20 August 2019

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) In honor of the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence, construction of an assembly hall and several shops for fruit sales began in central of Farah province.
Mohammad Shoaib Sabet governor of Farah told BNA correspondent, the Habitat institute will build more than 700 acres of land for 24 fruit shops and an assembly hall at a cost of $ 100,000, within a year.
This hall has a capacity of 700 persons.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Based on Union of money exchangers in Sari Shahzada, Kabul city, the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                                         78/55        Afs
One Pound Sterling                                            94/20       Afs
One Euro                                                            87       Afs
One Emirate’s Dirham                                       21/30       Afs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees                       496       Afs
One Thousand Indian Rupees                            1130       Afs
One Thousand Iranian Rupees                           06/70       Afs

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 09:07

Rocket Attacks on Panjshir Province

Tuesday August 20, 2019
BAZARAK CITY (BNA) Several rocket shells hit on Panjshir province last night.
Mohammad Mansour Onabi deputy spokesman of Panjshir governor told BNA correspondent, the rocket bullets hit on Bazarak city the provincial capital of Panjshir province.
There were no human and financial losses following the rocket attacks, Onabi added.

Tuesday August 20, 2019
HERAT CITY (BNA) On the occasion of 100 Independence Anniversary, 10 development projects have been inaugurated in eastern Herat province.
Aqa Mohammad Saddiqi head of rural rehabilitation and development told BNA reporter, the projects have been completed by Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program with a cost of 12 million Afghanis funded by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.
Mr. Saddiqi asked from people to protect and maintain the projects.
Meanwhile, Sayed Mawdoud Cheshti district governor of Karokh praised activities and projects’ implementation of rural rehabilitation and development department of Herat province.

Tuesday August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) National Security Directorate (NDS) special personnel by launching a military operation succeeded to detain two members of Haqqani terrorist network in Kabul city yesterday.
NSD press office by sending a statement issued BNA, Jamshid known as Saber and Rahmatullah two members of Haqqani terrorist network who leading by Mawlavi Ahmad wanted to conduct rocket attacks on Presidential Palace and Ministry of National Defense; where ceremonies holding on the occasion of 100th Independence Anniversary.
The terrorists were arrested by NSD personnel in Qala Zaman Khan region, 16 precinct of Kabul city, the statement added.
Some heavy and light weapons, 54 kg explosive materials and 12 round of magnetic mines have been seized from them the source concluded.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Eleven Taliban terrorist were killed and six others injured in several conflicts of Afghan security forces in Kandahar province last night.
The conflicts occurred in Maiwand and Khakrez Districts while the security troops attacked on two strongholds of Taliban.
ANA top commander in Atal army corps in south of the country told BNA, eleven insurgents were killed and six others have been injured in the clashes.
It is said that no any harm and losses incurred to security troops and civilians in the conflicts.
According to another report, a series of blasts were prevented in Kandahar province.
Security officials discovered and defused 13 mines from busy roads of the province and prevented from deadly events on civilians.
No one has been detained in connection of the failed mine planting.
Taliban are responsible for the mine planting.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Trenkot (BNA) Six armed Taliban were killed in their strongholds in Afghan security forces artillery raids in Urozgan province last night.
The Taliban were suppressed in their strongholds in suburb of Trenkot city.
ANA senior commander in Atal army corps told BNA, six insurgents were killed in the artillery attack.
Two strongholds of the Taliban with all war equipment have been demolished, he added.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 07:32


Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The recent terrorist incidents and provocations of armed opposition groups make it clear that peace with Taliban is fragile and have no the required strength.
BNA political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes sometimes ago, Kabul was the scene of a bloody terrorist incident. The terrorist targeted a wedding party guest at six precinct of Kabul city which killed 63 people and injured more than 180.
A day after that deadly incident explosion of a street planted mine in Dowlatabad district Balkh province claimed the lives of 12 civilians and injured more than 180 people including women and children.
In Balkh the security forces destroyed an explosive loaded vehicle and they prevented several other terrorist incidents in Kabul and other cities of the country.
The problem is not ended here. Taliban the major group of armed opposition groups fighting against Islamic Republic of Afghanistan forces are suffering from their inner differences,  as Hafiz Ahamadullah brother of Mullah Hibatullah the leader of Taliban was killed in an explosion of a mine in a mosques in north of Kwita city. This indicates that the leader of Taliban has his own enemies. An armed group links to Mullah Rasool’s section have claimed the responsibility of the incident.
Along these incidents, there are credible news that after progress of negation between Taliban and America, the presence of Al- Qaida has increased in battle fields in Afghanistan, and the group has been called a terrorist organization by America and other western countries.
Taliban in negotiation table with US and in talking with media represent only one group while there are several groups of them who have fight for their own interests and have structural formation and supports by certain countries.
There is unofficial news that Russia train Talib for its own, Iran for its own, Arabs for their own and America for its own.
This clearly proves the existence of difference among Taliban and foreign countries use them as a means for ensuring their interests in Afghanistan and in the region.
Here a question emerges that if a peace deal take place with Taliban what should be done with other terrorist groups such as Al- Qaida and IS?
Afghan security sources say that at least 20 armed and terrorist groups are fighting against Afghan state and people. Can peace with Taliban decrease provocations of other terrorist groups like Al-Qaida and IS?
One cannot call Afghan conflict a war between deferent tribes or a religious fighting it is an imposed and regional conflict that the Afghans are mostly the victims of it.
Peace in Afghanistan is impossible only reaching a compromise with one group. It requires the help and cooperation of all involved groups.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Farah (BNA) A Taliban commander with his four colleagues was arrested in a clearing operation conducted by security troops in Farah province yesterday.
400kg of drug and weapons were also seized from the detainees.
Mohibullah Mohib police spokesman of Farah told BNA correspondent, the security troops carried out clearing operation on stronghold of Taliban in Sach village, Poshtrod District, in which Mullah Marjan Taliban key commander with his four colleagues were arrested and 400kg of drug and weapons were seized from them.
The operation also carried out by collaboration of Air Forces.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday August 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani laid a wreath at the Azadi “Independence” Memorial minaret on the occasion of Independence Day, a statement said.
The ceremony was also attended by second VP Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, speakers of lower and upper houses of parliament, cabinet members, Nationals Security Advisor and a number of government officials at the vicinity of Ministry of National Defense. The president later appeared at a ceremony in Darul Aman Palace, which has been recently renovated. Addressing the event, President Ghani said the main celebration of the centenary of Independence Day was postponed honoring the victims of the deadly attack but added that “we will take the revenge of our people”.
President Ghani addressing the nation at Darul Aman Palace woefully expressed that, “Enemy of our freedom and independence, enemy of our people and country, they cannot see this celebration and happiness. This enemy can’t face our powerful armed forces.” “We will eliminate Daesh hideouts all around the country. The fight against Deash will be intensified,” the president said. He argued that the Taliban can’t avoid the responsibility by denying being behind this attack. He said that, Taliban laid the foundation for such attacks and carried out numerous such barbaric attacks on mosques, schools and public places. While assuring that they will not have mercy and the fight against ISIS will continue fiercely, he expressed that, they will take revenge and uproot them. He also called out the Taliban and said that if they are true Afghans then they should join other Afghans in protecting the blood of citizens with them, otherwise they are not part of this land.
The president went on saying that international community should not remain silent over such inhuman acts, but efforts should be intensified to uproot terror. “Our fight is with enemies of humanity. World should know that Afghans not only fighting for their independence, but also fighting for survival of the humanity,” the president said. The 100th Independence Day marks a critical juncture in Afghanistan’s political history, in the backdrop of Peace negotiations, which are to decide the future direction of the country. President Ghani had expressed his views earlier and said, “Afghanistan’s fate can’t be decided outside, we don’t want anyone to intervene in our affairs”. President Ghani made the comments as U.S. and Taliban negotiators appeared to be closing in on a peace agreement without the Western backed government in Kabul at the table.

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