09 April 2020

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Thursday, 25 April 2013 10:26

2 American soldiers killed

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Kabul (BNA) two American soldiers were killed during a clash by armed Taliban in the country.
These soldiers came under attack by armed Taliban and lost their lives.
It is being said in this clash, Taliban sustained heavy casualties.
NATO confirmed killing of the two American soldiers, but said nothing about exact area of the incident.
During the last week, two NATO soldiers were lost their lives in two separate incidents in the south-east of Afghanistan.

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Criticizing from non-removal of fortifications of Pakistan established by that country inside Afghanistan, the spokesman of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan (MoIA) says that Afghanistan lays emphasize on the removal of these fortifications and never accept its existence.
In a joint press conference with the political and military spokesmen of international forces established in Afghanistan in the name of ISAF, the spokesman of ministry of internal affairs of Afghanistan Seddiq Seddiqi evaluates incorrect the reports released by foreign institutions as saying that Taliban attacks increased 47 percent in Afghanistan.  Because any foreign institution are not able to offer correct and fixed report about Taliban attacks.
Seddiqi elucidated that in first quarter of 2013, 1020 incidents are registered in Afghanistan.  This shows a proportional increase.
The ISAF spokesman in political affairs Domenik Medley, also in this conference said that after 2014, all security responsibility of Afghanistan would be handed over to Afghan security forces and the role of ISAF would be changed from military to supporting role.
He said that at the meeting of Brussels that be attended by foreign ministers of NATO member nations, he would meet with his Russian counterpart in connection with Afghanistan and the role of Moscow in rehabilitation and strengthening of air forces of this country.

The spokesman of ISAF forces Gonter Ketz with confirming of emergency landing of an aircraft in Afghanistan said that the reports received by us on emergency landing of an aircraft in Afghanistan.  But so far, it is unknown that this plane in belong to which institution and its crew are belong to which nationality.
At the same time, Ketz evaluated the security situation of Afghanistan as satisfactorily and added that the security gets improved and now, eight million Afghan children go to school and nine million people have access to health centers.
The ISAF security spokesman in Afghanistan added that now, the security forces of Afghanistan are maintaining the security of 90 percent territory of Afghanistan and in the near future, they would shoulder the security responsibility of all territory of their country.
In respond to this question that did Pakistan established military fortification inside Afghanistan with the support of ISAF?  Ketz said that ISAF has no role in this connection and in tripartite meeting of Afghanistan.  Pakistan and ISAF we make effort for cooperation of both nations.
A number of experts in political, military affairs flay establishment of military fortifications by Pakistan inside Afghanistan and ask Afghan government to do practically in this respect and probe the issue.
At the same time, the people of Afghanistan are putting out of patience about repeated meddling of neighbor’s in Afghanistan and ask government so to prevent committing such crimes inside Afghanistan and doesn’t permit any more so the enemies through various ways and means to meddle in our soil.
This is in a time that recently with holding demonstrations, the residents of Nangarhar province asked for the removal of Pakistan fortifications from inside of Afghanistan.

Thursday, April 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA): according to reports published in media the NATO’s Secretary General Andres Fogh Rassmusan in recent meeting of the organization held in Brussels expressed the NATO’s alliance members enduring support with Afghanistan after 2014 the timeline set for evacuation of foreign forces from the country.
The organization to continue assisting Afghanistan in training and equipping of its forces and will discuss further economic support with the war-devastated Afghanistan in the organization’s upcoming session.
The NATO’s new decision on supporting the Afghan government after 2014 would help the country get rid of misfortunes and Afghanistan as a self-reliant state to observe progress in various spheres.
The cooperation pledged by the NATO members also assists the Afghan government to have a competent and strong security force and would reject the baseless propagations and rumors of the self-interested media and circles loyal to them on deterioration of security situation after the pullout of foreign forces from the country by 2014.
These media link insecurity in the country on incompetence’s of the Afghan national security forces disable of defending the territorial integrity, national sovereignty and independence of the Afghan nation.
The aim behind such gossips is to create state of horror and chaos among the Afghan nation as these circles can’t see a stable and prosperous Afghanistan and strive for their personal interests.
President Hamid Karzai has called such propagations of foreign media a psychological war imposed by Afghanistan enemies and has strongly rejected such baseless reports and assured the Afghan people on prosperous and stable Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country by 2014.
The Afghan nation particularly the ANSF won’t let the terrorist and enemies of Afghanistan to create anarchy and implement their heinous plans by conducting suicide attacks, roadside bombings and martyring the innocent civilians.
The pledges made in Tokyo and Chicago conference retain significant role in rehabilitation and development of the war-devastated Afghanistan as the participants of the meeting promised their countries full support in political, social, cultural, economic, security and other various spheres with the country.
So the assurance given by the Intl. community and other friend countries guarantees the prosperous future of Afghanistan.
It’s while President Hamid Karzai, leading a high level delegation, left yesterday for Belgium to attend a trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US.
At the trilateral meeting, discussions would focus on Afghan-Pak relations, the Afghan peace process and the recent tension in relations, including the issue of the border gate built by Pakistani army near the Durand Line in Goshta district of Nangarhar province.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Tajikistan and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement enabling the recovery of British equipment from Afghanistan.
Tajik Foreign Minister, Mr. Hamrokhon Zarifi, and British Ambassador to Tajikistan, Mr. Robin Jeremy Ord-Smith, signed a government-to-government agreement concerning the procedure for transit military equipment and personnel through the territory of Tajikistan in connection with the participation of the United Kingdom efforts to ensure the security, stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan in Dushanbe on April 18.
This document provides for the recovery of not only military property, but also office equipment from Afghanistan, Ambassador Ord-Smith told journalists following the agreement-signing ceremony.
“As far as the withdrawal of military personnel through Tajikistan is concerned, we have decided that they will be withdrawn by air, because surface transit requires significant expenditures.  But in case of emergency, we have the right to make landing at Tajik airports,” Britain’s diplomat noted.
The United Kingdom is to move 11,000 containers of property and 3,000 armored vehicles from Afghanistan and it has considered several transit routes for the recovery of its property from Afghanistan.
Three reverse transit agreements have been concluded with Uzbekistan, enabling the recovery of non-war like stores and, separately, motorized armored vehicles, by rail; and equipment (including war-like stores and ammunition) and personnel by air.
The United Kingdom is ready to provide Central Asia’s countries that will provide corridor for the recovery of the British property from Afghanistan with some of its equipment.
Earlier, Ambassador Ord-Smith told Asia-Plus that the issue of handover of a part of equipment to Tajikistan will be discussed at a meeting of senior representatives of the defense offices of the two countries that is expected to take place in late April.
We will recall that the for the first time the issue of using Tajik territory for withdrawal of British military equipment via Tajikistan was discussed during a visit of Britain’s Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Nick Harvey, to Tajikistan in March 2012.  He was reportedly in Tajikistan to discuss with Tajik leaders possible transit routes for the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan in 2014.
Harvey told journalists in Dushanbe after talks on March 2 that a proposed route for the troops' withdrawal would go through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, and therefore the cooperation between the three Central Asian countries is needed.  According to him, members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) could leave behind some of their equipment in Afghanistan and possibly in the three Central Asian countries.
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) combat operations are due to be completed by the end of 2014.  UK troop numbers in Afghanistan, currently at around 9,000, are due to fall to about 5,200 by the end of 2013 with further significant reductions planned for 2014.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:51

Haqani network commander killed

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  a commander of Haqani network was killed during an operation by Afghan and NATO forces in Khost province. 
Khaliqmir targeted by Afghan and NATO forces in the outskirts of Sabri district.
BNA quoting NATO reports, the commander was responsible for providing weapons and financial facilities for Haqani group in parts of Sabri district.
Meanwhile, NATO reported from arresting of other Haqani commander in Paktia province.
The commander led several Haqani armed group in different parts of Samkani district.
Also NATO reported from arresting of 3 Haqani members in suburb of Khost province.
The members of Haqani came under attack of Afghan and NATO forces while carrying out of terrorist activities and arrested.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:47

4 local policemen martyred

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Mehtarlam (BNA) 4 local policemen were martyred and one injured in attack of Taliban on police security post in Laghman province.
Sarhadi Zwak spokesman governor of Laghman said BNA, the incident occurred when Taliban attacked on a security post in Alinegar-Mehtarlam highway in Bibi Hajera area.
According to the source, 4 local policemen were martyred and one injured.  The injured taken  to hospital and  according to the hospital his health condition critical.
In this operation, Taliban had inflected casualties. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:48

11 insurgents killed

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) 11 armed insurgents were killed in an operation in Badakhshan province yesterday.
The Taliban were came under attack by Afghan and Foreign forces in the Wordoj district and lost their lives.
BNA quoting NATO reports a local commander of Taliban was among the victims.
NATO said two hideouts of Taliban were destroyed and they discovered a weapons depot.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:46

Building nine schools in Kabul, Bamian

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA): With inaugurations of nine schools in Kabul and Bamian the ground is prepared for over 14000 girl and boy students to promote their education.
After construction of four schools in remotest areas of Yakaolang district, Bamian province and five other schools in Kabul, they are officially inaugurated.
Head of education department of Bamian told media that at the total cost of $ one million, three schools constructed with the expansion of Japan and fourth one by an Italian lady, Ms. Marco with the expenditure of 120000.
Thanking from Japan and Italian lady Ms. Marco, the Bamian governor Ms. Habiba Surabi said that during recent six years, eight schools have been built by this Italian lady in Bamian.
In inaugural ceremony Ms. Marco said that our aim in building school in deprived areas is the access of Afghan children to education.
These four schools are built within one yare in the areas that each one distanced from other three hours by motor vehicles.
The head of education added that now, 350 schools are active in Bamian, but 132 schools have no building and additionally the need is felt for over 2000 class rooms.
At the same time, five schools building in New Khwaja Baghra are and 500- family of Khair Khana of Kabul city is inaugurated.
Education Minister Ghulam Farouq Wardak during inaugural ceremony of Khwaja Bughra high school said that as a whole this school has 120 class rooms, surrounding wall and bench and chair and other necessities and funded through Afs.50 million of the ministry’s development budget and contribution of Japan.
He added that the construction work of school completed within two years and provided a suitable ground for education of 12500 boy and girl students.
Minister of education said that during current year, his ministry had in its hand 102 infrastructural education projects in Kabul that with construction of them the ground is prepared for education of 50000 students.
The renovation and rehabilitation work is started as of ten years back by considerable contributions of international community, but the enemies of religion and education of Afghanistan don’t permit the Afghan children to go to school and learn education.
The people of Afghanistan hope their children to be educated and go to school and appreciate from international community specially those institutions which help Afghanistan in the growth of education.
This is in a time that previously too the friendly country, Japan rendered assistance to Afghanistan in promotion of its education.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:46

Overview of Afghan-US security pact

 Thursday, April 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) However, May 1st 2013 has been anticipated for signing of security agreement between Kabul and Washington.  But ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan has directed the concerned organs working in this respect to refer the draft containing stance and recommendations of the government to the House of Representatives for ratification.
Meanwhile, a number of political commentators and security analysts have said that if the security agreement between Washington and Kabul not singed within the next nineteen days.  From the legal point of view, the agreement loses its legitimacy.
As both allies Afghanistan and the United States gets nearer to the timeline for signing of the security pact.  But until now, it seems that government of Afghanistan hasn’t undertaken full preparations for signing of the agreement.  The security treaty between the two nations is part of the strategic cooperation partnership agreement signed before between president Karzai and his American counterpart president Obama early on January and put for implementation on July 2012.
While timing for signing of the security peace between Afghanistan and the US is remained less than a month, its seems that necessary preparations for official signing of the agreement yet to be witnessed.
In a news briefing, Janan Mosazai, a spokesman to the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan told media that negotiation and consultations over signing of the security treaty between the two countries are taking place in full pace and govt of Afghanistan will aware the nation about the agreement when timetable for signing of the pact is finalized.
It’s said that the security agreement between Afghanistan and the US makes clear obligations and responsibilities of the United States in the country after 2014 following the timeline set for withdraw of international troops.
Evaluating significance of the security agreement between Kabul and Washington, legal expert Wadir Safai told that the two countries haven’
T completed discussions and consultations over main part of the security agreement and it’s beyond imagination to claim that both countries will sign on the agreement within 19 days adding that if the security agreement isn’t signed on the set time line, then, it completely loses its legal status and not remained legitimate.
The National Security Council (NSC) in its recent session besides evaluating legality of the agreement directed the concerned institutions working in this respect to dispatch recommendations and stance of the government of Afghanistan to the parliament for approval.  The NSC has also urged that national interest should be considered in the agreement.
Talking on the Afghan-US security agreement, parliamentarian Syed Hussain Anwari sand that the security agreement favors interests of Afghanistan on condition that the US defend the country against external threats and foreign interferences and show serious reaction to the invasions that violate territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the country and added that if the US not shielded Afghanistan against foeign threats, then signing of the agreement is useless and it wouldn’t have positive impacts on security situations of the country.
The topic over signing of security pact between Washington and the US has followed major speculations and also supports and even some circles had also strived to prevent signing the agreement.  But, it’s vital to mention that the president has already said that the US should be committed on respecting territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Afghanistan by foreign security relations.
The important questions over the agreement is that will the US endorse all recommendations and conditions of Afghanistan in the security agreement and  will Afghanistan be prepared to provide judicial safety to the US troops.
But, political commentators and military analysts believe that government of Afghanistan should create the proper opportunity and represent a clear feature from the security agreement sol that responsibility of the United States with regard to Afghanistan is clarified on the bases of diplomatic ties and Afghanistan as alternative NATO member nation.
It’s quite important to mention that the security agreement conveys a clear message to the enemies and insurgent groups who have anticipated a contrary perception from the post 2014 situations and believe that the country will enter into a new chaotic era.
The security agreement clarifies to the warring groups that Afghanistan will have longstanding supports of international community mainly the US after the timeline of foreign troops pullout and here the world community retains obligations to continue backing ANSF with modern arms and technology so that these forces be able to accomplish their military tasks effectively following foreign forces callback and come over on the security threats strongly and efficiently.

Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:17

10 Taliban arrested

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Kunduz (BNA) the police of Kunduz province arrested 10 armed Taliban in outskirts of Kunduz province last night.
Syeed Sarwar Hosaini police spokesman of Kunduz said BNA, the Taliban were arrested with a Kalashnikov and quantity of weapons in the Deshkapa, Pul Moder and Syeed Ahmadshah villages of Imam Sahib District.
According to him, the two of these Taliban are on charges of killing a frontier policeman in the mentioned district. 

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