18 November 2018

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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, on the advent of the International Day of Teachers, lauded teachers’ role in war on extremism and violence, which he described the main enemy of the society, a statement from his office said yesterday.
He said the world mark a special day to honor the high position of teachers, according to the statement.
“Despite challenges ahead, thousands of girls and boys are going to school, as education quality have improved in recent years in the country,” the CE said in the statement adding however a number of children were still out of schools.
He said the government of national unity would try its best to provide the required facilities for the country’s education system and added that the government leadership supported the country’s ministry of education’s wide and comprehensive education plan.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Kabul (BNA) October 5 the teacher’s day celebrates in Afghanistan while the teachers and the education personnel of the country as a general still suffering serious problems and earlier commitments for reducing the problems have not put in practice yet.
BNA educational affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes  October 5 is a day of teachers in Afghanistan but still there are tremendous problems and challenges on the way of teachers and education in the country this insecurity, poverty and social injustice still harass the minds and the thoughts of teachers and proctors.   
October 5 every year celebrates with chanting new slogans but nothing has reduced from the problems of teachers and education of the country.  The problem is this that the relevant authorities rely more on using ceremonial words and use the ceremony for their own popularity in community. While the teachers who aware and enlighten the community and while not only suffer from insecurities in the country but because he or she armed with knowledge is the direct target of terrorist who are armed with ignorance.  We have been the witnesses of deadly incidents against the teachers. Currently thousands of schools are closed for children and hundreds of thousands of children are deprived going school and armed opposition groups use the schools as their military base and strongholds and or the teachers, pay so called tax for from their small salaries for Taliban and IS which is a severe strike against the mind and economy of teachers.
Today everyone can openly see economic poverty in the house of every teacher, low salary, lack of residential house and poor economy have tired the mind and body of our teachers. In addition, social shortages, not observing and respecting laws in the classroom by the students are the problems which bring the spiritual values of teacher under question.
What have been mentioned above are a part of problems that the teachers are facing right now   insuring security, life threats against teachers and education personnel, or economic problem or social shortages are all problems their solutions depend on the government.  Just using pretexts and meaningless reasoning cannot solve any problem. Therefore, it is required for relevant authorities to use their commitments already made in practice.
Without doubt this year as previous years, the authorities of Education Ministry will talk about problems and will make new commitments and certainly as the past the commitment will never put in practice.
The fact is this that the current structural system of education has its own problems faced the teachers with professional problems, the authorities should focus on. Let’s, give a gift for the teachers, they are deserved this is to ensure their safety, remove their mental concerns, improve their family economy and end all social shortages. These would be the activities that can satisfy the teachers and the education staff.        
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Neli (BNA) 3000 books assisted by Australian Embassy to Daikundi education office yesterday.
Rahmatullah Seerat Daikundi education head told BNA, Afghan Children Publishing Agency with cooperation of financial assistance of Australian Embassy assisted 3000 volumes of books to education office of Daikundi.
He added, these books are distributed to first and fifth grade students of schools in that province.
Khawri responsible for Afghan Children’s Publications said, the content of these books is the childish stories and native legends of Afghanistan.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The reconstruction work of 21 school buildings has been started by ministry of education in central Logar province.
Shah Poor Arab spokesman of education department in Logar told BNA, the school buildings to be reconstructed with a sum of over 11 million Afs funded by development budget of the ministry in Baraki Barak, Mohammad Agha and Charkh districts of the province.
Abdul Wakil Kaliwal head of education department in Logar says, by reconstruction of the school buildings adequate places will be provided for 25,000 students (girl and boy) in the mentioned areas.

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