Ministry of Higher Education Meets Protesting Students

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Minister of Higher Education Dr. Obaidullah Obaid had a meeting with the protesting students of Ustad Shaheed and encouraged them to resort to cohesion among each other.
The students for some time are protesting over the change of name of the Education University.
Dr. Obaid told the representatives of the students that the main duty of a student is to attain education and science and they should not be misused by the opportunist individuals.
He added that personalities have laid their lives for the freedom of this nation and they wanted that sons of this country take steps towards education and prosperity and move their nation towards advancement.
He asked the students pursue their education in friendship and cohesion and this way try to overcome the problems of this nation in terms of shortage of professional and committed cadres.
Touching on the plots of enemies he asked the students to be vigilant.
He added that the president and the leading body of the higher education ministry respects the views of students and this tolerance for the fact that the valuable time of the students are not wasted and their educational order is not disrupted.
According to another report, on the basis of order of President Karzai it is expected that the private Acamet hospital is purchased and turned into national institute of heart diseases within the framework of the Kabul Medical University.
For this purpose a commission has been assigned by the president including the ministers of higher education, urban development, public health and head of the administration affairs who in a meeting decided that the hospital’s price should be specified within a week time and reported to the presidential office.
The hospital was created by an Afghan residing in London and it has been built up on government land within the Kabul medical university campus.
The minister of higher education said that if the hospital is purchased and turned into the national institute for heart diseases not only the ownership of the medical university will be materialized but a big step is taken towards provision of medical services to those suffering from heart diseases.
Another report added that the head of the operation of the WHO in his meeting with the minister of higher education yesterday informed of increased WHO assistance to the higher education ministry.
At the meeting the minister of higher education informed the WHO chairman of the programs of the ministry for standardizing of the Kabul Medical University and the medical faculty of the country and thanked the WHO for expansion of its aid in this respect.
He added that there is need for changing the curriculum, training of qualified lecturers, equipped libraries, labs, internet and other needed technologies that the WHO can assist in their provision.

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