24 March 2017

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Sunday March 27, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Speaking at the ceremony marking the opening of new education year, Kunduz governor assured students that the province wont collapse and the tragedy won’t be repeated.
“The Kunduz tragedy won’t be repeated. I would like to ask parents to send their children both the male and female ones to seek education”, Asadullah Amarkhel said, adding that Afghanistan’s future depends upon educated generation and therefor the parents without any differences should send their children to schools. According to provincial Directorate of Education, around 30.000 of students enrolled in New Year and over 497 schools are kept open in the province. The provincial council officials and the security personnel have pledged to try their best, so that to secure the schools for students.

Saturday March 26, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Actually, one leads to another. The first difference between the two (knowledge and education) is that education is a formal process, whereas knowledge is informal experience.
Education is attained through the formal institutions, such as, schools, colleges and universities, whereas knowledge is acquired from the real life experiences. Unfortunately, more than three decades of domestic wars had negatively affected the education system in Afghanistan. As, in 2002, an estimated 900,000 boys attended schools, while women and girls were almost completely excluded from the education opportunities.
In fact, knowledge, education and literacy are the factors which develop the country in economy and social aspects. Because, when the people are educated, they can play significant role in development of the society and other affairs of the country. Illiteracy is the enemy of humanity and uneducated people are like blind persons whom are wandering in vast deserts. But, vice versa, the literate people are able to work in all office affairs, they can also play imperative role in organizing, social, cultural and political affairs as well as enjoy special trust among the people in the society.
The educated people can differentiate between right and wrong, and use their knowledge as their guidance light. Therefore, the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) should review the plans and programs to develop education in the country. First, they should focus on the ministry of education, so all children of the country enjoy the literacy wealth.  Annually, more than 1,000,000 eligible children consist of girls and boys attend schools in the capital and other provinces of the country. But, what can improve the education and the level of students’ knowledge is to revise the educational programs of the ministry of education. It is needed that efforts are made in building schools, books’ on time printing, and recruiting professional teachers, particularly, in math and physic subjects in which bachelor and master teachers should be recruited. When the education ground is paved, implementable plans and effective strategies should not be forgotten. But, if the education process faces any problems and deficiencies, the knowledge level of the students will remain low, and they cannot be used in educational activities and other affairs in the country. Because, they won’t know how to teach the students and cannot effectively serve the country in social and economy areas. Therefore, much attention should be paid in this respect. As it is seen during the recent years, most of the schools don’t possess proper buildings, and tents, and the students are faced with many problems. Therefore, it is hoped that by beginning of the new academic year, attention to be paid in the mentioned fields, and the ministry of education take necessary measures and equips the schools with essential materials.
Baktash Shaibani

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Yesterday was the start of School New Year in the country and millions of students with hope of a good and prosperous future went to school and universities.
BNA analyst of educational issues commenting on the issue writes ringing the bell of school by President Ashraf Ghani, the slogan of (sound, diligent, and balanced education) school New Year started, and millions of students rushed toward schools, universities and other educational institutes.
Although there are great hopes among the students, but the situation of training and education in the country is not void of problems and difficulties. Insecurity in some provinces has caused the schools closures and a number of children have deprived from going school. In addition, there are many obstacles on the way of girls to attend school and have deprived them from this their natural right.  There are families due to heinous costumes and traditions ban their daughters going school. Meanwhile, low incomes and poverty have caused some children not attend school. The existence of corruptions in some educational departments is another problem that can dim the atmosphere of education in the country. Recruiting troops among youths has added to the problems.
Last year, the report on existence of imaginary schools and students indicated that corruption has rooted in educational organs. Criticisms on curriculum, printing of textbooks with mistakes are other problems that our education system suffers.
Lack of professional teachers is another problem in the process of training; the problem is very serious in remote rural areas even there clerics teach subjects like chemistry and physics.
The low salary of teachers cannot meet their daily requirements that badly influence the education system of the country.
Last year a number of teachers protested against their low salaries and other privileges. The commitments of relevant organs for increasing salaries, distribution of plots of land for building house, reduction of teaching hours and other demands of teacher did not realized due to financial problems.
Using schools and higher educational institutes for political purposes and rivalry had its problems. In the current year, the parliamentary elections to be hold, we hope the schools, teachers, and students not to be used as a means for obtaining poetical goals, because this affects badly the education process in the country.
Since a long time, the balanced education has introduced as a main objective but on the way of achieving the aim there were certain barriers that in general caused the low quality education in the country. 
For solving the above-mentioned problems and removing with barriers on the way of education, the people should not spare any effort for improvement of education and the authorities of the country should implement their commitments already in practice in that regard.  


Wednesday March 23, 2016

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, while inaugurating the new academic year in Amani High School, said, “Ringing the bell of education is the sound of tranquility, stability and dynamism, a statement from his office said on Monday.
Congratulating the New School Year, the president vowed to do more for development of education sector, as the statement quoting him said the lands for residential unites expected to be distributed among the school teachers have been laid at the remote un-appropriated areas, the statement said. “The government is working on the new plan to help the related officials provide lands at appropriated areas in both the capital and provinces of the country for the school teachers,” said the president vowing to bring basic changes in the education sector to help beef up the quality.
The statement quoting the president went on as saying that the women’s partnership should be paid serious attention in the education ministry’s leadership and that the number of education ministry’s directorates would be reduced by even more than the half. He said the ministry of education was not a target, but a means to help raise the education quality, the statement quoted adding the current curriculum was hindrance before the quality education of the students and that the scholars, civil society entities and other related sectors’ role were too important in this respect. He thanked the international partners for providing cooperation with the Afghan education and asked all the related organs to create single opinion and programs from the short-term policies for safety of the ministry of education. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani blamed a failed sources’ management to have been behind corruption by the 450 school building development councils and said the ministry sources’ management should be a symbol of accountability and transparency across the country. According to the statement, a commission had been set to return the education ministry’s usurped lands and that the ministry of telecommunication had been asked to provide the entire schools’ with optical fiber and pave the way for the students to use the modern technology’s facilities.
The president was quoted by the statement as saying raise in the education quality was not only the responsibility of the ministry of education, but also of other social organs, the schoolchildren parents and the government. This year, special focus would be made on the education and the related ministries should play their roles in this field duly, the statement concluded. According to another report, a number of Pul-e-Charkhi incurable prisoners have been sent to their families, under a decree form the president. Four of eight prisoners medically reported to have been in critical health condition (incurable) have been handed over to their households, under a transparent commission, with the remaining four would be taken to their families after completing the guarantee letters’ process.

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