14 November 2018

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Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan plans to send the first cargo to Europe via Azerbaijan in the near future. As noted, the goods will be sent through the Lapis Lazuli route, which runs through Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and passes on to Europe. The goods will be delivered by road, rail, and maritime transport. Afghanistan plans to supply carpets, saffron, medicinal plants and other goods. Abdul Qadir Bahman, CEO of Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce, said that trade via Lapis Lazuli is safer and cheaper in comparison with alternative routes. According to the Lapis Lazuli project, railways and highways will connect the city of Torghundi in the Afghan province of Herat with Turkmenistan's Ashgabat, and further with the Caspian port of Turkmenbashi. The corridor will extend to Baku, going further through Tbilisi to Ankara with branches leading to Poti and Batumi in Georgia, and go ahead from Ankara to Istanbul. The budget of the project is estimated at $2 billion. This large-scale project is aimed at increasing the economic integration of countries in the region and increasing trade. Trend Ansari

Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) In-charge of police in Farah airport was martyred by unidentified gunmen late yesterday. The incident was happened in Farah city the provincial capital of Farah province. A security source in Farah reported BNA, the attackers after shooting on police in-charge fled from the area and police has started searching to identify and capture them. No individual or group has taken the responsibility of the assassination so far. Meanwhile, residents of Farah province asking from government to ensure security situation in the province. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) India has assured Afghanistan of continued financial assistance for the treatment of Afghan children suffering from congenital heart disease as part of its massive humanitarian assistance to the war-torn country, it learnt. India has been providing annual financial assistance of one million dollars since 2015-16 to the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS). The third instalment of USD 1 million was disbursed to ARCS in August 2017. With this assistance, from August 2017 to July 2018, a total of 467 Afghan children, covering age group from as young as four months to 18 years have been treated at Artemis, Fortis, Max Hospital and other hospitals. Kabul is hopeful that many more needy Afghan children and their families would benefit from this assistance. India takes pride in being able to contribute towards the good health and well-being of Afghan children and people of the embattled country. India has played a major role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime and has invested over $2 billion in various reconstruction and infrastructure projects. The construction of the major Salma Dam, the new Afghan parliament building, Zaranj-Delaram highway, and some other projects are among the key investments India has done so far in the country. India pledged a fresh aid package of $1 billion to support the reconstruction projects in Afghanistan during a visit by Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to New Delhi in late 2016. Thestatesman Ansari

Friday, 31 August 2018 16:02

Man Kills his Wife and Daughter

Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) A mother along with her daughter were killed by her husband in eastern Nangahar province last night. The incident took place in Baladeh region, Jalalabad city the provincial capital of the province. Neighbors of the families said, the man after beating his wife and 9-year-old-daughter killed them and succeeded to flee from the province. Spokesman of Nangarhar governor, Ataullah Khogyani in a telephonic contact with BNA correspondent confirmed the event said, efforts has started to identify and capture the culprit of the case. The main reason behind the incident is not clear yet. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson promised Britain’s continued support for Afghan security forces a statement from the National Security Adviser’s Office said on Friday. Williamson made the promise in a meeting with Afghanistan’s newly-appointed national security adviser, Hamdullah Mohib in the capital Kabul, according to the statement. The British minister was quoted by the statement as saying that until his country can ensure security on the streets of Afghanistan, people won’t feel security back in Britain. Mohib said Afghanistan would seize any opportunity to improve security in the country, so that future generations could be spared the current bloodshed, as the country battles a Taliban insurgency and the rising threat of Islamic State terrorism. Britain has agreed to send an additional 440 soldiers to Afghanistan to train security forces. Half are set to arrive in August and the remainder in February 2019, according to British media reports. With the additional troops, the overall number of Britain’s boots on the ground in Afghanistan will rise to around 1,100. Thenation Ansari

Friday August 31, 2018 Kabul (BNA) At least 43 armed oppositions were killed and 19 others were wounded during joint military operations led by Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours across the country. Ministry of Defense (MoD) press office stated BNA, the operations have been conducted to suppress terrorists, protect the lives and properties of people and ensure peace and stability in insecure areas of Nangarhar, Ghazni, Paktia, Kandahar, Urozgan, Faryab, Kunduz, Baghlan and Helmand provinces. Three suspicious were arrested, 10 motorcycles and a hideout belonging the terrorists have been destroyed by Afghan security troops during the operations, the source added. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 24, 2018 Ghazni City (BNA) Clearing operations has been started to annihilate Taliban’s hideouts in Ghazni province last night. According to BNA report, the operations begun by Afghan special forces to suppress armed oppositions and annihilate their hideouts in insecure areas of Ghazni province. Taliban rebels sustained heavy losses and several villages have been clean-up from being of rebels during the operations until now. Security sources in Ghazni say, the military operations will be continued, until Ghazni province completely cleared from existence of Taliban militants. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 24, 2018 Qala-e-Naw City (BNA) A commander of local police along with his two colleagues have joined with Taliban militants in Badghis province late yesterday. According to BNA report, Badghis’s provincial council member confirmed the news told media, a commander of local police along with his two colleagues have joined with Taliban militants. The local policemen along with their hand weapons and a military vehicle have joined with Taliban, the source added. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 24, 2018 Maimana City (BNA) Afghan Commando Forces by launching a suddenly operation succeeded to annihilate terrorists’ hideouts in northern Faryab province. Ahmad Jawed Salim spokesman of Commando Forces told BNA correspondent, the military operation was conducted in different parts of Kosa Qala region, Khawaja Sabz Posh district of the province, in which two hideouts belonging anti-government militias have been destroyed. During the operation the terrorists sustained heavy fatalities, but the exact number of their victims is not clear until now, Salim added. M.A.Ansari

Friday August 24, 2018 Pul-e-Khumri City (BNA) A senior police official was killed by unknown gunmen in northern Baghlan province yesterday. Mir Aqa police chief of Nahren district told BNA reporter, Mohammad Salim manager of criminal cases in police headquarters of Nahren was martyred by unknown gunmen in Chahar Shanba Tepa region, when he was moving from Nahren district toward Baghlan Markazi district No individual or group has commented regarding the incident so far, but local officials claimed that Taliban militants are responsible of the event. M.A.Ansari

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