them.
He added that in order that the sons of this country are saved from education deprivation and to prevent others games over their destiny, from now on we should without fear take steps for reopening of the schools and this way save our children from educational deprivation.
Recalling the progress made in the past ten years in education sphere said that alongside the progress made in this sector, some schools have been closed in the south, south-west and some eastern parts of the country by the Taliban or in the name of them and this way thousands of students remained without receiving education and literacy.
He added that our children who are deprived of education will remain dependent on other throughout the life and most of the talents thus before blossoming are eliminated and the society cannot make use of them.
Addressing the countrymen the president added that do not let your children are deprived of religious education and remaining ignorant and miseries.
Support your schools, for preservation of schools are our responsibility and use of education is our rights.
The president stressed that in case we have the will for reopening of schools with the blessing of Allah no one have the ability to resist us, for we are supporter of right and we strive for promotion of knowledge as per Allah’s orders.

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai expressed condolence over the demise of late Kabul University professor Wasiullah Sayar. 
In his message the president lauded the services of late Sayar and described his death as a great loss.
The president also expressed sympathy with his family, friends, Kabul university personnel and people of Nangarhar over the sad demise of late professor Sayar and also wished great patience for the grieved family.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA): With inaugurations of nine schools in Kabul and Bamian the ground is prepared for over 14000 girl and boy students to promote their education.
After construction of four schools in remotest areas of Yakaolang district, Bamian province and five other schools in Kabul, they are officially inaugurated.
Head of education department of Bamian told media that at the total cost of $ one million, three schools constructed with the expansion of Japan and fourth one by an Italian lady, Ms. Marco with the expenditure of 120000.
Thanking from Japan and Italian lady Ms. Marco, the Bamian governor Ms. Habiba Surabi said that during recent six years, eight schools have been built by this Italian lady in Bamian.
In inaugural ceremony Ms. Marco said that our aim in building school in deprived areas is the access of Afghan children to education.
These four schools are built within one yare in the areas that each one distanced from other three hours by motor vehicles.
The head of education added that now, 350 schools are active in Bamian, but 132 schools have no building and additionally the need is felt for over 2000 class rooms.
At the same time, five schools building in New Khwaja Baghra are and 500- family of Khair Khana of Kabul city is inaugurated.
Education Minister Ghulam Farouq Wardak during inaugural ceremony of Khwaja Bughra high school said that as a whole this school has 120 class rooms, surrounding wall and bench and chair and other necessities and funded through Afs.50 million of the ministry’s development budget and contribution of Japan.
He added that the construction work of school completed within two years and provided a suitable ground for education of 12500 boy and girl students.
Minister of education said that during current year, his ministry had in its hand 102 infrastructural education projects in Kabul that with construction of them the ground is prepared for education of 50000 students.
The renovation and rehabilitation work is started as of ten years back by considerable contributions of international community, but the enemies of religion and education of Afghanistan don’t permit the Afghan children to go to school and learn education.
The people of Afghanistan hope their children to be educated and go to school and appreciate from international community specially those institutions which help Afghanistan in the growth of education.
This is in a time that previously too the friendly country, Japan rendered assistance to Afghanistan in promotion of its education.