23 September 2018

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Saturday August 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The construction work of three schools have been completed in central Logar province.
Shah Poor Arab spokesperson of education department in Logar told BNA reporter, the schools located in Baraki Barak, Mohammad Agha districts and Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province.
The schools equipped with all essential accessories such chairs, tables and protection walls, which cost 12,000,000 AFG funded from budget of ministry of education.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Life for Afghan school graduate in militancy-hit Afghanistan has never been easy as they face a huge challenge to face a national university entrance-exam.
“I usually spent three to five minutes eating food to focus on my studying, even once I finished my meal within minutes,” Reza who could reach the top in the country’s hard-to-win university entrance-test said.
Working in a carpet waving industry in Dasht-e-Barchi, few kilometer west of the Kabul City downtown, after 14 years of fleeing harsh poverty in their main residence in central Bamyan province’s Panjab district, Reza 18 said he was sure that once he would appear as a skilled medical specialist to remedy the pains of his citizens.
“So, I decided to study hard to become a cancer surgeon in the future to cure my ailing citizens who spend huge amounts of money for treatment outside the country,” Reza said joyfully.
He said he had never believed to become the winner of the first score in the Kankor [a popular Afghan term for university entrance-exam], but considering his hard works and down-to-dusk studying, he hoped will get at least the eligible score for medicine in the public test.
“My scores in the tentative exams were very good, making me hopeful to win good score in the Kankor exams as well,” said Reza standing in front of his small house, where his parent have also come out for welcome.
According to Reza, one of his classmates informed him of winning the top score. “I was sleeping, when one of my friends and classmate harried to inform me about my success in the exam but I didn’t trust in him, for maybe he was joking.”
“I didn’t have internet, even no mobile phone to check if he was right, so I went to a nearby internet club to check. It was correct. I have succeeded to secure top position in the entry-exam,” said Reza adding he had secured 344.24 scores to win the first position among the toppers.
Among his high ambitions, Reza hoped to continue his higher education in one of the world’s most popular universities, like London Oxford University, but if failed would join an Indian or a Turkish University.
In a country with critical insecurity everywhere, Reza was not the one who only be welcomed by close relatives or the people of his own ethnicity, but was widely cheered up, welcomed and congratulated by the countrywide social media users in addition to the government leaders and authorities’ encouragement.
“I met with President Ashraf Ghani and CE Dr. Abdullah yesterday in their offices, where they congratulated and appreciated me for the victory,” said Reza who added earlier the ministry of higher education, minister of foreign have also commended him for the success.
Reza’s father Ewaz Mohammad who is a worker in the Kabul municipality’s sanitation department, was not the one to could properly support his seven-member family with a monthly salary of only 6000 afghani, but was encouraging his son to take supplementary courses beside his school subjects. “I was usually put some money from my father’s salary together with my own incomes of few thousand afghani from the selling of a small carpet after two months engagement in work, to pay for my course subjects,” said Reza who thanked his parent for sparing no effort for his encouragement. Reza’s father said he and his seven member family couldn’t resist economic problem in his native village in Bamyan province, so left for Kabul to seek work.
“Here in the capital Kabul, I, along with many of my colleagues had come to a square and waiting for work, but started work in the sanitation department of the Kabul municipality, each month earning 6,000 as stipend,” said Ewaz.
More than 147,000 of nearly 169,000 examinees from across the country have been reportedly announced successful in the 1395-1396 solar year’s entrance-exam. More than 55,000 students are expected to be absorbed in the private higher education institutions.
By F. Makhdoom

Friday August 4, 2017
Ghazni City (BNA) Construction work of four school buildings has started in central and three districts of southern Ghazni province yesterday.
The school buildings to be built in Ghazni city, Deh Yak, Zankhan and Nawar districts of the province.
According to BNA report, Abdul Karim Matin Governor of Ghazni, police chief, head of education and some members of provincial council of the province were present at the beginning construction of the school buildings.
We hope with opening each school, door of a jail would be closed, governor of Ghazni said.
The building of the schools to be constructed within the next two months at the sum of 16,000,000 Afg funded by Ministry of Education, Matin added.
Lack of classrooms is the main challenges in front of education department of Ghazni, but efforts underway to solve the problems in short and long time, Mohammad Abed Abed head of education department of the province said.

Wednesday August 2, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received and praised the university entry-test victorious contestant at the presidential palace, his office said Tuesday. In a meeting attended by the country’s First Lady, Abdul Latif Rushan the minister of higher educations and Hamidullah Farouqi the Kabul University rector, one of the front-liners, Mursal thanked the president for praising them and the ministry of higher educations for transparency of the entry-test process. “You are encouraging us to serve more the people and the country,” said Mursal who asked the government for transparent scholarship exams process.
Another successful entry-test student, Akhtar Mohammad thanked the president for accepting and praising them said that he believed, the country was going towards legalization. Congratulating them for their eye-catching success, President Ghani said reforms in the Kankor – entry-test process one of the government commitment. “So, we tried to change a corrupt process to a transparent one. But reforms all over the ministry and the entire government offices was a need.” Touching on the scholarship distribution process, the president said the process should be trustworthy and the problems in this field should be removed. Investing on the girls’ education was very important for legalization the society, said the president. To conclude with, the President and the First Lady awarded honorary letters of appreciation and an encouragement amount distributed by the minister of higher educations and Kabul University rector.