800 Students Busy In Getting Religious Studies In Samangan

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Aibak (BNA) Interest of Afghan youth in getting Islamic studies is improving day by day in Samangan province. 

According to local officials, thousands Afghan youth including male and female are busy in getting religious studies and memorizing the Holy Quran.   

Mawlavi Sayed Abdul Ghfor Hshimi, acting director for Hajj and Endowment said, “Currently 8000 youth both male and female are busy in getting Islamic studies at 112 official and non-official religious madras’s throughout the province, adding they are taught by dozens of religious scholars. 

According to Hashimi, 26 of the madras’s are operating in capital city of Aibak, while six of them are operating in six districts of the province. 

Hashimi further said there are two Darul Uloms and 20 are Darul Hifazes, adding dozens religious scholars are graduated annually from different sections of these madrasas. 

One of these madrasas is Islamic Darul Ulom of Hanifa, located in Kart-e-Khurasan of Aibak city where 300 youth are busy in getting various Islamic studies. 

According to Mawlavi Mohammad Amin, a teacher at a madrassa in the province, 110 scholars have graduated during the current and past year from the madrasas and now they are serving to their people in various Islamic studies at these madrassas. 

Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz Azizi, provincial director of education for Samangan said there is only madrassa for women, while the others are for men, adding eight of them are official. 

All madras’s are financially supported by Afghan ministry of education and have hostels for those whose houses are far away. 

Azizi said, adding after graduation, the scholars are appointed in various government offices in the country.

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