14 November 2018

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Asadabad (BNA) A modern educational institute was inaugurated on other day by an NGO to enroll hundreds of poor students for free education in Kunar.
The educational center named “Kunar Opportunity” has been built by the “Afghan Debt Foundation” to teach computer and English languages and other subjects to students from poor families in Asadabad.
The Afghan Debt was founded by Shaukat Zaman, grandson of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan, who is currently living in Europe.  Afghan Debt leader Hikmatullah told that the youth who wanted to get education but were unable to do so because of poverty, they would be provided free of cost modern education.
He said about 800 male and female youth would be educated year in the center.  The students would learn computer, English language, internet preparation for Kankor examination and website making.
Sayedullah, a resident of Asadabad, the provincial capital, has registered himself at the center.  It was his great wish in get modern education, but could not do so because of his economic problems.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Oct. 5th is the World Day of teacher that celebrated all over the globe.
Celebration from the day of teacher in fact is giving worthy to knowledge, science and awareness, appreciation from devoted human that named as teacher.
Teacher is a free human that opens the way of prosperity before society.
In present situation of the country, while the doors of thousands schools have reopened millions of students entered into the education centers, with all of these a number of eligible students are deprived from learning knowledge because of insecurity, poverty, sexuality issue and living in remotest areas.
On the other, some regions of Afghanistan are facing with lack of professional teachers and participation of girl students after 9th class is dissatisfactory.
Lack of standardized building for a number of schools of the country is the basic challenge faced by the system of education.
But, the reality is this that the education system of the country especially teachers are facing with basic challenges in promotion of education and culture-making for today and tomorrow generations of the country.
The main challenge is insecurity that is overshadowing all over environment and education system is facing with it seriously in some parts of the country.
Albeit, it should be said providing means of subsistence and lodging is another challenge annoys teachers.
In another word, they know how of maintaining means of subsistence for teachers is indicator of position, worthy and importance of teachers that the education system and government programs and plan focusing on it.
It is a fact that the teachers of the country are enjoying from the least facilities, services and necessary supports in their daily life and in education affairs. This depriving regards as unforgivable disloyalty against teachers with least expectation and salary they sustain further pains and trouble.
Decisively we can say that from the beginning till final process and being involved with students, this period is from the hardest, heavy responsibility only teachers accepted and promoted, this stems from their honesty and loyalty before the offspring of their society.
If in present situation, beside the abovementioned problems facing by teachers, we add the threat of Taliban even beheading by them and other enemies of knowledge, performance of such prophetic mission against meagre privilege, facility and support enumerated as a great oppression and unforgivable neglect.
So, making effort towards removal of shortages and maintaining requirements that the education system and segment of teachers is asking for, in addition of enumerating as the legal responsibility of our government officials, is regarding as performance of humane responsibility.
Once more, it is emphasizing that maintaining education necessary materials improvement of education atmosphere, promotion of level of knowledge of teachers, offering services and necessary supporting of teachers, paying sufficient salary and providing shelter for them etc, are the grounds that can draw the picture from the position and giving worthies by government and education system in the framework of legalization of it.
So, in all countries of the world, all efforts are made for employment of worthy, committed and dutiful teacher.
Despite this, commonly, in all world nations, further expenditures are rendered to education sector.
Because, the base and corner stone of a country is formed by the expenditure or the education system of it.
So, most investment taken place on education of youth and adolescents. Because, the today youth are the tomorrow builders of this country.
Likewise, learning knowledge is supposing to both man and woman and this should be followed from cradle till the coffin.
In such day that celebrated in the name of teacher, we should respect and commemorate the memories of those teachers who are not among us and devoted their lives in the path of educating of students and fought against ignorance.
They are as shining stars in the sky of science and knowledge forever.
Lailoma Noori

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Head of World Philosophy Mathematics Research Center, Prof, Mohammad Sediq Afghan has attended a program ‘Improvement of Scientific Joint Research’ held in Russia’s San Petersburg, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
According to the agency, Prof. Seddiq Afghan’s official visit to Russia aimed to focus on scientific work in philosophy mathematic area as a future seen knowledge in 21st century and improvement of scientific joint research.
In this program, Prof. Seddiq Afghan presented speeches and seminars in San Petersburg University, the agency added.
“Philosophy mathematics should be accepted as a futuristic knowledge of 21st century,” Prof. Afghan said.
Prof. Afghan also spoke about establishing a philosophy mathematics center in San Petersburg city and its necessary equipment, BNA added.

Monday October 2, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Higher Education Commission Thursday organized an award distribution ceremony for a new batch of 3,000 Afghan students under the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship Program.
These students will pursue their higher education in different universities of Pakistan. These scholarships, which will be awarded over a period of five years, have been offered after success of the first phase launched in 2009 through Ministry of Education and Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination for provision of 3,000 scholarships. Those students who were awarded scholarship in that phase have completed their studies and returned to Afghanistan.
The award ceremony held at a local hotel in Lahore was presided over by Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Governor Punjab. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC, Mr. Omer Zakhilwal, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, Advisor to Minister of Education in Afghanistan Amanullah Faqiri and Mr. Zahid Nasrullah Khan, and Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan were also present. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of HEC, welcomed the students who had been selected on fully funded scholarships in top universities of Pakistan. The chairman informed that the Higher Education Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Afghanistan conducted test in Afghanistan and selected these students in Phase-II of scholarships as the first phase of award of scholarship has been completed. Moreover, merit list for MPhil and PhD program is under process, he stated.
Dr. Mukhtar maintained the HEC believes in person to person and institution to institution relations that is why we are working on inviting Afghan faculty members of their Universities to stay, live and work here in Pakistan. He further reiterated that HEC will provide support in Quality assurance and human resource development of Afghan Education System. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed in his closing remarks advised Afghan students that both nations have faced vulnerable situation since 1979. Now, time had come to spend energies on constructive things instead of wasting time on destruction. Punjab Governor Rafiq Rajwana said: “We are proud of hosting Afghan students in Pakistani Universities. He said that after completion of studies in Pakistan these young students will become ambassadors of Pakistan to Afghanistan.”
The governor further said that the international world is concerned about bilateral relations of Afghanistan and Pakistan. “We need to change their perception about our relations as both countries share historical past, have cultural resemblance and a similar religion along with a common geography, “he added. He directed representatives of Afghan delegation to promote bilateral relations by informing their people about hospitality of Pakistani people. Amanullah Faqiri, Adviser of Education Minister, in Afghanistan congratulated students of winning scholarship. He told the students that he is also a Graduate from Pakistani University in Business Administration. He told students to be change agents and after completion of their degrees convey their good memories and message of peace back to their hometown.
Omer Zakhilwal congratulated HEC for the ceremony and successful completion of Phase-I of this scholarship scheme and launching of Phase-II of the scheme. He informed that Allama Iqbal is equally appraised, accredited and respected in Afghanistan as in Pakistan. He added that relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are multi-dimensional and we are celebrating one important dimension of student exchange. It is desire and wish of our people to be in good relations with Pakistani people, he underscored. Zahid Nasrullah Khan, Ambassador to Pakistan, told Afghan students that literacy rate of women in Afghanistan is very low. That is why government of Pakistan is offering 100 dedicated scholarships to female Afghan students as no nation can progress without providing education to their women.
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