19 June 2019

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Tragic Situation of Education In Afghanistan

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Sunday November 5, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Situation of education in the country is disappointing. According to a UN report, three million children cannot attend school and benefit education due to clear reasons.
The government efforts for education of girls have reduced in recent years. Insecurity, lack of buildings, classrooms, shortage of skilled teachers and uncertainty and insufficiency of the high authorities of the ministry of education are clear reasons behind this situations. Afghanistan is at the top list of world illiterate countries as absolute majority of illiterates are women. Out of over nine million students, only 39 pc are girls and 60-65 pc population of Afghanistan are illiterate. Despite of heavy investments in the last 16 years, the post-Taliban administrations managed to literate 35-40 pc of people.
Sans modern education and acquiring of new technology Afghanistan would not have access to reliable peace and stability and achieve a sound social life. It is difficult and even impossible to an extent to enter sustainable development and social welfare without a sound education system. Education can help us to decrease the rate of poverty and unemployment and improve mothers’ and children healthcare. Education and literacy are main part of human rights of Afghan nationals and it is upon the Afghan government to provide this to Afghans.
Inside the NUG it has always been talked on imaginary and shadow schools and teachers but the government has never tackled this important issue. Many schools construction have been announced completed prior to exploitation. According to MoE, thousands shadow teachers had existed in the country and this was one of the reasons behind low quality education. Professional and skilled teachers are rarely employed and we have heard plenty of rumors on sale of teachers’ vacancies. Many employed teachers even lack elementary literacy skills. Employment of competent teachers in the schools takes place based on relations.
Nowadays rumors are spreading that the MoE plans to announce nine thousands vacancies through a free competition process. Since few years, few skilled teachers have been employed in big cities and employment of 9000 teachers. Would be a glade tiding to those who expect to be a teacher and we would like to take it as a good omen. But these 9000 teachers should be employed sincerely and precisely and low quality and non-skilled teachers should not be employed based on relations and corruption instead of competent and deserving teachers. The responsible authorities of the MoE have always been talking on high quantity of students and have never talked on education quality and potential problems and challenges like existence of shadow teachers, lack of skilled educated teachers, text books, buildings etc. if beside the official education, there are no private training courses, we may lack literate students who would be able to pass through entrance examination and admit university.
The post-Taliban governments had used to introduce those students who got lowest grades in entrance examination to teachers training colleges and institutes of semi-higher education showed that the government authorities are not interested in improving of education. Tackling education, is tackling the country’s future political stability and this mission requires sincere, committed, professional, competent and sympathetic leadership of the MoE.
Karima Malikzada

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