26 May 2020

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 04:16

Road construction begins

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Kandahar (BNA) the construction work of a road began in Dand district of Kandahar province yesterday.
The road will be constructed from development budget of Public Work ministry at the cost of 29 million Afghanis.
Syeed Ali Dand district governor said BNA, the road at length 4/5 km and width 5 km will be completed within six month.
According to the source, the road will link Dand district to Daman district of Kandahar and thousands of the residents benefiting from transportation facilities.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 04:12

Taliban commander killed

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Farah (BNA) a Taliban commander was killed in air attack by NATO in Farah province last night.
Abdul Rahman Zwandou , spokesman for Farah governor said BNA, Mullah Taj Mir commander of Taliban was killed as a result of air attack of NATO  forces in the Shewan village, Balabalok district.
Zhwandou said, a quantity of weapons was seized in the operation.
In this operation the security forces and civilians received no harmed.  

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 04:11

8 Taliban mine planters killed

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Kandahar (BNA) eight Taliban mine planters were killed by NATO air attack in Kandahar province last night.
Jaweed Faisal spokesman for Kandahar governor said BNA, the attack carried out in the Kesighara area, Shahwalikot district, in which 8 Taliban mine planters were killed while planting mines in a busy road.
According to Faisal, 10 mines, 5 Kalashnikovs, 3 sets of communication and 4 motorcycles were seized from the site of the incident.  

Wednesday June 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA)   Afghanistan’s foreign affairs ministry has announced that the 4th and final round of talks over Kabul-Washington security treaty would begin soon and the people of Afghanistan would be taken into confidence in a Jirga before signing the agreement. According to the assertions of officials in the ministry of foreign affairs, Kabul will host the final round of discussions between representatives of the two countries and it’s expected that talks over signing of the pact would be finalized in the 4th round of discussions. But, the ministry of foreign affairs has also announced that Afghan people would be taken into confidence over provisions of the security agreement before signing the agreement. In a press conference, Janan Mosazai, spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan said that previous rounds of talks had been held in a highly friendly environment and we hope that the talks over the security pact is finalized soon and the final decision with respect to signing of the pact would be taken in the a Jirga. In the talks, Afghanistan urges on its sustainability and longstanding stability while the American side emphasizes in judicial safety of the US troops in Afghanistan within the framework of security agreement. Spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs Janan Mosazai emphasized that negotiations with the US on the security agreement has been carried out with consideration of our national interests and in the view of Afghanistan’s geo-economics location among the heart of Asia countries. Commenting on the Afghan-US security agreement and impacts on peace restoration, military expert Atiqullah Amarkhil emphasized that Afghanistan and US relations are based on common interests of both allies and it’s important to realize that expansion of relations with the world countries strongly support Afghanistan in international scenario and now it depends on us that how we attain benefits from our ties with global community. It’s said that establishment of a number of US military facilities were part of the negotiations in the security accord. Talking on the security treaty, military expert, retired Gen. Noorullhaq Ulomi said that every decision should be taken in the light of Afghanistan’s national interests, because the Afghan nation not ready to deal on their national interests. Political commentator Mahmood Saiqal believes that finalization of the security agreement has great significance for ensuring longstanding security and stability both in Afghanistan and in the region and the security agreement would be signed between two sovereign and independent nations. What nourishes public confidence on post-2014 security situations of the country if the security agreement with Washington, the agreement which clarifies presence of the US troops in Afghanistan after 2014 while president Karzai in a recent statement unveiled that the US intends to establish at least nine military bases in Afghanistan after signing the security treaty with Kabul. Finalization on the security agreement would have positive impacts on security situations of Afghanistan and both allies have vowed to enhance bilateral cooperation a number of common topics that include regional cooperation and protection of human rights, evaluating importance of security agreement on stability of Afghanistan local resident Jawed believes that the security pact supports Afghanistan’s interests on that time that the US defends Afghanistan against the external threats which emerge from beyond our geographical boundaries. And Afghanistan as ultra-nation NATO ally should be protected by the alliance in case of any sort of foreign invasion. The security agreement between Kabul and Washington also conveys a clear message to the militants as well and it clarifies that Afghanistan will continue stepping towards socioeconomic opulence after the foreign troops evacuations and the insurgents shouldn’t dreaming to invade Afghanistan once more and implement their extremist political system. Because, international community mainly allies of Afghanistan including the United State have assured Afghanistan that they would remain alongside the country for long term period and the world can’t tolerate that Afghanistan once again become hideout and safe havens to the international terrorism. This came after president Karzai has persistently announced that signing of the security pact with the United States of America strongly supports Afghanistan’s security situations, further training of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and their military requirements which include latest weapons and technology.

Wednesday June 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) regarding to current situation of Afghanistan print media, we can survey this issue from two perspectives the achievement and shortcoming. The achievements which currently exist are appreciable that was implemented in institutionalizing and supporting of freedom of speech in the country. We are witness that the media of the country as a free tribune perform a good role in broadcasting and publishing of different issues and we are making efforts to put media as a correlation bridge between the people and government to play journalistic and professional role in this connection. According to the material possibilities, relations, organizing and the administration of print media obviously the text and concept of the publications are different from each other. Through a number of publications including of daily newspaper, weekly, monthly and magazines the editorial, news, reports, interviews and increasing issues are publishing. Such publications according to their concepts have their readers and fan. A number of the newspapers have super publications but there are some newspapers that for the filling of the pages publish irrelevant issues and news which have no readers. In some publications the moral disciplines of journalism are not observed in this case even complaints were referred to the complaint commission and to the attorney general. Therefore, the operators of these publications should observe the article 45 of mass media law not to face problem and from other side preserve their publication’s trust. Another problem is explicitly a donation source to some publications that pave the ground for the political influence and alien’s culture in the country. Lack of economic support by government to the publications has caused that a number of publications established by a number of people, again fall down and stop journalistic efforts. If financial assistance provided by government to the non-government publications they will progress and continue their activities. Also it is necessary that the unions and journalistic organs which have activities in the country to support the free media. Despite problems and shortcomings which exist in the country the situation of print media are hopeful. Media has been a major achievement for the people and the government of Afghanistan after the collapse of Taliban regime. Today people have variety of sources to get information and news from around the world. The number of radios, TVs, newspapers, magazines, and online media is growing very fast in the country. We are hopeful that the shortcomings in media sector reduces day by day and be witness of more print media with better publishing concepts in capital and provinces of the country.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:03

50 insurgents killed

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  50 armed insurgents were killed in several separate operations in the province of the country.
Interior ministry press office said BNA,  the afghan security forces in last 24 hours conducted cleansing operations in insecure provinces of Jouzjan, Kandahar, Logar, Ghazni, Paktia , Paktika, Nangarhar and Helmand province, as a result of which  50 insurgents were killed, 15 wounded  and 18 others were arrested.
Quantity of heavy and light weapons was seized in the operations.
According to another report, 11 anti-vehicle mines were planted by insurgents in the relevant areas of Farah and Urozgan provinces were discovered and defused by national army forces.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:02

So-called governor of Taliban killed

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) 11 insurgents including so-called governor of Taliban for Nadali district were killed by afghan security forces.
Mohammad Omar Zwak spokesman governor of Helmand said BNA, an operation carried out by Afghan security forces last night, Mullah Monier so-called governor of Taliban for Nadali district along with 10 other insurgents were killed
He said, two policemen were wounded in the operation.
Zwak added, the operation will continue up to the complete elimination of the insurgents from the area. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:01

10 mine planters killed

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Sharan (BNA) the security officials of Paktika said that 10 mine planters were killed in Air attack of NATO forces.
Raz Mohammad Mokhlis governor of Sar Rouza district of Paktika said BNA, the attack occurred in the Kotni area which located between Sar Rouza and Orgoon districts.
According to him, the mine planters were killed by air Attack of NATO forces while planting of mines.
Colonel Doulat Khan Zadran police chief of Paktika confirmed the killing of 10 mine planters said their bodies were remained in the site.
There were no casualties among civilians in the attack. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:01

3 civilians martyred

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Trenkot (BNA) three civilians including a child were martyred in explosion of a roadside mine in Urozgan province yesterday.
According to press office of Urozgan, a vehicle carrying civilians from Gezab district of Urozgan to Trenkot center of that province hit a roadside mine and martyred them.
In this incident, three other civilians including a child were wounded and taken by police to provincial hospital of Urozgan province.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA)   Leader of Pakistani political party Muslim League (Nawaz) faction and the newly elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have announced that his government strongly supports restoration of longstanding peace and security in Afghanistan. Nawaz Sharif vowed to, help government of Afghanistan in the peace negotiation process with armed opponents. Meanwhile, government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan has warmly welcomed the announcement made by Pakistani premier Sharif and has expressed hope that Pakistan proves its commitments with regard to restoration of peace and stability in the country in practical manner. In a news conferences held here in Kabul, presidential spokesman Emal Faizi said that government of Afghanistan expects that the neighboring country take practical steps on way of combating international terrorism and militancy .Afghan government officials believe that Pakistan’s double standard policy with regard to war on terrorism was one of the fundamental factors behind instability in Afghanistan . But PML (N) general secretary Iqbal Zafar Jagra announced that Pakistan is fully determined to cooperate with Afghanistan in restoring durable peace and security. In a telephonic congratulatory conversation with the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, president Karzai besides felicitating him on his election as new prime minister of Pakistan demanded that Pakistan should sincerely and honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in the peace process. At the meantime, political commentators and analysts have expressed reservations over assertions of newly elected Pakistan has no sincere intentions for peace to be restored in Afghanistan permanently. Analysts believe that if neighboring Pakistani continues double standard policy in the global war against terrorism and fundamentalism, then it would be quite difficult  to expect something faithful from the peace talks, if Pakistani believes it was in combating terrorism, and then it should pursue practical measures on way of eliminating terrorists, hideouts and training camps inside its territory where the terrorists organization and their Taliban collaborators after formulating their terror plots are being dispatched in Afghanistan for conducting destructive activities. Evaluating Pakistan’s anti-terror policy, analyst Ghulam Jailani Zuwak head of Afghanistan research and consultative association said that Pakistan was never prepared to take tough action against the fundamental groups and terrorists inside its soil and Pakistani leader Nawaz Sharif has, pledged to demolish terror camps and such a policy create dilemma on Pakistani anti-terror drive. Political commentator, Jawad Kohistani believes that if the new Pakistani government practically proves its anti-terror commitments, then, we can expect something positive on restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, otherwise, Pakistani’s persistent fake commitments would never cure our pains which we have suffered through terrorism and militancy.
Meanwhile, nationals of the country have interpreted Pakistani stance on restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan by maintaining some reservations and believe that if the neighboring country proves its pledges practically in the war against terrorism, then sustainable peace and security could be restored in the war-devastated Afghanistan.
Commenting on Pakistani stance local resident Muhammad Idris said, correspondent that the government and people of Afghanistan look forward that the newly elected Pakistani government take practical measures on combating terrorism and extremism so that economic and diplomacy cooperation between the regional countries were also developed.
This came after the neighboring countries particularly Pakistan have always struggled to interfere into internal affairs of Afghanistan for pursuing its strategic objectives and still Afghanistan maintains series of bilateral issues with Pakistan over trade and transit duties due to violation of bilateral agreements signed between the two neighbors for expansions and promotion of their economies.