22 April 2018

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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi deputy minister for publication of ministry of information and culture in his meeting with children of that council said that in a way that now we educate our children in reality we shape our country’s future. 
The council covers Kabul, Nangarhar, Herat, Bamyan and Ghour provinces. 
The children of the council in the meeting shared their problems in terms of shortage of table and chairs, potable water, recreational parks and imposition of hard work on children. 
The head of the Kabul education department also explained the ministry of education’s activities compared to the past ten years and said that we have a long way to standardize the education system. 
He assured that the education ministry tries its best to improve education. 
Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi mentioned in attention of the society towards the children adding that what we educate them today we will shape our future. 
He called focus on children the basic duty of the parents and in charges and the people of the country. 
A representative of the economy ministry also spoke. 
Fauzia Kufi deputy from Badakhshan at the House of People shed light on the responsibility of people’s representatives towards children. 
At the end, some gifts were presented to Mohammad Waheed Noori head of international culture relations of education ministry.

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Kabul (BNA) In a briefing with newsmen, minister of commerce and industries Dr. Anwarulhaq Ahadi expressing his dissatisfaction over private sector dealing in regard with fuel and gas said that his ministry purchased 10,000 tons liquid gas and offers through state stores in a suitable price to the Kabul citizens. 
Dr. Ahadi added that the number of gas state stores also be increased in the city. 
This is in a time that the Kabul citizens raised their complaints regarding the sky-rocketing of gas price in the city. 
In this briefing Ahadi added that the private sector feels us vulnerable if serious be treated, it would limit the offering of gas to the market. 
He stated that we increase that capacity of gas dealing and the number of state run stores. 
According to him, through government stores, one kg gas would be offered against afs. 55. 
This is in a time that now; this quantity of gas is sold against Afs, 70 or more than it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in his 15 day radio address asked the students of schools and universities of the country to use the winter vacation for following their education and upgrading their knowledge. 
Addressing the students he added that they should carry out their routine activities in an organized plan and envisages work, entertainment, sports and education during the winter vacations. 
He also asks them that by enrolling at the winter courses allocated for some subjects in the education ministry schools use as much as they can and try to improve their skills and learn foreign languages and computers so they can utilize the contemporary knowledge. 
He also asked the parents to organize a plan on the bias of which they engaged in education and entertainments and reiterated that if they keep away from pen and books they will face problem in the beginning of the new education year. 
The president emphasized that the children should be prevented from excess entertainment or they are placed in isolation. 
At this address he asked the graduated of the country to focus on their subjects in order to be able to easily enter into the higher educational institutions.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Jalalabad-Mehtarlam-Pul-i-Alam (BNA) The foundation stone of a school was laid in Nangarhar, while three newly constructed buildings for schools were inaugurated in Logar and work on a green belt launched in Laghman, officials said on Monday. 
Nangarhar Education Director Allah Dad Ismailzai said this news agency; the foundation stone of a building for the Charbagh Safa High School was laid in Surkhrod district. 
The Japanese funded project will be completed in a year at a cost of $37,000. 
Of 785 schools in Nangarhar, 350 have proper buildings, according to Mohammad Asif Shinwari, an official of the education department. 
In central Logar province, three newly-constructed buildings for schools were inaugurated. 
Education director Abdul Matin Jafar said the buildings in Pul-i-Alam, the provincial capital, cost $330,000, provided by the International Security Assistance Force ISAF. 
Elsewhere, construction work on a three-kilometer green belt was launched in the Sultan Ghazni Mena area of Mehtarlam, Laghman’s capital.