10 December 2019

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The structure of the primary school at the Zheri district of Kandahar province was opened yesterday.
Niaz Mohammad Sarhadi district governor of the district said that the building in one story completed in three months.
It has five class rooms and facilities built at a cost of $ 130,000 by the Defense Ministry. It has the accommodation capacity of 250 students. 

Monday, January 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In presence of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture, the deputy information and culture minister for youth affairs and head of semi-higher education institution of Aryana signed a cooperation agreement. 
On the basis of this agreement, the ground will be prepared for education of 550 youths in that institution in Balkh province. 
Dr. Raheen said at the ceremony that today the semi higher education institution of Aryaian located in Balkh province expressed readiness to facilitate education for 550 youths. 
The institution, he added will educate the youth in engineering, administration, economy, trade and accounting with 50% of discount and in addition shall educate 50 poor youths free of charge. 
He added that last year the office of the deputy minister for youth introduced around 24,000 youth to the higher educational institutions. 
During this year it introduced 22,000 youth to the higher education institutions in center and provinces as well. 
The agreement was signed by Temur Shah Ishaqzai deputy minister for youth affairs and Ghulam Farouq Khepulwak head of the Aryaian education institution.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kabul (BNA) in an academic conference which was held at information technology center of Afghanistan Sciences Academy , registration of Mohammad Seddiq Afghan’s biography in the world encyclopedia was considered as a big achievement.  In the conference, experts of the academy briefed the participants related to personality background of Seddiq Afghan and his written articles and services.  Following, Seddiq Afghan attributed his philosophy’s honor to Afghan people and said, “36 year ago, US recognized my formula and now the world knows me as a live philosophy,” based on reports, Seddiq Afghan’s name has been recorded amongst 55000 philosophies of the world and the name of our knowledgeable philosophy in (A) paragraph of 21st century philosophies and the world Wikipedia has recorded the name of Seddiq Afghan, as the first mathematician of the world.

Sunday, December 25, 2011
Kabul (BNA) In a festivity which was held the other day on the same occasion in Kabul city, the graduates and a number of other students and teachers of this school, some in charges of the ministry of education, family members of the students and the representative of Turkeys embassy in Kabul attended in it. 
In this ceremony, the principal of the school, deputy education minister and the head of education department of Kabul city, head of policy affairs of presidential office Sebghatullah Sanjar, Amrullah Saleh, Ms. Fatema Gailani, Ms. Shukria Barakzai, representative of Turkey embassy in Kabul and Husna Rahbeen, the General first grade holder of second round of graduates of 2011 of this high school Husna Rahbeen delivered their speeches. 
At the end, the graduates of current year received their certificates and submitted the national flag with special commitment to coming round.  It is mentionable that the high school of Afghan-Turk students including boys and girls had the most success in number of students during recent years in entrance examinations of universities. 
The reasons behind these successes are good choice of students by these high schools, providing good opportunity for education of students and important from all is focusing of student’s attention toward education. 
Husna Rahbeen is one of those graduates that not only she got the first grade during 12 years, but she registered her name as general first grade holders in the commemoration column of graduates of Afghan-Turk High School. 
In such a manner, the position of holder of general second grade is owned by Sofia and holder of general third grade of graduates of this high school is owned by Merwah. 
Husna Rahbeen said that to reach every ordeal, decision and determination is very important. 
Since I admitted to school was trying to have a high position, I should thank from cooperation of my dear family, teachers and cooperation of Afghan-Turk high school and important from all, from my Almighty Allah who bestowed me the capability to reach to this goal. 
In connection with the method of education in this high school, she said that good method, good lesson, meritorious teaching method, having good teachers and existing of good teaching atmosphere are from among the specifications of teaching system of Afghan-Turk High School. 
It also should be said that selection of students through passing of three-phase careful examination that the excellent student can find their way to enter to this school also plays key role in this connection.

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