24 October 2019

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A so city cannot embrace success unless its youth were educated in different field of social, culture economic etc, as education constitutes the infrastructure of the society and help it remain as a historical memento among the world.
Lauding the social position of the youths Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen last day told reporters that the youth’s membership in the society is too high and the future responsibility would be taken by them as they are the future makers of the country.
Touching on the peace process, the minister said peace talk are the only way to safeguard Afghanistan from the ongoing crisis, a process through which, the youths can mostly be the pioneers to help people get aware of democracy , human rights, good governing and restoring peace in the country.
Dr. Raheen didn’t reject hidden conspiracies to disband the national unity and sovereignty, but acclaimed the youths to be the only talented figure to stand against them and foil all their plots.
The enemies of Afghanistan would never stay incompetent and would make all their efforts to disturb security, torch school, poison the girl students and eliminate the text books in order to disappoint the students and eliminate the text books in order to disappoint the students and prevent the country to go towards a bright future.
The people of Afghanistan are aware of any enemies, secrete plots and conspiracies and would never be overwhelmed against them.
They would encourage their children further to go to school and get educated to provide the country with a bright future by their talented students.
During a national summon seminar on education reforms, President Hamid Karzai vowed to work on a united Afghanistan, which is the common house of the entire Afghans.
The president called the youth the main and significant precious wealth of the country and asked for providing them with the required education essentials.

Monday, June 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) BNA commentator writes:
In spite of the achievements during the last decade in education sector, the serious intention of afghan leadership to the growth of education and higher studies in the country, reflexes the wishes of the leadership in building a new system of training, the graduates of which by having scientific and professional knowledge, could serve the Afghan people on its best way.
Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in his meetings and negotiation with elders and leaders of tribes has strongly emphasized that they should send their children male of female to school in order to meet our problems and there should be no need to take our patients to neighboring countries for treatment and spend all we have there.
Once again, the president in inauguration of seminar titled “National call for reforming educational, studies and vocational trainings” to improve the condition of education and higher studies, presented three basic proposals to the participants of the seminar, they are included, for attracting talented students, the system of concord examination should be amended, the talented students to be attracted to the University without taking examination.
The field studies of students to be specialized from 9-to 12 grades. The lessons in medicine and engineering faculties should be taught in English or another popular language and more attention should be paid to some students abroad to continue their higher education there.
It will be fair and just to focus on each proposal and evaluate them impartially.
Amendment in concord examination and graduate students from number 1 to 5 to have the right to continue their studies at the universities without taking any examination.
This will make students to compete with each other on sound way and attempt to get high grades in this way improve their knowledge and competency.
Some countries in the region also use this method. Also, the experiments of the previous years indicate that some talented students even with the highest grades among all students, with making a small error in the examination have failed but by chance an ordinary student has succeeded to continue his or her studies in the university.
Determining the fields of study after the grade makes the students more professional and they will take examination prepared on their specific fields, so they have a better chance to pass the examination and if they recruited by relevant organs, after graduating from 12 grade, they will be more qualified and competent. If someone judges this impartially, he or she will approve this.
Teaching the subjects in English or other international languages in medicine and engineering faculties, was among the proposals to the president to the seminar. One can studies this issue from another point of view, the world is progressing rapidly in all aspects of life. Mankind has great achievement in medical and engineering sectors every day and introduces new formula and ways to meet the requirement of the humanity.
These achievements are the results of researches mostly publish in English or other languages. This indicates the importance of English as scientific language.
If the students of medicine and engineering faculties, know English and other international languages, they can use the works and researches conducted by internationally recognized scholars, via media which has changed the world to a small village, in this way they improve their professional and scientific understanding and serve the country in a best way.
Sending the students abroad for study, another proposal raised in the seminar by the president. Sending intelligent and talented students without considering their ethnic, political and languages affiliations to study abroad, which opens the doors of progress and growth of higher studies in the country, in this way it provides the ground for training cadres, who can play a great role in Afghanistan’s future.

Monday, June 25, 2012
Parwan (BNA) The Republic of Korea provided 7,000 desks and benches to students in Parwan yesterday, head of education department Zalami Shahid said. 
He also added that the items will be distributed among the poor schools, saying half of 200,000 students do not have benches and desks. 
With this contribution the shortage of benches and desks in Parwan schools will be removed, he added.

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai addressing the seminar of national appeal for reforms in the education order, professional education and job creation in Afghanistan said that attaining of education by the youth and creation of the grounds for their education are the greatest asset of the country. 
Initiated by the ministries of education and higher education at the Amani High School, president Karzai added that I have three proposals for the seminar. 
First, in order to attract all the talents of the country the entrance order should be improved, second, the talented students should enter into higher education without exams and the educational spheres of the students from grade 9 to 12 should be specified, secondly the medical and engineering lessons should take place in English language or in one of other important languages of the world and thirdly much attention should made in dispatching the students for higher education abroad. 
He added that the government has allocated USD 10 million for students to receive education abroad and this year it will be increased to USD 15 million. 
Addressing the Uelma, tribal elders, and scholars of the country and said that propagation towards attaining of knowledge and the educational measures of Afghanistan to reach it highest peak is your responsibility. 
President Karzai called torching of schools inside Afghanistan and either side of Durand Line and martyrdom of the ulema and teachers an open enmity with science and knowledge and added that the enemies of Afghanistan are afraid of progress and developed Afghanistan, as the educated Afghans cannot be exploited or used. 
He asked the lecturers and the teachers to transfer their talents to the present generation, adding that the best teacher is that to transfer his all knowledge to his student and his student became more knowledgeable than him and the best students is that to respect his teacher as his parents. 
Pointing to the poisoning of school students in the provinces of Bamyan, Kunduz, Khost and Mazari-e-Sharif and especially in Takhar he noted that those who are spraying poison are the enemies of the people of Afghanistan who do not want that Afghans become educated, if they are inside or outside the country, they are the enemies of progress, and economic development and honorable life of the Afghan. 
He encouraged the students to attain education and said that university is not the place for politics, and discrimination, but is the place for giving them the knowledge. 
He noted that those youth who are following these they neither serve themselves nor their families and the country and those who follow their lessons day and night and raise them as doctor, lawyer, attain computer skills and economist they will earn some bread for themselves and in the meantime they help progress of the country as well. 
He said that he is hopeful that in the three day seminar that scholars have gathered here with the aim of upgrading the education should advance their proposals so that our path towards reaching the main goal is shortened. 
Prof. Dr. Obaidullah Obeid Minister of Higher Education, Ghulam Farouq Wardak Minister of Education and Amena Afzali minister of martyrs, labor and disabled and social affairs also addressed the seminar and they discussed progress in the sphere of education in the country. 
They also touched on challenges in this area and presented their proposals in this respect.