15 October 2019

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Education inaugurated the new building of Prof. Sayed Yusuf Elmi School and called lack of land as a problem for construction of schools’ building.
Farouq Wardak Minister of Education added that there exists the possibility for financing schools’ buildings however lack of land is the main problem for the ministry.
He added that this problem is serious in the center and provinces as there are no space for building schools.
According to Wardak many schools have no building in the country and asked the civil foundations to assist the ministry in this respect.
Wardak added that the ministry of education has some programs with the implementation of which the problem of non-availability of school will be removed in another two years.

Monday, September 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The minister for higher education Dr. Obaidullah Obaid laid the foundation stone of the supplementary building for the agriculture faculty of Kabul University yesterday.
In his remarks Dr. Obaid while emphasizing for breeding new cadres, said with the completion of new building the problems of the students of agriculture faculty would be solved.
The new building would constructed at a cost of 41 million Afghanis funded by the ministry for higher education and will be completed within one year.
According to another report, Dr. Obaid in meeting with the rectors of the 16 faculties of Kabul University yesterday called for renovation and beautification of the university, saying anyone demonstrates initiative would be appreciated.

Saturday, September 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Faroq Wardak Minister of Education inaugurated three schools in Kabul city today.
According to BNA report, in the inauguration ceremony of Bebe Shamso Primary Girls’ School, the First Part of Shah Shaheed School and Abdul Ghafor Ahmadi School a number of education officials and principles of the mentioned schools were participated.
The education minister while inaugurating the schools said, these schools constructed within one year with the financial assistance of Japan and Denmark countries, UNICEF and development budget of education ministry.
He added, the primary school of Bebe Shamso has 14 classrooms, 2 administrative offices and other equipments and the primary school of First Part of Shah Shaheed has 30 classrooms, 2 administrative offices and other necessities.
As well, the Abdul Ghafor Ahmadi School also has 30 classrooms and other needs.
He said, around 10,000 students (girl and boy) are studying in these schools.
The education minister promised to construct building for those schools that their students are studying under tents.
T. Rateb

Saturday, September 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The minister of higher education Dr. Obaidullah Obaid visited Turkey and discussed the problems of afghan students studying in Turkey with Turkish officials. 
The press office of the ministry for higher education said yesterday. 
According to officials with the press department, Dr. Obaid also held meeting with professor Dr. Goyan Ciotin Kaya and briefed him about the problems of Afghan students studying there and their absorb to medical and other necessary fields and Turkish  side promised to solve all problems of Afghan students there. 
According to another report, the minister for higher education also held meeting with Indian ambassador in Kabul yesterday and discussed the problems of the visa of those students who got scholarships to Indian universities. 
It has merit to mention that the government of India has cancelled the visa of some 30 students.
The Indian ambassador promised to solve the problems and facilitate the students to study in India.