28 October 2020

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Kabul (BNA) four other ministers were unable on Tuesday to satisfy the house of people members for not spending of development funds during the last fiscal year.  One day back as many ministers were caught in a similar situation on the issue.  On Tuesday, Finance Minister Momar Zakhilwal, acting Water and Energy Minister Ismail Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Minister Mohammad Asif Rahimi and Information Minister Dr. Syed Makhdoom Raheen appeared before the house.  Zakhilwal said his ministry had expended 57 percent of the $47 million development budget.  The percentage was shown less because his ministry had to fund projects related to the Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat, Da Afghanistan Bank and “MASFA” microfinance institution.  He added the finance; ministry only provided funds to the institutions, which implemented the projects themselves.  If the funds released to them were included, the spending would rise to 57 percent, he explained.  Asif Rahimi said the agriculture ministry had spent less than 40 percent of its development budget, but the figure would reach 55 percent if the spending of discretionary funds were calculated.  Rahimi said of the $119.5 million development budget approved for his ministry, only $64.2 million was discretionary.  Some projects in the agriculture sector were executed by donors and the money was not spent through the ministry.  Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said of the $403 million budget released to his ministry, $216 million was discretionary.  He explained his ministry had used 47 percent of the discretionary funds.  The Japanese government has pledged 80 million Afghanis to the Afghanistan Radio Television (RTA), but the amount is so far to be delivered.  The water and energy minister said of the $296 million allocated to his ministry, $88 million was non-discretionary.  Ismail Khan said they had spent 47 percent of the discretionary budget.  He cited insecurity a hurdle to spending a major part of the allocation.  Lawmaker Shukria Barakzai, dissatisfied with the explanations, remarked the ministers were making excuses to escape a vote of no-confidence.  Another MP from western Herat province, Nahid Farid, said some projects could not be completed despite the ministries concerned having discretionary funds.  However, the legislator did not go into details of the projects.  After a prolonged discussions, first deputy speaker Haji Abdul Zahir Qadir, who presided over yesterday’s session, said explanations offered by the misters were not acceptable to them because their answers contradicted the final report on budget spending.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 10:00

CM economic committee holds session

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Second Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili the Council of Ministers Economic Committee held session yesterday.  According to the agenda, the session, the situation of Kabul Bank, Textile Mill and the report Central Statistics Administration was discussed.  Minister of Finance and governor of D’Afghanistan Bank reported about the situation of Kabul Bank to the session and to remove the existing challenges, the report presented by finance ministry was approved by the session and made a decision that the related administrations to report monthly absent their work procedure to the meeting.  Likewise, the committee evaluated the challenges faced by Gulbahar Textile factory that is one of the former factories of Afghanistan.  According to a report, this factory is facing with many challenges that are in need of government more attention.  Considering the economic worthy of this factory, the committee obligated the related organs to prevent from its further losses.  Solve the present problems of the factory.  The committees also discussed about other issues include of agenda and necessary decisions were made.

Kabul (BNA) Wednesday coincides with the third of Hoot the 32nd anniversary of the brave revolt of your people against the former Red Army to our dear country Afghanistan.  I therefore express my appreciation to your brave people and pray for the souls of the martyrs who in the epic-making day indicated their opposition to the invaders lost their lives.  32 years ago from today, the people of Kabul city including the women, men, young and old by shouting “Alahu Akbar” and marching on the city streets showed their disagreement against the armed Russian soldiers and by sacrificing their blood opened another page in the history of this nation.  The protestors with empty hands and faithful hearts made epics and they were mercilessly suppressed by the invading forces and their puppets.  This movement which was initiated by the people of the city shook the rulers of then Moscow and Kabul and indicated to them that they are not prepared to submit to the invaders and cruelties.  Suppression of the defenseless people by the former Red Army not only could prevent the hatred and indignation of the people towards the puppet regime but it further instigated the will of the people and spread it to other parts of the country.  The revolt of third of Hoot of Kabul people in reality was declaration of Jehad against the invaders and continued till retreat of the Red Army from Afghanistan, collapse of the puppet regime supported by the invaders and ultimately led to the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, freedom of its united republics and East European countries department on the former Soviet Union.  The people throughout Afghanistan praised the revolt of Kabul people in the third of Hoot 1358 and believe that this historic day will not be forgotten and it will be celebrated with honors.  Once again I pray to the souls of the martyrs of the third of Hoot revolt in Kabul, and praise it and believe that our people will get the benefit of their sacrifices.  Eternal are the memories of the martyrs of Third of Hoot.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:55

20 Armed Taliban Join peace process in Herat

Herat (BNA) A group of 20 armed Taliban insurgents on Monday joined the Afghan peace process in Herat province.  The individuals led by Mullah Abdul Ghjani Ishaqzai were active against the government in Gulran district of Herat province.  According to Daud Shah Saba, governor of Herat, Mullah Abdul Ghani Ishaqzai, along with his associates surrendered to Afghan government.  They also submitted numerous explosives and 12 rifles to Afghan security forces.  By surrendering the individuals to Afghan government, the number of armed insurgents who have jointed the peace process during the current year has reached to 460.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:52

Statement of Presidential office on peace process

Kabul (BNA) 

Hoot 2, 1390,

Following the successful visit from the 27 till 29 of 1390 to Islamabad capital of Pakistan and considering the continuation of peace process of Afghanistan, President Hamid  Karzai has issued the following statement:

-while peace is considered as  vital need of and the aspiration of the people of Afghanistan, the government of Afghanistan shall continue its efforts towards implementation of the peace and reconciliation as its most important priority.

- The peace process started at our initiative requires massive participation of all segments of Afghan nation which has been defined at the peace Jirgah of Saratan of 1389 and at the Traditional Loya Jirgah of Aqrab 1390 HS.

- While the ownership of the peace process is related to the people of Afghanistan and will be led by the Afghan government, the success of this process necessitates honest support of the international community.

- In this respect, we expressed our agreement on perception of creation of an office for the Taliban in Qatar.

-Meanwhile, in order to realize the peace process, I invite the Taliban leadership to start direct talks with the government of Afghanistan.

-To reach this objective, representing the people and the government of Afghanistan I appreciate the brother nation of Pakistan for her support towards peace and reconciliation of Afghanistan and while I am emphasizing on the importance of Pakistan support of this process, here by I ask the brother government of Pakistan to support our efforts for direct talks as part of the peace process and facilitate it.

-The support of Pakistan is determinant in success of peace and she can achieve a significant role in ensuring of security and stability of Afghanistan and the region.

- I once again emphasize that the peace process in reality will ensure return home of all Afghans, including the Taliban who remained outside the political framework, and can facilitate their peaceful life in their country and this of course is the most reliable way for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

- This process also guarantees restoration of the rights of all Afghans in a secure atmosphere in their common home in accordance with the provision of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Balkh (BNA) foodstuffs assistance program started to drought damage families in Balkh province.  In this program foodstuffs will be distributed for 15,000 drought damaged families in Balkh, Dehdadi, Sholgara, Koshank and Charkeng districts of that province.  Shams Agriculture head of Balkh province said to BNA, in this program wheat and rice will be distributed for damaged families.  Previously foodstuffs were assisted for agriculture dept of that province for drought damaged families in Balkh province.

Friday, 10 February 2012 08:14

Key Commander of Taliban Detained in Khost

Friday, February 10, 2012

Khost (BNA) key commander of Taliban group was detained in Khost province.  According to 203 army corps, the national army forces conducted operation in Sebragai village, Sabri district of Khost province and detained Zaiulhaq a key commander of Taliban .  Commander Zaiulhaq is on charges in several terrorist activities and disturbing of public order in that province.  Quantity of ammunition and motorbike were seized by him.  According to another report, the national army forces conducted operation in Nadershahkoit district of Khost province, seized quantity of explosive materials with heavy arms.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kabul (BNA) ISAF forces said they detained a person on charges of providing logistic and military facilities for Taliban.  According to ISAF release, joined team of Afghan and coalition forces with conducting of operation in the Nawa district of Helmand province detained this person.  Meanwhile ISAF forces conducted other operation in the Shenwai district of Nangarhar province and detained a local leader of Taliban group.  He involved in some terrorist attack and making of roadside bomb in that province.  According to another report, Afghan and coalition forces in other operation conducted in the Panjwai district of Kandahar province, seized 1152 kg of hashish in that province.


Friday, 10 February 2012 08:13

Mines Blast Martyrs 2 Policemen in Helmand

Friday, February 10, 2012

Helmand (BNA) two policemen were martyred and one other of them was wounded in mine blast in the Lashkarga center of Helmand province yesterday.  This explosion occurred yesterday morning during defusing of a roadside mine.  Police of Helmand said to BNA, in this event, two policemen were martyred and one of them was injured.  No further details have been reaching in this event.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kandahar (BNA) two civilians were wounded in a bomb explosion in Kandahar province yesterday, this bomb exploded yesterday noon in the Khwaja BaBa area, of that province.  According to reports, Taliban was placed this bomb in a motorbikes.  Media’s office of Kandahar province said to BNA, in this explosion, two civilians have been wounded.