13 December 2019

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 10:34

Taliban Sustained Casualties in Kandahar

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Nine Taliban militants were killed in a clash by security troops in Kandahar province last night.
The militants riding motorcycles were suppressed in Maiwand District. ANA top commander in Atal army corps in south of the country told BNA, nine militants were killed in the clash and no harm sustained to civilians.
Another report says, a series of blasts were prevented in Kandahar province.
Police of Kandahar discovered and defused eight mines from main roads of Kandahar and several district of that province and prevented from a series of deadly events.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 10:32

Taliban Mine Planter Killed in Urozgan Conflict

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Trenkot (BNA) Eight Taliban mine planters were killed by security officials in Urozgan province last night.
The Taliban were targeted in Khas District while planting mine on a main road.
Senior commander of ANA in Atal army corps in south of the country told BNA, eight Taliban militants were killed in the conflict.
The Taliban wanted to plant a mine on a main road in Khas district, were killed by security forces.
It is said that no harm and casualties sustained to civilians and security troops in the conflict.
Another report says, a weapons cache of Taliban was discovered in Helmand province.
The cache was kept in a hideout of Taliban in Sangeen district.
According to another report, several heavy and light weapons were seized from the insurgents.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday December 11, 2019
CHARIKAR CITY (BNA) Including women and children 47 civilians were wounded following car bomb explosion in Bagram district, central Parwan province this morning.
Mohammad Mahfooz Walizada police chief of Parwan told, suicide attackers exploded a vehicle packed with explosive materials in Jaan Qadam region, close to an entrance gate of Bagram airbase.
The suicide attackers targeted convey of foreign troops while patrolling in the area, Walizada added.
After the explosion gunfire heard inside Bagram airbase as well, Walizada further added.
Meanwhile, Abdul Shakoor Qudusi district governor of Bagram said, 47 civilians including women and children were wounded following the car bomb explosion.
All the injured of the incident have been taken to hospital for treatment, Qudusi added.
Foreign troops stationed in Bagram said nothing about the incident so far.
No individual or group has commented regarding the attack until now.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh in a ceremony held yesterday on the occasion of marking International Human Rights Day and National Day to Remember War Victims in Kabul said peace without human rights and justice would not last.
Addressing the ceremony, second vice president Sarwar Danesh added human rights activists, women and civil society organizations including media should have active and meaningful presence in the country’s peace process.
“From the government side, we have always said that human rights and women rights are one of our key principles for any peace plans and no peace plans should ignore these values and achievements of human rights,” Danesh said, stressing that all the people in particular relevant organizations and international partners should stand beside Afghanistan government to support these principles of Afghanistan government.
Pointing to value and position of human rights in Afghanistan, second vice president said Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has had considerable achievements in international level after 18 years of continued work in the country as AIHRC has been reaccredited as A-Status institution by the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions.
Second vice president stressed that the main cause of lack of success in implementation of human rights is not the continued war, insecurity and poverty but the main problem was that they have not accepted human rights so far, saying that all should work to review their social and religious thoughts to institutionalize the human rights values in the country.
In the ceremony, head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Shahrzad Akbar delivered speech and by pointing to works and activities of the commission for the expansion and implementation of human rights values in Afghanistan said that there were still challenges towards implementation of values of human rights in the country.
Assuring of strong determination for institutionalization of the human rights values in the country, Shahrzad Akbar stressed on continued cooperation of various organizations in expansion of human rights priorities.
Meanwhile, UN envoy for Afghanistan Yamamoto also delivered speech and by pointing to achievements of AIHRC and Afghanistan government towards respecting values of human rights said all achievements obtained in the past 18 years in human rights, women rights and war victims should be protected.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Deputy to the Culture and Art Minister of Information and Culture, Prof, Mohammad Rasoul Bawari inaugurated a calligraphy exhibition ‘Ganj-e-Qenaat’ at the National Gallery, here in Kabul, BNA reported the other day.
The deputy minister, during the ceremony said Afghanistan had many talented and known calligraphers such as Faiz Mohammad Katep Hazara, Ali Herawi Baihaqi etc, said the agency quoting him.
In the exhibition in which over hundreds of works and various types of calligraphies from 20 calligraphy society of Afghanistan have been displayed, the deputy ministers said calligraphy had deep root in the country’s history.
He said holding such exhibitions was the best way to identify the country’s artists work in various art-fields, the agency quoted.
Prof. Bawari also expressed the ministry’s support to art and artists of the country, said the agency.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in the closing program of 16-day Campaign for Elimination of Violence against Women held yesterday in Kabul stressed that elimination of violence against women needed continued efforts.
The 16-day Campaign for Elimination of Violence against Women has begun and launched by the ministry of women affairs with close cooperation of chief executive office. The campaign was launched to raise public awareness regarding consequences of violence against women and pavement for presence of women in the society. In the closing program of the campaign, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah by praising the campaign for its achievements added that sound society depended on sound women; therefore, violence against women should be ended for enduring development in the country. The country’s chief executive said that violence against women was against all Islamic and human norms and principles; therefore, serious actions should be taken against perpetrators of violence against women in the country. “The Almighty Allahand our Prophet M hammed (PBUH) have stressed on position of women and banned violence against women,” chief executive said, inviting govern- ment and non-government in- situations, media, civil society organizations and Ulamas for the campaign of fighting violence against women. Meanwhile, minister of women affairs Delbar Nazari by praising chief executive for his attention to addressing problems of women considered the campaign as effective.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 07:29

Peace Top Government Priority, President Ghani

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) In his separate meetings with foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Special Representative of the European Community for Afghanistan, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at his residence in Turkey spoke about peace, security and fighting terrorism, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Tuesday. At the sideline of the 8th Hearth of Asia Conference- Istanbul Process with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the president explained his program about peace and said: “Peace is the top priority of the government of Afghanistan and the will of our people, but a ceasefire should firstly be set and the problems of the Afghan refugees should be met out of the country.” “To fight drugs and overcome regional challenges, there is a need for joint cooperation,” said the statement quoting the country’s president. Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister said his country was committed to support an Afghan-led and Afghan owned peace process. “We support the position of the government of Afghanistan about the presidential election, which is based on its constitution.” The minister said his country insist on the preservation of the entire Afghan achievements and want war ended and peace restored, in the country, the statement quoted. The country’s president also insisted in war on terror with all its kinds, which are still operational in Afghanistan. Pointing to the historical relations between Iran and Afghanistan, the president said there was a need for expansion of cooperation for the stability and expansion of regional economy. The country’s president, during a meeting with the European Community’s Special Representative for Afghanistan also exchanged view about peace and security as well as the European Union support to Afghanistan. “We are making effort to bring a peace, the outcome of which was a real pace and end of war,” said the president as a separate statement quoted. For peace restoration, President Ghani said a principle should be used to help end war and reach a lasting peace in the country. He asked the European Union for supporting the government of Afghanistan in regional economy and regional connectivity. He also asked the European community for investing in Afghanistan, as he pointed to the country’s rich mines and other investment areas. For his turn, the European Community Special Representative for Afghanistan said the European Community was committed for a lasting peace in Afghanistan and support an initial ceasefire to pave the way for reaching a lasting peace. The president also in his meeting with the US under- secretary of foreign affairs spoke about peace and said Afghanistan was seeking a real peace that could lead to the end of war in the country, a spate statement from the Presidential Palace said. The country’s president also pointed to the relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan and said as a crossroad for regional connectivity, Afghanistan is willing active part from Pakistan and other regional countries in the regional cooperation and connectivity, the statement said. The US under-secretary of foreign also reiterated his country’s support to the Afghan lead peace and assured staying beside the government and the people of Afghanistan and would spare no cooperation with the country in this respect, the statement said.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 07:28

President Ghani meets Turkish Counterpart

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in sideline of the 8th Conference of Heart of Asia in Ankara, capital city of Turkey.
In the meeting, both sides discussed related to Afghanistan peace process, holding tripartite meeting between leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, investment of Turkish companies in Afghanistan, management of the Afghan-Turk schools and construction of women university by Turkey in Afghanistan. President Ghani briefed the Turkish President with 7- article peace plan and considered Turkey’s cooperation and role in Afghanistan peace process as key. In the meeting, President Erdoðan thanked President Ghani for participation in the 8th Conference of Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process, saying that Turkey would remain beside the people and government of Afghanistan, continue its support to ANDSF and convince Turkish companies and investors to invest in Afghanistan. President Erdogan stressed on consolidating political gains and support to Afghan led and owned peace process.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Asadabad (BNA) Four civilians were injured in Taliban missile attack in Kunar province last night.
The event occurred in Marwara District, while Taliban fired rocket on a residential house.
Security official in east of the country told BNA, in the attack, four civilians including a child have been injured.
Doctors in a medical center of Kunar reported the health condition of two injured critical, but Taliban have so far said nothing in this regard.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Maimana (BNA) A Taliban commander was killed in an ambush of Afghan Security Forces in Faryab province last night.
Spokesman for Shaheen 209 army corps told BNA, Qari Zekrullah with his colleague was killed and another colleagues has been injured in Afghan security forces ambush in Belcheragh district, Faryab province.
The commander was involved in most clashes with the militaries and carrying out terrorist acts in that province.
T. Yarzada

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