23 July 2019

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Education; Main Pillar For Development

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Sunday December 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The ministry of education was established in Afghanistan in 1863 during the reign of late Amir Sher Ali Khan under the guidance of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan.
Later on it was gradually progressing during the rule of late Amir Habibullah Khan and late king Ghazi Amanullahh Khan.
As a pillar of development and base of progress the MoE was operating as an illuminating light in Afghanistan. Even during the rule of late father of nation, ministers of education were appointed simultaneously as deputy prime minister
Every year large number of young and educated youth are graduated from Kabul and other private and public universities.
These graduates must be employed as teachers and serve their country and people.
Due to security reasons, some rural schools lack teachers or are closed due to insurgents threats. Due to corruption and insecurity, the teacher’s payments are not paid on time. Schools lack textbooks which is clear violation of principles and rulers.
We need a high quality educational system.
The education organization should be developed, young and educated teachers should be recruited, textbooks, stationers should be distributed and the teachers payments must be paid on due time.
Although current teaching system is better, but in rural areas, Taliban directly supervise lessons that disturbs the system.
Corrupt elements should be removed and a balanced development education system should be established.
According to provisions of the constitution, educational services and literacy and higher education must be free of charge to BA level, so our country would be rescued from poverty, diseases and illiteracy.
Improvement of education should be a national and emergency priority. 
Abdul Hadi Quraishi

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