04 August 2020

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Saturday August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA): Annually during this month the World Day of Youth is celebrated in many countries and the aim of this day is to ensure share of the youth in big decision-making and upgrading their capacities throughout the world.
Our society is fortunate that the majority of its population are young and we feel pride in the talents of our youths and feel it our responsibility to work for their education, growth and upgrading of their talents.
In the past ten years some activities have been accomplished towards creation of jobs, education and participation of the youth in the country’s affairs and the civil society, but this is not adequate, because our youth are still facing huge problems such as unemployment, unavailability of suitable conditions for education and their migrations.
The responsible government organs and the civil society are required to probe into problems of the youth and seek overcoming them and prepare their specific proposals to the responsible organs so that solution are sought for the problems and enable our youth to take steps towards a better future.
For, preparing the ground for youth participation in politics, culture and society are preconditions for further strengthening of the civil society in the country.
I congratulate the Minister of Information and Culture that in recent years through the office of deputy minister for youth affairs has prepared suitable programs for the youth and practical steps were taken on this direction.
I congratulate the youth on this world day and wish their successes towards better serving the country.

Saturday August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA): An international conference was held the other day by Ministry of Higher Education on improvement, challenges and ways for solution of problems in Higher Education.
The conference which was held in Kabul for two days was attended by Rectors of various universities of Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Kazakhstan, Congo, Pakistan, Holland and Rectors and a number of lecturers of both government and private universities of Afghanistan.
In opening of the conference, Mohammad Usamn Baburi, acting minister of higher education spoke and enumerated achievements, improvements, challenges and problems which the country’s higher educations are facing with and said, “Higher education is following new goals in 21st century, which are not only following basic desires of development but also guaranteeing ways for solution of civil societies’ main problems.”
Baburi added higher education in the new century wanted to see this important part of life through the world’s new view.

Saturday August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA): President Hamid Karzai assigned a delegation to investigate irresponsible operation carried out by national army and coalition forces in Dahane Ghuri of Baghlan province.
According to a report, on the nights of 18/19 August the Special Forces of the national army along with the ISAF forces without informing the governor of the province and asking the coordination of local security forces of Baghlan, has carried an operation in Joi village of Dahane Ghuri, that disrupted the lives of the people there.
In order to assess this issue a delegation has been assigned led by Mohammad Taher Safi advisor minister of presidential office.
Abdul Qadir Akrami, representative of the administration affairs and secretariat of Council of Ministers, General Ali Nazar representative of Defense Ministry, Mushke Alam representative of Interior Ministry, Colonel Ali Ahmad representative of the national security directorate and Ghulam Hazrat Wardak, representative of the independent local organs are members of the delegation.
The delegation has the obligation to assess the issue with the cooperation of governor, provincial council, religious scholars, elders and influential of the area and present its report to the presidential office in five days.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Ban ki-moon, UN Secretary General in a telephone call with President Hamid Karzai provided information about his recent visit to Pakistan.
At this conversation the UN Secretary General expressed the hope that President Karzai’s upcoming visit to Pakistan attain positive results and improve ties between the two nations.
Both sides also discussed about the preparedness for coming presidential elections in Afghanistan.
Bank ki-Moon invited President Karzai to attend at the UN General Assembly sessions in the middle of September in New York.
President Karzai thanked him for the invitation and the conversation and said that we continue our efforts for improving ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
He added that our desire is restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and in the region.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai delivering his 15-day radio address to the nation asked all the countrymen to refer to the registration centers to get voting card and prepare themselves for the upcoming presidential elections.
He added that the elections succeed when all those eligible for voting participate and vote to candidate of their choice.
This issue should not be forgotten that we can attend the elections when refer to the voting centers and vote to our candidates.
He stressed that a great number of our brothers and sisters have obtained voting cards in the past elections, if they have these cards they can vote to their candidates.
He added that if anyone has missed their cards or the youth have newly reached the age of 18 or sisters or brothers have returned to their homes in recent years, all of them can refer to their localities and ask for voting cards and they should achieve their national mission towards the country.
He added that obtaining voting card is a must for participation at the elections.
Regulating the elections process is the duty of the elections commission and the security organs of the country and all should carry on their tasks.
He stressed that women, men, elders and the  youth are sons of this homeland should come out of their homes during the Elections Day and vote to candidate of their choice and this way direct the country towards progress and happiness.
He noted that having a voting card represent your power therefore you should have it to show your power in ruling the country.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai accepted the credentials of new Korean ambassador to Afghanistan in presence of Dr. Zalmai Rasoul Foreign Minister in a ceremony.
After this ceremony, President Karzai and the new Korean ambassador discussed further expansion of ties between the two countries.
President Karzai said that Korea is a great country with glorious history and an advanced country and has provided considerable assistance to Afghanistan for which we are thankful.
President Karzai wished the new Korean ambassador success in his new mission and asked him to convey his sentiments to Mrs. Park Ganohai President of Korea and its people.
The new Korean ambassador said at this meeting that he will strive during his mission in Afghanistan to further expand relations between the two nations.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Kabul (BNA) in his meeting with the Afghan and Pakistani football teams President Karzai congratulated the victory of the Afghan football and appreciated them.
Present at the meeting were also mentors of both teams chairman of the football federation of Afghanistan and deputy chairman of the Olympic National Committee.
President Karzai welcoming the Pakistani team said that he hopes Pakistani team to enjoy staying in Afghanistan.
Calling the match between the Afghan and Pakistani teams as friendly and asked them to further strengthen their connections and expressed the hope that fratricide and extremism to be eliminated in Afghanistan and Pakistan and both countries find a calm atmosphere to live in.
The Afghan and Pakistani teams holding a friendly match in Kabul in which the Afghan team beat Pakistan team 3-0.

The US soldier who murdered 16 Afghan villagers last year has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Staff Sgt Robert Bales, 40, opened fire on men, children and women during the attack in Kandahar on 11 March 2012.
The father of two pleaded guilty in June to avoid the death penalty.
He apologized during his sentencing hearing at a Washington state military base on Thursday, calling the attack an "act of cowardice".
Sgt Bales had been making a case for why he should one day be eligible for parole, which would have meant he could have been released in 20 years.
Weeping mother
But on Friday the military jury of six ruled against him at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, south of Seattle.
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Sgt Bales showed no emotion as the sentence was announced. His mother bowed her head, rocked in her seat and wept.
An interpreter gave a thumbs-up to a row of Afghan villagers who were flown out by the US Army to give evidence at the trial.
But afterwards they were far from happy with the outcome.
"We wanted this murderer to be executed," Haji Mohammad Naeem, who was shot and injured in the attack, said through an interpreter.
"We came all the way to the US to get justice. We didn't get that."
He added: "I saw his [Sgt Bales'] mother trying to cry, but at least she can visit him. What about us? Our family members are actually six feet under."
Sgt Bales was serving his fourth combat deployment when he attacked two villages in the middle of the night, spraying bullets into mostly women and children.
His lawyers argued that post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury were factors in the killings.
Nine Afghan villagers testified at the court martial.
Among them was Haji Mohammad Wazir, who lost 11 family members, including his mother, wife and six children.
The jury returned the sentence just hours after the prosecution and defence made closing arguments.
'Darkness swallowed him'
Prosecutor Lt Colonel Jay Morse showed jurors photos of a young girl who was killed as she screamed and cried.
An Afghan villager holds his head as he listens with other Afghan villagers at a news conference following a sentencing hearing for Staff Sgt Robert Bales at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington state, on 23 August 2013
Afghan villagers flown out to attend the trial said Sgt Bales should be executed
In his closing arguments, he showed surveillance video of Sgt Bales returning to his base with what he said was "the methodical, confident gait of a man who's accomplished his mission".
"In just a few short hours, Sgt Bales wiped out generations," Col Morse said. "Sgt Bales dares to ask you for mercy when he has shown none."
The prosecution focused on Sgt Bales' remark when he returned to base after the slaughter: "My count is 20," a reference to the number of people he apparently believed he had killed.
But defence lawyer Emma Scanlan read a letter the soldier sent to his children 10 weeks before the killing: "The children here are a lot like you.
"They like to eat candy and play soccer. They all know me because I juggle rocks for them."
She told the court: "These aren't the words of a cold-blooded murderer."
She also read from a letter sent by an Army captain who said that Sgt Bales seemed to have snapped from all his deployments.
"The darkness that had been tugging at him for the last 10 years swallowed him whole," it said.
The trial heard that Sgt Bales had a number of personal problems at the time of the attack: he had stopped paying his mortgage, was unhappy in his marriage and felt he had been passed over for promotion.

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Kabul (BNA) with passing each day, the date for upcoming presidential election is nearing.
In such a situation, the hopes and harasses also increases, because, one of the worries for holding this process is maintenance security.
A number of our compatriots believe that in the election, security not to be maintained in a suitable manner and would accompany with challenges.
At the same time, while reporting about maintenance security, the authorities of Interior Ministry say that for not meddling of police in election process, it is necessary that the civil institutions to control over police activities.
Acting Interior Minister Mujtaba Patang in a meeting with a number of civil institutions in connection with holding presidential election said that he demands from civil institutions to supervise in Election Day over police activities, they should dispatch their representatives to police command centers that would be established for maintenance election security.
He laid emphasize that the Ministry of Interior and police forces lay down all auditing means  at the disposal of representative’s so to hear all conversations of police forces during holding election and if they comprehend police meddling, the representative should adopt immediate measure.
In connection with the process of maintenance election security, Acting Minister of Interior said that this Ministry has arranged necessary strategy for maintaining security during elections that after one week would be proclaimed during a joint meeting with Independent Election Commission.
According to Patang, one of the worries is lack of sufficient female police for maintenances security in female election centers country-wide.
Now, this ministry is negotiating with Education Ministry so to employ those women who work as teacher or employees at schools and train them for helping female police in Election Day.
He said that 13000 female police is needed for maintenance of security in voting centers while now, this number is estimated about 2200.
Other individuals in collaboration with the Ministry of Education would attract the cooperation of these institution employees for maintenance security in female election zones and efforts would be made so these women to be assisted financially as well.
The in-charge of Media Watch in NAI institution Seddiqullah Tauhidi hinting to previous presidential elections and meddling of police in election process said that in previous election, we had some reports in connection of police meddling in election process.
The measures should be adopted so such meddling not to be repeated.
At the same time, NATO Generals work in Afghanistan believes that the Afghan security forces have the capability to maintain security during upcoming presidential elections in Afghanistan.
They said that they can maintain security in 90 percent voting centers of upcoming presidential elections.
As a whole, this commander of NATO commemorating from promotions, abilities and equipment’s of Afghan security forces added that comparing previous time, their abilities are enhanced and now, they maintain security of 80 percent soil of Afghanistan.
At the same time, a number of our citizens are hoped for a transparent and far from fraud elections and ask government to pay serious attention towards maintenance of security of people and election process.
A student in one of private institutions Ms. Fereshta said in the connection that holding timely election is hopeful for Afghans.
But, what is a matter of concern for people and government is the security issue, because, now, there is no security in some provinces. How we would be hopeful for a transparent and just election in those regions?
In first step, the government should maintain security for election, an election that would be in accord with the demand of all people and they should cast their votes in boxes freely.
This is in a time that because of insecurity in a number of provinces, the previous election was faced with some challenges.
The upcoming elections of Afghanistan that would be held in next spring simultaneous with pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
But, if the government be no serious in this respect, it is possible that upcoming elections would also to be faced with continued challenges and skirmishes. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013 12:57

Two Local Policemen Martyr

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Jalalabad (BNA) 
Jalalabad (BNA) two local policemen were martyred and another wounded in a roadside mine explosion in Nangarhar province yesterday morning.
Colonel Hazrat Hosain Mashriqiwal, press in charge of Nangarhar police said, a vehicle of local police struck a roadside mine during patrol in Shewa district of Nangarhar province, as a result of which two local policemen were martyred and another wounded.