25 September 2018

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 17:43

Fire Caused Heavy Financial Losses in Paktia

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Gardez City (BNA) Fire in a wood market have caused heavy financial losses in Gardez city the provincial capital of eastern Paktia province yesterday. According to BNA report, the main reason behind the fire is not clear yet, but millions Afghanis have caused financial losses to wood sellers in the province. While fire fighters team tried to quench the fire, but heavy losses caused to wood sellers of the market. Merza Jaan a seller of wood in the market who lost his shop following the fire asked financial assistance from government. M.A.Ansari
Wednesday, 22 August 2018 17:41

Road Accident Took the Lives of 6 Commuters

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Kandahar City (BNA) At least six passengers have died following traffic accident in southern Kandahar province. According to BNA report, Aziz Ahmad Azizi spokesman of Kandahar governor said, the incident took place, while two vehicles type of Folder smashed in relevant areas of Takhta Pul district of the province, in which 6 passengers lost their lives and seven others were wounded. Women are among the victims of the incident, Azizi added. M.A.Ansari
Wednesday, 22 August 2018 17:41

Suicide Attacks’ Organizer Detains in Parwan

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Charikar City (BNA) A commander of Taliban terrorist group was arrested in central Parwan province. The arrested terrorist had been organized suicide attacks that took the lives of several foreign troops in Parwan province. In-charge of security in Parwan told BNA reporter, the Taliban commander was arrested by Afghan security forces in Khalazayi region, Charikar city the provincial capital of the province. The detained commander in his primary investigation confessed to that he organized a suicide attack in Khalazayi region, in which several foreign troops were killed. M.A.Ansari
Wednesday August 22, 2018 Zaranj City (BNA) A to military official shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Nimroz province late yesterday. Col. Abdul Raqeb Mubarez police chief of Nimroz told BNA correspondent, Muhiddin Baloch police chief of Chahar Borjak district of the province was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Zaranj city the provincial capital of the province. Two policemen those were accompanying Baloch were injured and the attackers succeed to flee from the area. No individual or group has not commented regarding the incident so far, but it has been said the assassination case carried out by Taliban militants. M.A.Ansari
Tuesday August 21, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Taliban militants have released 40 Afghan security forces and civilians in northern Faryab province. The civilians and Afghan security forces joined with Taliban due to lack of food and dis-arrival of reinforcement troops in Belcheragh district of Faryab province three days ago. Commanders of Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and security director of Belcheragh district were among the released people. A released commander told BNA, since long time we were under siege of Taliban and for several times informed high-ranking military officials, particularly in Kabul city to dispatch reinforcement troops, but the officials paid not attention on our demands and after finishing foods and ammunitions we forced to deliver to Taliban group. It has been said, Taliban took all weapons of the security forces. Spokesman of Shaheen army corps in the north of the country says, the released civilians and Afghan security personnel submitted to their families. M.A.Ansari
Tuesday August 21, 2018 Kabul (BNA) At least 10 armed oppositions were killed during a special operation led by Afghan Commando Forces in northern Faryab province last night. The terrorists have been targeted and killed in their hideouts in Khawaja Sabz Poush district of the province. According to report, the militants were buys on organizing a series of terrorist and destructive activities to launch during Eid-e-Adha days that targeted by Afghan Commando Forces. Ahmad Jawed Salim spokesman of Afghan Commando Forces told BNA correspondent, 10 anti-government militias were killed during the special operation. Several weapons belonging the terrorists have been seized by Afghan security forces during the operation, Salim added. M.A.Ansari
Tuesday August 21, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Shelters have been distributed by Red Crescent to hundreds displaced families in western Herat province. First Red Crescent office have been distributed tents to 273 displaced families in the province. According to reports, the families have been displaced due to presence of terrorists in their villages and placed in safe areas of Herat city. Press office of Red Crescent in Afghanistan by releasing a statement issued that, in this round Red Crescent have been distributed tents to 273 displaced families. Efforts underway to assist with displaced families in Herat province, the statement added. M.A.Ansari
Tuesday August 21, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Efforts has started to release 12 commuters from catch of Taliban militant in northern Kunduz province. Taliban militants kidnapped 155 passengers those were traveling from Takhar province toward Kabul city in Kunduz-Tarkhar highway yesterday that after meditation of tribal elders 143 commuters were released and 12 passengers imprisoned with Taliban until now. Hanif Rezayee spokesman of 209 Shaheen army corps told BNA reporter, efforts ongoing to rescue the remained passengers from grip of Taliban. Tribal elders has started talks with Taliban militants to release the commuters, Rezayee added. M.A.Ansar
Tuesday August 21, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Two civilians were wounded after several rocket shells hit in first precinct of Kabul city this morning. Najeb Danesh spokesman for ministry of interior confirmed that several rocket bullets hit in first precinct of Kabul city, but said nothing about casualties of the attacks. Danesh added that terrorists placed behind Eidgah mosque located in first precinct, Kabul city and fired the rockets from there. A terrorist was killed and Afghan security forces are trying annihilate other terrorists, Danesh further added. Danesh didn’t give information about the number of terrorists placed in the area. According to reports, two civilians were wounded following the rocket attacks so far.
Friday, 17 August 2018 04:09

President Ghani Visits Ghazni Province

Friday August 17, 2018 Ghazni City (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan leading a high-ranking government delegation has visited Ghazni province this morning. According to BNA correspondent report, President Ghani met martyrs and injured families in Ghazni city and also appreciated bravery of Afghan security forces in Ghazni’s battle. It has been said, President Ghani to meet local officials, civil society activists, youths, tribal elders and religious scholars of the province during his visit. M.A.Ansari

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